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    5 ways to avoid stress when relocating

    We all know that moving process takes a lot of time and it is very stressful. Everyone who went through a moving process knows how much time it takes and it requires planning, sorting out your budget, preparing physically and mentally. Things like packing and labeling, searching for a good mover, taking care of our kids at the same time and many more can be very exhausting and stressful. Therefore we will try to figure out what are the 5 ways to avoid stress when relocating!

    What can you do to avoid stress when relocating?

    First of all, you will have to make a checklist! A checklist will help you to organize yourself as best as it is possible. You won’t forget to cancel your internet or gas bills, you won’t forget to prepare the necessary documents for your kids for their new school etc. However, you should plan everything in advance and the best time for that is at least two months before the move. Also, get resilient packaging supplies Sudbury in advance and start packing seasonal clothing or other items that you are not using often (such as garden tools, or anything that you keep in your storage room/garage).

    Hiring a professional moving company will help you to avoid stress when relocating.
    In order to avoid unnecessary stress, you should hire a professional moving company to assist you with your move.

    Anyway, let’s see what are the most important ways to avoid stress when relocating:

    • Hire a Professional Moving Company
    • Take your time
    • Sort out a budget, find out moving costs
    • Make a moving checklist/organizer
    • Ask friends and family for help

    Hire a professional moving company

    Hiring a professional moving company is one of the ways to avoid stress when relocating. A professional mover will pack and relocate your belongings safely and fast. Every professional moving company has well-trained workers and years of experience in the moving industry. However, if you are downsizing, you should consider contacting  Neeley’s Van & Storage in order to store items you can not carry with you.

    Every moving company has a lot of moving services. They are also offering discounts occasionally. For example, if you rent a storage unit and you pay for a few months in advance, you might get one month for free! In order to save some money, try to hire a professional moving company on off-peak days. These are services that a professional moving company can provide:

    • Excellent communication
    • Truck and Transport
    • Packing and Proper labeling
    • Safety and Insurance
    • Storage units/facilities
    • Special services that cost extra (moving piano or a home safe etc.)

    Take your time

    The time is usually the main reason why people get stressed out, especially if they have to plan a short notice move. However, this is not happening often, so you will have enough time to finish everything and plan everything in advance. So, the best thing to do is to give yourself time. Make a plan, use the calendar and split the tasks by weeks and days. This will help you lower the pressure and you can be sure that everything will be done on time. Also, even if something comes up that is not planned, with a good organization, it won’t be a problem.

    Sort out your budget, find out moving costs

    Now that you have figured out that TIME is your worst enemy and that if there’s a lot of time, there’s less stress, you should go to step two. So, the second thing that can stress you out a lot is, of course, money! You will start worrying about moving costs and whether you will or not have enough money to cover all moving expenses.

    Man holding four 20 dollars bills.
    Ask your professional mover to calculate the costs of your move. Like this, you will avoid stress and worrying about moving costs.

    So, in order to prepare a moving budget on time, you will have to call several top rated moving companies. Every professional moving company will calculate the costs of your move in advance and put the information in a written document with a signature! Only if you deal with a professional mover, you can be stress-free when it comes to moving costs.

    Make a moving checklists/organizer

    As we already said, the most important thing in order to keep your stress level low is to have enough time to get ready for the move. The best way is to start with preparations at least two months in advance. But, more important thing is, how exactly you organize that time!

    Therefore, you should follow your checklist or to-do-list! If you do that properly, you will have time to finish all tasks, 100% and without unnecessary stress. Every time when you finish one of your tasks, you will know that you are making progress and that you will be able to finish everything before the movers arrive.

    One of the important tasks you should add there is to prepare moving day survival kit! But you already have that one on the list, isn’t that right?

    Ask friends and family for help

    Another way to avoid stress when relocating is to ask your friends and family for help. We all know that it is not really easy to ask for any kind of help, but this situation requires it. Ask your friends to help you pack stuff into moving boxes. Also, you will definitely need help if you have to move a piano or a home safe. Be sure to notify your friends at least one week in advance in order to avoid disrupting their own plans.

    A few friends sitting and making plans for the move.
    Your friends and family will help! Try to notify them at least one week in advance to avoid disrupting their own plans.

    In addition, there are some more ways to avoid stress when relocating. Except for the previous five ways we have mentioned already, things that also can help in order to reduce the stress are:

    • Declutter Your Home
    • Make a Strategic Plan for Packing
    • Protect your Valuable Items
    • Make a Moving Day Safe
    • Take a Good Care of Yourself and Your Family

    There are the steps you should follow in order to avoid stress when relocating. Have a nice move and take care of yourself!