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    5 ways of keeping in touch after long distance move

    Interstate or international move is a great opportunity to experience a new culture, lifestyle, meet new people and settle in a new community. However, moving long-distance can also be overwhelming and emotionally draining. Not only are you leaving your home and familiar places behind, but also the majority of people in your life. Saying goodbye to your old friends and adapting to new circumstances comes with a lot of emotion – stress, excitement, anxiousness. Luckily, due to technological development and accessible transportation, there are many ways of keeping in touch after long-distance move. Relocation doesn’t mean that you will lose all your friends, you just have to make an effort to keep in touch.

    Prepare yourself for the goodbye

    Even though you are excited and happy about your move, it’s perfectly normal to feel sad at the same time. Relocation is a huge step, especially if you are moving long distance. Visit all your favorite places before you leave and take photos that will help you remember your old home. Have a farewell party, invite all your friends and family, share memories and celebrate the new things that await you. Spend quality time with your loved ones and get excited about your new life, job, college, and experiences. Moving away will be a big change in your relationship with old friends, but there are many ways of keeping in touch after long-distance move. They can even help you organize your belongings, pack things, find quality and cheap moving boxes Sudbury, etc.

    Organize a goodbye party before you leave.
    Organize a farewell party and invite all your friends and family

    Social networks are a good way of keeping in touch after long distance move

    Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are the most common way of keeping in touch after long-distance move. Don’t forget to add all of your friends to your favorite networks before long-distance movers Canada relocates you. Internet and digital technologies will allow you to participate in their lives on a daily basis, without missing important events and latest gossips.

    Skype is a great way of keeping in touch after long distance move

    Skype enables you to have video calls with your friends for free. That means that you can see each other and talk all you want. You can still be a very present part of your friends’ lives, but you have to make an effort. Set up regular calls – every day, once a week. In this way, you will organize your activities and make time for a chat session even when you are busy. It’s hard to keep relationships from becoming detached when you live miles apart. That’s why it’s crucial to stick to the arrangement.

    Meet in person regularly

    You mustn’t rely on social media as your only form of communication. It’s important to meet in person with your friends and family members on a regular basis. Of course, sometimes you will feel like you don’t have the energy to travel, go through security checks at airports or spend hours in a car or a bus. But, you will always find it worth it once you meet up with your loved ones and give them a hug. Invite them to visit you once you settle in your new home. Creating new, fun memories in your new place will help you get accustomed to it much quicker.

    Meeting in person regularly is the best way of keeping in touch after long distance move.
    Although modern technologies facilitate communication, they can never replace meeting your friends in person

    Travel together

    Planning a trip with your friends will give you something to look forward to. Deciding on the destination, booking a flight, and thinking about your future activities will give you a feeling of closeness. This doesn’t have to be a two-week holiday, it can be a weekend getaway. There are many spring destinations for Canadians that are interesting for both short and long stay. Visit new places, explore towns you haven’t seen, try things you haven’t done before. Create unforgettable memories, in addition to the ones you have, and enjoy every moment.

    Plan a trip with friends and crate new memories.
    Organizing a trip together is a good way of keeping in touch after long distance move

    Creating a Viber group is one of the best ways of keeping in touch after long distance move

    Friendships usually fade because we no longer interact that much. We become consumed in our new life, make friends in a new city and stop taking the time to continue previous relationships. That’s why it’s important to share information with your friends regularly and get involved in their day-to-day life. This doesn’t mean just making video calls but sending photos, memes, text messages. Viber also enables you to make group calls with up to five people. Don’t forget to call your loved ones on special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and say how much you miss them. All this will help you stay connected with friends and family members after long distance move.


    People move for different reasons – new job opportunities, love, education. Relocation can be particularly stressful if you are moving to a different state or a new country. Feeling homesick is a normal and natural part of the moving process. Even though you are excited about the new things in your life, you feel sad and anxious about leaving your friends and family. Modern technology and easy ways to travel will enable you to keep in touch after long-distance move even when there are thousands of miles between you.

    Being far away doesn’t mean that you can’t stay close and connected, but you have to put more effort. There are different ways of keeping in touch after long distance move – social media, regular meetings, day trips, group calls, emails, letters. Regardless of whether you opt for traditional ways of staying in touch or use all the benefits of the Digital Age, true friendships can survive any obstacle and withstand the test of time.