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    Best areas to buy a cottage in Canada

    If you are thinking about buying a cottage you are in the right place. There aren’t as many places to buy a cottage as there are in Canada. If you ask anyone for their opinion they will just tell you to buy a cottage in Canada, and there’s a good reason for it. Now, as you may be well aware Canada is very spacious. There are particular places where you should buy a cottage in Canada. And that is what are we going to talk about. However, before we do you should know that the biggest pro-reason for buying a cottage is definitely the lake. Beautiful Canadian lakes are places people go and find a calmer lifestyle.

    Decision to buy a cottage in Canada can be one of the best ones you have made
    Space and tranquility

    Why should you buy a cottage in Canada?

    There are so many good reasons to buy a cottage in Canada. The first reason that will probably come to your mind is that peace and tranquility that it can give you. You can go there and relax after a hard working week. You can have long weekends as well and sleep in till noon. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Especially in the middle of the week when you are in the office surrounded by papers and deadlines you need to fulfill. This can be one of the most legit reasons to have a wish to buy a cottage in Canada. Some of the best places to reconsider buying a cottage in Canada are:

    • The Kawarthas – Ontario
    • Cavendish – Prince Edward Island
    • Bras d’Or Lake – Nova Scotia
    • Lake of the Woods – Ontario
    • Muskoka – Ontario

    These are only some of the places where you can buy a cottage in Canada if you ask a Canadian However, there are a lot more places to make you buy it. You just need to do some more investigation. If you find the perfect location for buying a cottage in Canada, a good moving company can help you relocate your belongings. Best of the best movers in Sudbury can help you pack your moving boxes and transport them safely to your new home.

    Pros for owning a cottage in Canada

    As for anything in life, there are pros and cons of buying a property. The same goes for buying a cottage. Some of the pros are definitely peace and serenity we mentioned before. Owning a cottage doesn’t only mean that you have your haven. It also means that there is a place where you can relax anytime you want. Because it is yours, you own it.

    Cottage overlooking a hill
    Once you see a nice looking cottage you will think only about pros of buying it

    Another big reason to buy a cottage in Canada could be your finances. If you are thinking of buying real estate at Canada prices can get pretty high. You can end up in a small apartment that you overpaid. When buying a cottage, you can expect to have a nice house by the lake for a smaller amount of money. If you are thinking of moving to Ontario, buying a cottage could be a good idea. This is an area in Canada with the beautiful natural scenery. If you are thinking of buying a cottage then moving to Ontario can be the right choice.

    Cons of buying a cottage in Canada

    There are some things you should be aware of when planning to own a cottage in Canada. Owning a cottage comes with some responsibilities. It can be similar to owning a house. However, if you are planning to spend there only your weekends or vacation days you have to have some sort of maintenance arranged. Make sure to always keep your toolbox ready, and if you are not some handyman let your friends help you out.

    Aren’t cottages seasonal?

    A lot of people believe that cottages are best to visit in the summer. However, this is not true. Cottages are great for living in them throughout the entire year. It is even more peaceful during the fall or in spring when tourists are not around and you cannot hear a jet ski every morning at 7 am. When it comes to winter, it is crucial to have a good heating system which may come as a challenge when you are living in a cottage. But, if your decision is to live there then there is nothing stopping you. The thing is that cottages are great to live in during any time of the year. If you are imagining your cottage as your permanent home, consider hiring professional moving assistance to help you relocate your belongings. In case you are moving from abroad, you can always hire long distance movers in Canada.

    Cottage in the middle of the forest
    You can enjoy your cottage even during the winter

    Traffic and approach to the city

    It can be a real challenge to travel to your cottage on weekly basis and getting back to the city after a few days. Everyone who had a short break during the same weekend will start moving home on Sunday. So, you might expect the roads to be crowded. However, if your cottage is your permanent residence, then just could just wake up earlier in the morning and get to work. It could take some driving but it will be worth all the peace and quiet you have at your new home. When it comes to leaving your cottage every Friday, there are no rules. You might have some luck and avoid a huge traffic jam.

    Owning a cottage in Canada can be a great thing, especially if you have a family. You would have a guaranteed place for a vacation and the kids will like it. If you are single, your cottage will be a new favorite place for your friends. Also, the values of a cottage only grow with time if you take good care of it. Be one of those lucky people in Canada that own a cottage and have the most relaxing weekends than anyone in the world.