Cleaning checklist for your new home

It should be, by this time, absolutely no surprise just how difficult moving is. Or do you remain unconvinced? The only people who are ignorant of this notion are the people who either rarely move, never move, or have someone do their move for them. The latter is the wisest. I failed to have such wisdom and continued to do my move by myself. I was sadly mistaken. It was something I should never have done to myself. But, we learn from our mistakes, and I have definitely learned from mine. Despite all this, if you think moving is the worst part we have yet another surprise. Wait until you reach the ending stages of the move. Unloading the truck, unpacking your boxes and creating a new apartment cleaning checklist.  Continue reading “Cleaning checklist for your new home”

How to Pack And Transport Heavy Items

Moving a heavy or bulky item can be impossible when you are not experienced. However, with a little help from our guide, you’ll be able to pack and transport heavy items with ease! The most important thing is to know what you’re relocating and how much does it actually weight. Continue reading “How to Pack And Transport Heavy Items”

Renovate your new home after moving

So the moving is entirely over. You can finally put that chapter to rest. Regardless of whether it went good or bad, moving is a tiresome endeavor. And we completely agree and furthermore understand. With our extensive experience in this line of work, we started to understand just how much of a tole it takes on people. The packing, the loading, the relocating, unloading and unpacking your moving boxes. However, unless you were ever so fortunate (or wealthy) to purchase a home designed strictly to your needs – there is one final step left. You will have to, sooner or later, renovate your new home. Continue reading “Renovate your new home after moving”

How to help your movers on moving day

What to do when your movers come in on moving day and start packing and loading everything? You just stand there and feel bad for doing nothing, even though that’s exactly why you paid the movers. And when you want to actually help, you end up doing more harm than good. Since they are trained professionals, you’ll only be slowing them down. But, there’s still that feeling that you are being useless when moving your own home. Luckily, there are a few ways you can help your movers without actually doing anything on a moving day! Continue reading “How to help your movers on moving day”

Guide for unpacking your moving boxes

Just when you would think that all your moving troubles have passed there is one little hiccup waiting around the corner. This hiccup at first can turn into quite a nightmare if you don’t prepare properly. What we are talking about is unpacking your moving boxes. I know it may seem somewhat trivial when you read it now. Also, it may seem somewhat benign when you take the entire moving process into consideration. But you have no idea how big of a nightmare this can turn into if you disregard it the way I did. Continue reading “Guide for unpacking your moving boxes”

How to pack for a last minute move

Packing is very hard and stressful. As the most hated part of relocating process, we like to postpone it as much as possible. Because of this, we usually end up with a less than ideal time to pack. However, with our tips on how to pack for a last minute move, you’ll have plenty of time to spare! Continue reading “How to pack for a last minute move”

Last minute movers – how to find the best?

On the best of days and even with extensive planning, moving can be difficult and stressful. Imagine having to do around two months of planning in a few days. And, right afterward, having to actually conduct those plans. Even with the best of luck and skill, this is an almost impossible task. Something will eventually go sideways and you won’t be able to fix it. That’s why you should consider hiring last minute movers when you are in a pinch with time. Not only will their experience contribute a lot on a moving day, but they will also help you relocate with as little stress as possible. If, however, you started planning your relocation well in advance, check out this helpful guide for moving to Ontario and learn what you need to know about relocating there. Continue reading “Last minute movers – how to find the best?”

How much do movers cost in Ontario?

We relocate for different reasons. We go after that perfect job, looking for better opportunities or just to explore and try new things. However, for whatever reason we move, moving is still expensive. We are always looking to cut down on moving costs but is it really such a good idea? Sometimes paying for the service can be much better than actually trying to move by yourself and failing. Check out how much do movers cost in Ontario and see if it’s within your budget. Continue reading “How much do movers cost in Ontario?”

Save time – hire a moving and storage company

We all want to move as quickly as possible and pay the least possible. However, life is not perfect and usually, we end up getting neither. We decide to move by ourselves and more often than not, it ends badly for everyone involved. We could hurt ourselves, our friends and even damage the items we were trying to move. So, let’s take a look at the cases where it’s cheaper and better to move by ourselves, and when it’s better to hire a moving and storage company. Continue reading “Save time – hire a moving and storage company”

Red Flags for Moving Scams

Moving is generally a hassle. If only someone else could do the entire thing for us for no money at all. That would be awesome. Unfortunately, the world isn’t so awesome, and for every service, there is a price. If we want someone else to relocate our entire household, we’ll have to pay them. And, usually, we’ll have to pay them more than we’d want. But, if we find a company cheap enough, they may not be that good. They can damage, or even steal, your things while they are moving them. So, in search of the cheapest and the most reliable option out there watch out for these red flags for moving scams. Continue reading “Red Flags for Moving Scams”