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    Best cities for families in Canada

    Thinking of moving house with your family? Well, you’re not the only one, trust us! And, if you’ve decided that Canada might be perfect as the destination for your relocation, you’re also not alone. As experienced Sudbury movers, Neeley’s Van and Storage wanted to compile a list of the best cities for families in Canada. Though, of course, this is from our experience as a moving company. Regardless, if you’re set on Canada as your destination, but not yet certain where you want to live exactly, this list is a good place to get some inspiration. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the most sought-after settlements in Canada.

    The top city on all the lists for raising a family in Canada is Quebec

    One of the best cities in Canada for families is Quebec.
    Quebec City gives families a chance for an affordable and comfortable life.

    As a long-distance movers Canada, we can tell you that numerous families choose Quebec as their destination. And, they usually stay there, quite happy with their new living arrangements. Why? Well, there isn’t only one reason as to why Quebec City has topped the lists for best cities for families in Canada for years. It is a place which holds the title of the most youth populated city in the country, after all. But, Quebec isn’t completely about teens, either. This is a city with numerous neighborhoods which have adapted to family life over the years. Hence, parents have commodities available to them which they wouldn’t in any other town. From affordable daycare costs to the average income per household, this is definitely one of the best cities for families in Canada.

    What else makes Quebec one of the best cities for families in Canada?

    If commodities aren’t enough, here are only some things which Quebec also offers. The schools in the city are some of the best in the country, giving your child the necessary education in innovative ways. However, schooling isn’t the only focus in this city. Quebec City is a place which encourages the youth to keep active. From winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding to the kayaking, canoeing, and hiking in the summer, there are no breaks. Your child will definitely enjoy everything Quebec City has to offer to the fullest. So, here’s one of the best cities for families in Canada, if you ask us.

    And another entry on our list of best cities for families in Canada is Montreal

    If you're looking for one of the best cities for families in Canada, Montreal is the place.
    Montreal offers fun for families which makes it an unrivaled destination when moving with children in Canada.

    If Quebec City offers entertainment, Montreal gives you community. As a local moving company in Canada, we have had a chance to help numerous families settle down in this city. And, with their feedback, we’ve heard that the community in Montreal is the real plus. Here, you will be able to experience each neighborhood like its own separate settlement. The locals use the term ‘every neighborhood is a village’.

    As for parents who are looking to leave behind their chauffeur days? This is still one of the best cities for families in Canada. Aside from the fact that Montreal is quite a safe town, it also has a great public transportation system. For a child who is looking for become a tad more independent in their daily routine, it is the perfect place. And, if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a bus every day, there is always the infamous Bixi in Montreal. With over 300 bikes available, it is the perfect transportation method for any teen.

    What else does Montreal offer to families?

    But, Montreal doesn’t lack in the entertainment department either. During the winter your children can take their pick from the winter sports available. Ice hockey has been gaining more and more popularity in the recent years. Though, this is still one of the best cities for families in Canada during summer, as well. The locals pride themselves in sports such as soccer, baseball, football and numerous others. And, for a day out with the family, be sure to visit one of their numerous museums or creative workshops.

    Another chart-topper for cities in Canada to move to with a family is Sudbury

    This is a city which has been proclaimed as the happiest city in Canada on numerous lists. And, as a company which provides storage units Sudbury, we can guarantee that! As locals, we can tell you that the most important thing you will receive here isn’t the buzz of the big city. Sudbury, instead, is one of the best cities for families in Canada because of the community it provides. This settlement doesn’t have numerous spots for hanging out. There are stores, coffee shops or malls where you can meet your friends. And, everything which it has is always full of friendly people. And, in the summer, there are plenty of organized runs and activities on the boardwalk. Long story short, it’s a second family to your kids.

    And another thing which Sudbury can offer families is?

    If you're looking for unity and sense of cultural identity for your family, we'd like to welcome you to Sudbury.
    There is something about the community which Sudbury offers than no other place in Canada can top.

    But, while Sudbury may be smaller than the other cities on our list, it doesn’t lag in entertainment. This is a place where the local artists are big. If your kids are interested in music, or art, their ideas will be welcomed by the community. The locals here support new idea and creativity, helping young artists gain a sense of larger cultural identity. And, if sports are something you’re interested in getting your children into, the city has plenty of opportunities. Softball and hockey are the most popular these days, but schools also offer different ones, as well.

    Which brings us to the topic of schooling in Sudbury. This is one of the best cities for families in Canada because it gives great education for youth. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a cultural identity to live in Sudbury. Which, in turn, fuels youth. They finish their education with exceptional grades. And, on the topic of costs, it’s definitely among the most affordable cities in Canada for families. While the income may not be as high as in Toronto or Montreal, it is enough to live comfortably in the city. But, we won’t bore you with the details too much. Instead, we’d invite you for a weekend to check out the community. Then, decide for yourself. In the end, the locals will truly help you pick the best city for your family in Canada.