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    Affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury

    If you’re planning on moving house to Sudbury, renting an apartment is always a good idea. After all, you’ve chosen Canada’s happiest city to move to. There are plenty of affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury which you can take a look at. Hence, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks you should know when looking at flats. As one of the long distance moving companies Canada we’ve helped numerous homeowners settle into their new homes. So, here’s the wisdom which we’ve accumulated over the years…

    When looking for an apartment in Sudbury do I need a broker?

    Will you need a broker to find a cheap apartment in Sudbury?
    Consider hiring a broker before deciding to go apartment-hunting in Sudbury.

    Most homeowners figure that the best way to save some money is to not hire a realtor. Instead, they look up affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury online and take a look at them themselves. However, this is a chance for con artists to take your money. Hiring a broker is always a good idea when looking to rent an apartment. Make sure that this is a person familiar with the area you want to live in. Also, check their credentials and ask for plenty of references. Though, in case you decide that a broker is too expensive after all, you can find affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury yourself. We advise that you stay away from any which ask for up-front cash payment, though. And, you should also remember to leave more time for apartment hunting before moving to Ontario.

    Should I get a co-signer or a roommate to rent the apartment in Sudbury with me?

    This is the main head-scratcher for everyone from college until they start a family. Is it more affordable to live with a roommate? Or, is it not worth the emotional rollercoaster? When looking at affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury, you may want to make a list on the side. Note how many of them you would be renting with a roommate and how many you could move into on your own. If you can’t find anyone you’d be comfortable sharing your space with, it’s always better to look for a small, cheaper apartment than to force yourself. Remember, there are plenty of local Sudbury moves who will give you a good quote for your move.

    Am I allowed to put up decorations in any of these affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury?

    If you’re moving to Sudbury, you’re likely a free and creative soul, just like the locals here. So, we suggest that you ask this important question when checking out cheap apartments in the area. Will the landlord allow you to redecorate the home to your liking? And, are there any limitations to what you can do with it? Often, landlords will have permanent fixtures which they won’t allow you to move or replace. However, if you’re looking to invest into something at the apartment, you should know that you can beforehand. For example, if you’d like to install an AC or put up pictures in your new home. You’ll have trouble with your landlord if they don’t allow that. So, be sure to ask this question when looking at affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury.

    Is my pet allowed in this Sudbury apartment and is there an additional fee?

    Some affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury will allow pets.
    Be sure to check if your pet is allowed before committing to an apartment.

    Bringing your four-legged best friend with you? Check beforehand! We’ve helped a number of pet owners relocate to Sudbury. And, from our experience, this is one of the essential moving to Sudbury tips and hacks we give. Be sure to ask your landlord if they will allow your pet to live with you. There are plenty of buildings which will allow you to bring your animal into the home. Some may ask for you to obey certain rules regarding hygiene, too. Other landlords may ask for a fee in order to allow a pet. Especially if you’ve got a big dog or an exotic pet, be sure to ask in advance.

    When looking at affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury, should I ask about additional building rules?

    We always tell our clients to ask about additional rules in the building. When looking at affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury make sure to ask about quiet hours, limits on loud music or any other things you may need to know. If there is a common area, like a pool or a laundry room, see the ways you should use it.

    If my roommate doesn’t have the money for their rent, who is responsible?

    If you're looking at affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury with a roommate, make sure to check liability issues.
    In most cases, you won’t have trouble when renting an apartment with friends, but it’s best to be on the safe side.

    This is a question to pose when looking at the lease. Don’t sign it unless you are listed as a tenant or an occupant. Then, check to make sure that in case your roommate doesn’t hold up their end of the deal, you won’t be responsible. Unfortunately, landlords might sometimes add a clause regarding repercussions if the rent isn’t paid.

    Which utilities are included in the rent of my apartment in Sudbury?

    More than often the rent will be so low because the utilities aren’t included. And then, after the first month, you will get a wake-up call when you look at the bills. So, before committing to one of the affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury, we advise asking about this. See what the usual costs of utilities are and cancel any unnecessary ones. This way, you will be able to really find a good deal on your apartment without going bankrupt.

    What should I know about in-house maintenance when renting affordable apartments in Sudbury?

    If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you already know this bane of every tenant. What do I do if there is a leaky pipe? Or, what if the heating doesn’t work? Well, here’s our tip. First, you should ask the landlord about this when searching for affordable apartments for rent in Sudbury. Some buildings will have an in-house handyman. Ask about the additional fees for their services and the working hours. Other landlords hire an on-call service. You also need to know about their working hours and what kind of maintenance they will do.