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    How to avoid the biggest moving mistakes?

    To err is human, to forgive divine. However, making moving mistakes is just silly. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a relocation and you should prepare for them well. So, if you read our guide on how to avoid the biggest moving mistakes, your relocation will be a stress (and mistake) free endeavor.

    Avoid the largest relocation regrets with the organization

    Organizing a move is usually not easy and should begin a long time before the moving day. If you can, always plan your relocation at least a couple of months in advance.

    avoid mistakes during the move
    Not planning your move well enough is a usual mistake

    Not planning your move enough

    Even if you start planning your move well in advance it doesn’t mean that you’re planning it good enough. Most people think that it’s just hauling your boxes into a new location, however, it’s much harder than that. If you think you’re not adept enough at planning your relocation you can request the services from a number reliable moving companies in Ontario. These companies are experienced and skilled at organizing and conducting a move, so they’ll be of great help!

    Not making a moving schedule

    Even though this may sound like too much work it will definitely reduce the stress of your move. You should make a moving schedule with all the important dates marked. You should mark things such as the moving day, the day when you should go to check out the new place before you move and the day for your legal obligations. This way, you’ll not only keep yourself from forgetting but you’ll also have a nice schedule which will allow you to finish everything before that last day! You can use one of these best moving apps to help you.

    Avoid the biggest moving mistakes with packing

    There are many ways to pack your things for a move. Whether you’ll use cardboard or plastic boxes, or pack alone or with help, there are some things you should definitely avoid.

    plan your move
    If you want to avoid the biggest moving mistakes, you should be prepared for everything

    Not throwing away enough things

    Since you’re starting a new life in a new place, you should start with a clean slate! And since the weight of the things you’re moving will greatly affect your moving cost, it’s a good idea to get rid of some things before your relocation. So, even though it may seem hard, you’ll need to reduce your hoard of already read magazines, old clothes and unnecessary nicknacks that will only slow you down.

    Not packing on time

    Since most of us loathe packing, we’ll try to postpone it as much as possible. Thus, it’s very common for us to start packing a day before the move or even on the moving day. To avoid the biggest moving mistakes start packing at least a week before the moving day. This will give you enough time tackle any unforeseen things that might happen while you pack. Having some extra time will ensure that you’re ready when the movers arrive.

    Not labeling boxes properly

    This is one of the most crucial aspects of packing when moving. Labeling your boxes will give you an easy way to “see” what’s inside each box. This will, in turn, help you when you’re unpacking. You can place boxes in their respective rooms and make sure you reduce the clutter and all the extra work. You should always label your boxes when moving!

    Also, make sure that the boxes are labeled clearly (you can even write the contents of each box for better access. Apart from this, another cool way to label the boxes is to number them. Them you can write the numbers in your notebook and write the contents of the box next to the box’s number.

    Packing heavy items in big boxes

    So, when relocating, the heavy items should go into boxes with as little extra room as possible. Apart from the fact that this will make sure your heavy lamp doesn’t topple while being carried in a box it will also ensure that you can lift the box. If you fill a large box with a lot of heavy items it will become extremely hard for you to lift or move it. This is why you should pack heavy items with smaller and lighter items.

    Avoid the biggest moving mistakes with moving companies

    Sometimes, we’ll need to move so many things that our regular person skills will not be up to snuff! But, fear not cause there are moving and storage Ontario services that can help you relocate with ease. However, we can still make mistakes even when hiring someone to do the work for us.

    Not researching the company enough

    A rookie mistake to be sure, but none of us are completely immune to those, no matter how hard we try. So, when you wish to hire movers, do your homework! Make sure you know the movers are reliable and honest.

    Not hiring a moving company when you should

    We all like to believe that we don’t need anyone’s help and that we can do it all alone. But, this kind of attitude causes a lot of terrible injuries worldwide every day. If your relocation is especially tricky, don’t try to prove that you can DIY, when there are pros who’ll finish the job in no time! And if you don’t know which one you should hire, try our pay per click campaigns for moving companies!

    avoid the biggest moving mistakes
    You should ask for help if you’re not certain you can do it

    Avoid the biggest moving mistakes with a few last minute tips

    Here are some anty-error tips which may save your hide on a moving day:

    • write everything down – not writing all your info on paper is one of the biggest moving mistakes you can make. Sometimes, with long-distance relocations, you’ll run out of battery on your phone. In these situations, it’s excellent to have all your info written down so you can use it.
    • check everything twice – being thorough will go a long way when talking about moving. If you check everything twice you’ll make sure you didn’t forget or misplace anything.
    • pack an emergency bag – you should bring a bag filled with all the necessities and extra socks. This way you’ll be prepared for a worst case scenario!