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    Add value to your beach house like a pro

    Whether you are a realtor, or just want to make your beach house more appealing, you need to know how to add value to your beach house like a pro! There are several ways you can do this and we will go through some of them now. Your beach house can always fetch a really nice price. It is a beach house, after all. And when you do some home improvement ideas, then the price will be even higher. People will be flocking to buy your house, and the lucky ones will call movers Northern Ontario to move there as soon as possible. So, without any further ado, how to add value to your beach house like a pro!

    What can spring to mind when you want to add value to your beach house

    When you think about the ways you can add value to your beach house, a couple of things may spring to your mind. A fresh coat of paint, some curb appeal, changing the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and adding some more plant life. These are all things that will make your beach house a lot more appealing to the buyers. So, let’s see what you can do to add value.

    workers in mini homes
    If you cannot do everything yourself, make sure to hire professionals!

    Making proper organization

    The first step in your beach house renovation is making proper organization. Organization is vital to everything in life and that applies to house renovation as well. The best thing you can do when it comes to organization is making a checklist. You should list all the things you want to do and renovate in your home. You should also list them in order of completion. So, go around your house, room to room, with a pen and paper, and write everything down. Write down which rooms you want to renovate and also what you want to renovate, add or remove.

    The first things you should consider doing when renovating your beach house is to fix all the underlying problems. What we mean by this is that you should fix the pipes, any leaks if they exist, the heating and cooling system, and any structural problems your beach house may possess. Everything that constitutes the standard of a good home. You should also check the electricity and the roof, and also the flooring. If there are any dents in your tiles or broken parquet, make sure to address it.

    Painting your house

    This is the cheapest option if you want to add value to your beach house. All you need is to buy paint online and the will to work! Giving you house a new paint job will certainly increase its value. Statistics show that houses with certain colors are more likely to be sold. Furthermore, you should paint the lobby in a light color and every room that can be seen from the lobby in the same color. This will make the house look more cohesive. After that, you may try to personalize some of the living quarters and bedrooms but it is not wise to use some strong colors. This may dissuade some people from buying the house because they do not like the color of a certain room. What you think looks good and fits your personality does not mean that it is the same for everyone.

    Painting your home should be easy enough

    Change your lighting

    Changing lighting is a sure way to add value to your beach house. Lighting can change the feel of your house and certain rooms by a huge margin. This is why many experts recommend that you change lighting if you wish to do better on the real estate market. So, in order to make your home feel brighter, you need to know what types of lighting are there. There are three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. The ambient lighting is the main source of light in your house and it should be bright and illuminating. The best idea is to see the size of your room and then get a light bulb of the corresponding size.

    painting your rooms is a nice way to add value to your beach house
    Your rooms should be cohesive with paint

    Task lighting is just as the name suggests, used to illuminate spaces where certain tasks are completed. So, for example, your desk should have a light that serves as task lighting. It is also cool if you have small led lights in your kitchen, illuminating your counter. This is one of the things many people appreciate in a new home so it will certainly appeal to more customers. Furthermore, accent lighting is the one with which you add your personal taste. It can be used to illuminate artwork, or something else you wish. This really makes the room feel like home and makes people imagine living there more easily.

    Add some curb appeal to add value to your beach house

    Curb appeal is another thing that is very important if you want to add value to your beach house. International Movers Canada have released a statistic that when people are browsing real estate websites, the first picture is usually the decider. If the curb appeal of the house is not good enough, then most people will not even click and enter your advertisement. One of the great ways to add curb appeal is by giving your house an outside paint job, adding flowers and a garden, and making the patio feel more like home. The main idea when trying to sell a house is that the customers need to be able to imagine themselves living there. It is not an easy task but with enough planning and good execution, it can be done.


    Adding more value to your beach house is easy, you only need to be well organized and plan everything out. If you plan everything out properly then you will have no problems adding value, and then selling the house. If you think that we did not mention a cool way to add value to your house, please say so in the comments below. We would be happy to read and respond to them. With all that said, good luck with your beach house renovation!