Best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury

Sudbury is well known across Canada as one of the most youth-friendly cities. With the number of art galleries, live shows, cafes and casual outings organized, it’s no surprise, either. We, Neeley’s Van and Storage, have been working as movers in the area for a long time. And, during this time we’ve had a chance to talk to plenty of people moving to and from the city. So, here is one of the questions our representatives frequently get from our clients during their on-site quote. What are the best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury? So, before you hire our moving services Sudbury, here’s some help with finding your new home… Continue reading “Best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury”

Best neighborhoods in Sudbury for families with children

Moving to Sudbury with children can be one of the best life decisions. If you don’t know much about this beautiful town in Ontario, keep reading. Besides many famous education facilities for kids, Sudbury has many family-oriented neighborhoods. You should explore and pick the best neighborhoods in Sudbury for families with children. Continue reading “Best neighborhoods in Sudbury for families with children”

Best cities for families in Canada

Thinking of moving house with your family? Well, you’re not the only one, trust us! And, if you’ve decided that Canada might be perfect as the destination for your relocation, you’re also not alone. As experienced Sudbury movers, Neeley’s Van and Storage wanted to compile a list of the best cities for families in Canada. Though, of course, this is from our experience as a moving company. Regardless, if you’re set on Canada as your destination, but not yet certain where you want to live exactly, this list is a good place to get some inspiration. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the most sought-after settlements in Canada. Continue reading “Best cities for families in Canada”

Moving to Sudbury guidelines

When you consider the concept of moving within the borders of Ontario, Sudbury is one of the best choices. In fact, if you are looking for a perspective beginning, this is the city for you. Sudbury is not only what you would call a typical mining town Ontario – there is a unique energy to it. So why not start by learning what you can about moving to Sudbury and what you can expect once you get there. And once you do, you will have to find reliable Sudbury movers to help you out. Continue reading “Moving to Sudbury guidelines”

Moving to Ontario – all you need to know

Whether you are moving to Ontario from another province in Canada or from US makes no difference. The only important thing is to consider how best to conduct that relocation. And the best way to do this is to learn what you need for the task of relocating to Ontario. Planning and organization, expenses, hiring a professional Ontario long-distance moving company, securing your new home and start-up budget… These are all elements that you should consider well ahead of time so as to prepare for the long distance relocation ahead. Continue reading “Moving to Ontario – all you need to know”