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    Best cities for millennials in Canada

    Millennials are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. Since they are at an age in which one should start their individual life, away from all safety nets such as parents and rent-free living. As young adults, they are starting their careers and maybe even looking to start a family. To aid these attempts we made a list of the best cities for millennials in Canada.

    What we took into account

    Most members of generation Y are fresh out of college and looking for their first “real” job. So, we factored in job availability as an important factor when we were making our list. On the other hand, even though low unemployment rates are a good thing, not all jobs are ideal for millennials. Ideally, these jobs should be good paying ones and they should provide good career opportunities. With this in mind, we focused on the cities which have a good variety of jobs which fit what we mentioned above.

    Also, cities which have cheap housing or low living costs compared to the average salaries are ideal for young adults. Since they are just beginning their careers it’s crucial not to spend too much on rent. The top places in Canada to live in right now are the ones with high salaries and low rents.

    Apart from this, the cities on our list were required to have:

    • a good nightlife
    • a good culture (best cities for millennials in Canada should be multicultural)
    • low crime rates
    • access to the world

    The 5 best cities for millennials in Canada

    Over the last decade, Canada has developed a lot. New buildings are showing up everywhere, as well as new job openings in some very interesting industries. Canada has a great space program, as well as a strong economy (in the world’s top 10 strongest). Apart from this, a very high percentage of Canadian citizens have access to the internet. With around 33 million users this country has the highest percentage on the continent (around 90). All of this speaks of an open and liberal environment which is perfect for young adults.

    Most of the top towns for millennials in Canada are in Ontario. It seems that this region is developing the most. So if you are a young adult you might consider calling long distance movers in Ontario and moving there.


    Population: around 150,000

    Average income: $82,000

    Not the biggest of cities, however, Oshawa has a lot to offer to your average millennial. Apart from an excellent average income for its size, this city also has cheap housing options. All of this is already enough to put it on our list, however, Oshawa has more. Excellent education on all levels makes this a great place to get some extra education while working or to start a family.

    The Durham Hall in Oshawa on a sunny day
    Oshawa is a safe place filled with opportunities


    Population: almost 5.6 million

    Average income: $68,100

    The capital of Ontario is filled with people from all over the world. About half of the residents living in the largest city in Canada have been born abroad. This diverse and modern city is an excellent place to find a job or meet interesting and new people. Not everything is peachy, though, as Toronto has some of the highest rent and property costs in the country.


    Population: just over 160,000


    Average income: $76,700

    Greater Sudbury is a smaller city with excellent opportunities for business. The people are nice, unemployment is low and the entire Ontario is close by. This gives you an excellent insight into what life will be like for a young adult in Ontario. If you are moving from far away or your new place can’t house all your things, you can hire Sudbury storage professionals to keep your things safe while you’re moving around.

    Toronto is one of the best cities for millennials in Canada
    Even though rents are a bit more expensive in Toronto, the city makes up for it in other ways


    Population: around 1.7 million

    Average income: $67,000

    Proclaimed in 2017 as the best city for students in the world, Montreal has a lot to offer to millennials as well. Apart from many job options and a very low unemployment rate, this city offers an exciting nightlife. Festivals and events are quite common all over the city, as well as a wide variety of places playing different kinds of music. Montreal is a liberal environment where everyone is welcome. If this isn’t a great place for young adults, we don’t know what is.

    Montreal at night
    Montreal is one of the best cities for millennials in Canada


    Population: around 2.3 million

    Average income: $68,000

    Vancouver’s perfect blend of urban lifestyle and nature is what makes it one of the best cities for millennials in Canada. Vancouver has job opportunities, beautiful beaches, excellent food and the seawall. Unfortunately, the rents are a bit higher than average.

    Many of these are also great places to found a start-up company. They offer opportunities for entrepreneurs in many fields, most of which are very popular in Canada.

    Vancouver's skyline definitely makes it one of the best cities for millennials in Canada
    Lots of young adults move to Vancouver to start a new life

    Millennials and moving

    Since moving can be expensive, and young adults starting a new life don’t have the highest of budgets, it’s best to cut the costs of moving as much as possible. In order to have a good move and save money, you should hire reputable movers Ontario. Apart from this, there are a few other things one can do to move on a tight budget. Consider that, as a young adult, you don’t need as many things as you did when you were a child. You don’t have to take everything you have with you. You are leaving to start a new life all by yourself, use it to start over on many fields.

    In the end, the best cities for millennials in Canada are the ones where you feel comfortable. All those opportunities would mean nothing if you don’t want to or don’t know how to use them. All in all, do the research and decide which cities in Canada do you prefer.