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    Best Canada areas for young professionals

    These days, people usually move in the pursuit of the better carrier opportunity. Young professionals don’t hesitate to pack their bags and go for a better job prospect in another city, or even country. Of course, the quality of life that they’ll have after the relocation is also important. The Canada areas for young professionals have to have a lot of features to attract newcomers. Take a look at some of the best places where young people can excel in Canada.

    What are the features of the Canada areas for young professionals?

    The younger generation will relocate at places that suit all their needs. Simply getting a great job isn’t enough for them. In order to relocate, their new city has to have some other features as well. Work without play and relaxation isn’t an option, so the best Canada areas for young professionals should have these features:

    • Low unemployment rate – When you relocate to another city, you need to be able to find employment fast. Areas with low unemployment rate are perfect for young professionals. Especially for ones that are moving without a job waiting for them in the new place.
    • Great carrier options – It is important that a new city has a great job market. Even more important is that you can easily find a new job in your line of work.
    • Affordability – Young professionals like to enjoy their free time. If the city is too expensive for them, the chances are that isn’t suitable for them. When you have to spend your entire salary only for rent, food and utility bills, is the move really worth it?
    • Entertainment options – Many people like to unwind after work. Or to explore some attractions on the weekends. If the city doesn’t have good entertainment options, it won’t be suitable for young professionals. Young people are eager to work hard, but also to party hard in their free time.
    • Outdoors activities – Younger generations take better care of their health and understand the importance of exercise. They want to seize the day, so a vast parks and beautiful nature is something that they cherish when choosing a new place to move to.
    Hiker in the woods
    Many young professionals will rather hike or bike than spend the Sunday afternoon lying in bed.

    The best Canada areas for young professionals

    Canada is a gorgeous country that offers many possibilities. It is suitable for all generation, but some areas are better for young professionals than others.

    Those areas are certainly the cities. Still, while young people had preferred big towns in the past, now the situation is a little changed. That’s why the list of the top 3 metro areas for young professionals in Canada may surprise you.

    The best Canada areas for young professionals are:

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Greater Sudbury, Ontario
    • Victoria, British Columbia

    Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto is Canada’s biggest city that attracts many newcomers every year. With abundant of available jobs, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the best Canada areas for young professionals.

    Toronto is the worldly city, with a very diverse population, and plenty of attractions. Here everybody can find the entertainment or activity by their liking. The amazing restaurant scene, the best Canada nightlife, rich cultural and art scene are just some of its amenities. Anywhere you go, you’ll be having fun in Toronto.

    While it’s the biggest city in the country, it’s still very functional. Public transportation is very good and accurate, the streets are clean and its residents are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

    View from the plane on the skyline of Toronto, that is one of the best Canada areas for young professionals,
    Toronto is a very modern and eclectic city.

    However, living in this metropolis comes with a higher price tag. Still, while the costs of living are higher than in other cities, so are the salaries.

    Of course, the further you go from downtown, the living costs will be lower. If you wish to live in the epicenter in Toronto, think about renting a smaller apartment. Resolve the issue of access things that you can’t fit into smaller living space by renting one of the storage units in Sudbury. When the rent costs add together, it will be a cheaper option than to rent a bigger apartment in Toronto.

    Greater Sudbury, Ontario

    Greater Sudbury, or just Sudbury, is a charming town in Ontario. It is eclectic, vibrant and has a strong sense of community. Here people are cheerful and friendly, and happier than in any other area if Canada. It’s not just a saying – Sudbury has an official title of the happiest city in Canada. After moving to Sudbury, you will realize why.

    This city has amazing career opportunities and a great quality of life. Finding work in Sudbury is a piece of cake since the job market is booming with attractive offers.  The unemployment rate is amongst the lowest in the country, and so is its crime rate that is almost nonexistent. The living costs are also much more affordable, and life is simpler.

    While it isn’t a big city, it has many entertainment options and beautiful nature where you can enjoy the great outdoors. Sudbury arts and culture scene is a big part of this town, as well as many annual music festivals. Foodies will also enjoy here since Sudbury offers very diverse dining options.

    This town isn’t just one of the best Canada areas for young professionals. It also has neighborhoods perfectly designed for families. Also, many retirees decide to move here and spend their golden years in this unique place. Sudbury can suit the needs of any generation, and that’s the main reason why many are relocation here.

    The city of Victoria

    The city of Victoria in British Columbia is on this list with very good reason. Not only that has a very low unemployment rate, but this town is also very hip and vibrant. It’s stunning, with a rich history, thriving food scene and numerous entertainment and outdoor options. The astonishing Inner Harbour with popular sites like the Parliament Buildings and the Royal British Columbia Museum will take your breath away.

    Victoria. British Columbia - one of the best Canada areas for young professionals
    Victoria is one of the most beautiful towns in Canada.

    Victoria offers great carrier opportunities for many different fields. If you’re in the health care, the government sector or tech then you should think about moving to this city. Even if you’re not, Victoria is still one of the best Canada areas for young professionals.