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    Advantages of moving to Brampton ON

    Searching for a nice place to settle down and start a new life with your family takes time. However, Canada is one of the most wonderful countries to live and work in. One of the best cities in Canada is definitely Brampton ON. Moving process takes time and gives us a lot of stress, but moving to Brampton ON will be the best move you have ever made! If you don’t believe that Brampton is a wonderful place to live, keep reading, we will tell you what are the advantages of moving to Brampton ON.

    Advantages of Moving to Brampton ON

    The Brampton city is also known as “The flower town of Canada” because it used to have wonderful, blooming flower industry. A beautiful suburban city located in the Greater Toronto Area. This is a great place for people who are searching for new opportunities and good jobs. Also, if you have kids, you will be thrilled knowing that there are plenty of great schools for your children to attend. However, if you think that moving to Brampton ON is a great idea, you should hire long distance movers Ontario to assist you with your move. Also, the climate is continental, which means that you will enjoy most of the days during the year!

    Now, let’s see what are the advantages of moving to Brampton ON:

    • Education Institutions
    • Work Opportunities
    • Transportation
    • Housing Options

    Moving to Brampton ON – Education Institutions

    Moving to Brampton ON will be a great option if you have kids because the city has a wonderful education. There are more than 150 schools, elementary, middle and high schools. There are four school boards that run these schools, two are French and two English speaking public schools. Sheridan College is the only higher education college in Brampton. Also, 18 thousand students are studying there full-time and 35 thousand part-time. Let’s mention some of the schools and faculties that Brampton ON has:

    • Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
    • Pilon School of Business
    • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design
    • Applied Health and Community Studies Faculty
    Kid sitting at the table and writing.
    Brampton has over 150 schools! Elementary, middle and high schools! You can also choose between English or French-speaking schools!

    In addition, check on best colleges in Ontario to attend!

    Work Opportunities

    Another reason to move to Brampton is a wide pool of work opportunities. Finding a suitable job for you won’t be a problem and the city is buzzing with plenty of work opportunities. Brampton is one of the most eligible places to live in the Great Toronto Area. These are the top employers in Brampton ON:

    • Microsoft
    • Starbucks
    • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
    • TD Bank
    • Ikea
    • Sun Life Financial

    Aside from this, you will also be able to find a job in retail chains, financial institutions, and IT companies. So, no matter which field you are planning to work or have experience in, you will definitely find a good and suitable job for yourself. Also, companies here give their employees competitive salaries, good working environment, and great benefits! Who wouldn’t want to live and work here? Also, check on what are the best cities to start a business in Ontario! You won’t regret it for sure.


    Even though Brampton is a suburban city, it has a great transportation system. Whether you choose a highway or bus, you will get to your destination fast and without any problem. Toronto Pearson International Airport is located near the Brampton but that doesn’t affect very good transportation system of this wonderful city. However, if you want to use a bus, “Züm” (it’s pronounced Zoom) is the best bus transportation system and its development was supported by the provincial government. Ticket cost 4 dollars for one adult and it lasts for two hours!

    Seats in a public bus.
    Züm is the best public transportation system in Brampton ON. TIcklet for an adult costs 4 dollars and it lasts for two hours.

    Housing Options

    Everyone wants to become a proud owner of a house. For those who have salaries above the average, they will find their dream house in Brampton for sure. However, for others, this can be a bit more difficult. Good thing to know about this is that the government is investing in affordable housing options and there will be plenty of homes for sale very soon. But, as we said, if you are persistent and searching for a house thoroughly you will definitely find a perfect one for you and your family.

    If you’ve found a job and a perfect home for you and your family, maybe it is time to move! On the other hand, if you are not sure when to move, check on some useful tips on when is the best time to move!

    Activities in Brampton ON

    If you decided to move here and you have already found a good job, house and perfect school for your kids, it’s time to know a little about activities that you can enjoy! Except for the lovely walk paths, parks, and restaurants, there are also other places where you can enjoy spending your time, whether you love culture, art, sports or events!

    • Culture! The Peel Art Gallery, Musem, and Archives and The Rose Theatre are two largest cultural institutions.
    • Sports and Recreation. Whether you want to participate in sport or just enjoy watching, you can! Gage Park has an outdoor ice path that you can use for skating. Chinguacousy Park has a Tennis Centre.
    • Events. The biggest local summer event is CeleBRAMPTON! Don’t miss it!

    Professional moving company – moving to Brampton ON

    But before all, you will have to think about hiring a moving company to safely relocate all your belongings. A moving company will provide a lot of moving services, including packaging supplies Sudbury. Also, every professional mover has license and years of experience in the moving industry. Services that professional mover can provide are:

    • Great communication with their customers
    • Packing and Unpacking
    • Truck and Transport
    • Safety and Insurance
    • Storage Solutions
    Your moving to Brampton ON will be fast and easy if you hire a professional moving company.
    A Professional moving company will pack and relocate your belongings fast and easy!

    Brampton ON is a wonderful city! These were advantages of moving to Brampton ON! If you decide to move and start a new life there with your lovely family, you won’t make a mistake! Have a good move and a happy life!