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    Additional winter moving expenses to look out for

    Winter brings us a lot of things. Holidays, snow, colder weather and so on. But one thing that we don’t like about the winter season is additional winter moving expenses. Whenever the weather goes from sunny to snowy you can expect more expenses. Winter clothes are more expensive. Car maintenance is more expensive. And of course, moving is also more expensive. So, be sure to check out some of the things that will cost you more when relocating during the winter. And hopefully, you will be able to better prepare for those expenses.

    Prepare for additional winter moving expenses

    When your budget has to endure additional expenses it is better to be prepared. Unforeseen expenses are going to hurt your budget a lot more than the ones you can see coming. So, take some time to think about everything that might cost more during the winter. And do it even before you call international movers Canada and schedule your relocation.

    pen, calculator and expenses on a sheet of paper
    There are many additional winter moving expenses to look out for. And you should be ready for them

    Many things are simply more expensive during the winter. From cars swallowing more gas in cold weather to heating during the packing process. There are many things that people don’t often think about. But a little bit extra here and a little bit more there quickly adds up to a lot of additional winter moving expenses.


    Heating is usually calculated as a household expense. And not many people think of it as an expense during the relocation. But, remember that you will have to spend a lot of time packing your items into moving boxes. And you will have to unpack everything at your new location. You won’t be nearly as comfortable or as efficient if you do it in a cold room. So, make sure to add those expenses to your relocation budget. Also, on a moving day, people will be going in and out of your home. And your heating will have to work overtime to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

    a fire burning and heating
    Heating is one of the additional winter moving expenses that many people neglect

    Unforeseen circumstances

    With winter comes a lot of snow. And no one can predict when snow will be so big that the roads will be blocked. Your items might have to spend days trapped in the middle of nowhere. And that extra time can cost you a lot of money. Different moving companies have different rules regarding unforeseen circumstances. And the same goes for your insurance. So, make sure to check what will happen in the event we just described. Or in any other similar event. Make sure to ask if you will have to pay extra fees for the downtime the truck driver will have.

    Extra packing materials

    Moving during the summer is usually what people prefer for many reasons. But one great reason is that it’s generally dry. You won’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet during a blizzard. That’s why you will have to invest extra time and money into properly packing your belongings. And it all goes into additional winter moving expenses that you will have to pay.

    Pack for the weather

    No matter when you are moving, you will have to take into account the weather. It can also be rainy during the summer. But, packing for the weather takes a whole new meaning during winter. Everything will be wet. Even you are lucky and not have to deal with the falling snow. That’s why you need to be sure that everything is packed and sealed properly. For example, when moving appliances you don’t want them getting filled with snow during loading. And if something happens to fall on the ground, you want to be sure that it will not get soaked. So, make sure to invest some more money into packing materials. And to pack your belongings so they can survive contact with the wet ground. Or survive sitting in a cold back of a truck for a long period of time.

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    You need to pack your belongings according to the weather


    In many cases, you will need a storage solution for your relocation. Maybe you have to leave your current home ahead of schedule. Or maybe your new home will take more time to be ready for you. In any case, you might have to put your belongings in storage.

    When renting a storage unit you have to take into account the temperature and humidity. You don’t want to end up with ruined items because they weren’t properly stored. Many items are sensitive to cold. Wood can crack and plastic can bend. And if you have collectibles with you, or any other fragile valuables you will have to protect them. There are a lot of climate-controlled storage units Sudbury. But, that option comes with its own price tag. And it goes on your list of additional winter moving expenses.


    Even if you are very flexible and used to the cold, you will have to pay more attention to yourself during a winter relocation. You will have to keep yourself warm. And you will also need more food and better clothes. You can’t move your entire home wearing cotton shoes. So, you will have to invest in good quality shoes that are waterproof. And you won’t be able to casually drive to your new home. If you are an inexperienced driver it might be better to let the moving company take care of your car. And you can take the train or a plane to your new home. So, make sure that you take into account every additional winter moving expenses that you will have for yourself into account.

    Your pets

    If you are moving with pets, you will have to take their needs into account as well. You will need to relocate them quickly. And they will have to be in a warm place during transport. So, make sure you know additional winter moving expenses that you will have when transporting your furry friends.