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    5 Ways to reuse your moving boxes

    Have you just finished your move and waved your long distance movers Ontario goodbye? Are you wondering what to do with all the leftover cardboard boxes? There are many ways to use the cardboard boxes you have leftover from your move. You may donate them to people who want to move in the future or to a moving company. However, what if we tell you that there is a much better and fun way of dealing with moving boxes? Well, you may be surprised, but there are many ideas you can use to reuse your moving boxes. We will deal with that issue in this article and make sure to read it carefully. You may be amazed by the creative ideas we are going to list here!

    Reuse your moving boxes

    As we have mentioned, there are many ways to reuse your old moving boxes after the move. Repurposing these boxes can be very fun and a great activity for your kids. If you are creative but do not know how to express it, be ready to unleash all your artistic tendencies with some of these tips! So, do not throw those boxes away for you may have some creative things to say!

    1. Storage space

    Using your leftover cardboard moving boxes in storage is a great idea after the move. Storage services are almost a vital part of the move, so having boxes to fill it up after your move is a great money saver. Most storage units have trouble with space. That is why you need to be space-efficient. And there is no better way of space efficiency than using different sized boxes.

    Reuse moving boxes in storage!
    Reuse moving boxes in storage!

    You have probably used different sized boxes for your move. This is because this makes the movers able to stack boxes and fill gaps using smaller boxes. The bigger boxes go on the bottom and the smaller ones to on top. If there are any gaps, they can use more small boxes to fill them up. You can do the exact same thing in your storage unit. Therefore, using leftover boxes to pack your storage is one of the best ways you can reuse moving boxes. 

    2. Put clothes or other items inside

    This is an amazing way of using leftover moving boxes. While you are unpacking there will probably be something that you cannot put anywhere. This may be the cause if you do not have enough closets in the new house. If that is the case, you can reuse your moving boxes! Put clothes or whatever else inside and put them on top of your existing closet or in the pantry.

    You can also use these boxes to put in tools and organize your garage. Just make sure to label the boxes so you do not have any trouble knowing what is inside which one. You can also use your basement or attic as a storage unit. Put things you do not need at the moment inside the boxes and put them in the basement or the attic. When you go to your local furniture store and get a new closet or buy it online, then you can place the clothes inside and reuse your boxes for something else, like…

    3. An art project

    If you are artsy and love innovation, this is a great chance to show your creativity. International movers Canada will probably leave you the boxes and not worry what you are going to do with them. That is where your creativity comes in. You can take the boxes and use them as a canvas. Consider painting your new house on one of the boxes. That will have a symbolic effect and you can put it on the wall and it can serve as a reminder of when you moved into your new home. You can make cardboard cutouts and paint some smaller pictures onto them. You may even use them as coasters! Artistic, cool coasters. Just make sure to let the paint dry out and use polish so that the humidity from the glasses does not ruin the artwork.

    Make a nice looking present from one of the leftover boxes

    4. Toys for your kids

    The leftover cardboard boxes may even be used as an entertainment tool for your kids. The first thing you can do is that you can include your children in the unpacking process and make it a game. Who unpacks their room first, wins! You can also give them an idea that they can use the cardboard boxes as a canvas so they can draw whatever they like. You can even cut out the cardboard into some small figures and they can play with the cutouts.

    cat in a box
    The boxes can be used as toys for your kids or pets

    If it is Halloween season, they can reuse moving boxes to create costumes. There are a plethora of ideas you can find online about cardboard costumes so make sure to check that out. In addition, you can cut out the boxes and make a labyrinth if your kids are small enough so they can’t peek over the top. It will surely be a fun experience even if they can!

    5. Use the cardboard in the garden to reuse your moving boxes

    There is another way you can reuse moving boxes. And that is the garden. You can make cardboard cutouts and put them inside your garden and give it a nice unique artistic feel. If you do not like this idea, you can simply use the cardboard as a weed prevention tool. Just put the cardboard on the ground beside the flowers.

    This will keep the sunlight out and the pesky weeds will not be able to grow. The carton will decompose after a while so you will not have to worry about disposing of it. After it decomposes, the cardboard will serve as nutrition for your plants, as it is pure cellulose, and the plants thrive off of it! With all that said, we hope we have given you enough creative ideas for reusing moving boxes. Good luck with your endeavors!