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    Best colleges in Ontario to attend

    When you are choosing where you will continue your education, you have to consider a lot of things. The school’s program, reputation, quality and cost are just some of them. Colleges in Ontario really check all the boxes. They are very respected globally. Many foreigners are coming to Canada with a desire to attend them. The quality of education is at the highest level, and  83% of recent graduates from colleges in Ontario have found employment within six months of graduation. This guide will show you which are the best colleges in Ontario and why they are the excellent choice.

    Reasons to choose Ontario’s colleges

    Canada is famous for its excellent education system. It has been ranked as the third best country for education for 2017. Colleges in Ontario are for those who have a specific goal that they want to achieve. It’s for those who don’t want their education to feel one-size-fits-all. If you want the freedom to grow while also developing first-class skills, then choose one of the best colleges. This will be a great step towards a successful career. There are many reasons why choosing the college in Ontario is a great idea.

    Innovative and groundbreaking programs

    The best colleges in Ontario are offering education for every field of work. They are leaders in technology and workforce development. Students attending them are preparing for not only careers of today, but also those of tomorrow. There are over 480 industry partners advising on curriculum, programs, and courses that ensure that students receive the most up-to-date training.

    Programs of the best colleges in Ontario are innovative and very diverse.
    Also, at the best colleges in Ontario students have the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research and innovation projects.

    Something for everyone

    You will surely find the program that fit your needs amongst the 5,000-plus programs across 200-plus areas of study, that are available in the best colleges in Ontario. Whatever area you are interested in, you will find it here.

    A very diverse student body

    Whether you are fresh from the high school, or you want to continue your education, you will feel welcome in the colleges in Ontario. There are no stereotypes or discrimination of any kind, and everybody will fit right in the student life. 67% of college applicants don’t come directly from high school, while 6% of students have a university degree. There are over 38,000 college students that are 25 years or older, and 15% of students use special needs or disability services. More than 42,000 international students are studying at Ontario’s colleges. Also, there is also more than 3,800 applicants that have Aboriginal ancestry.

    When there is such a diverse student body, the best colleges in Ontario are creating programs and environments that support every student throughout their college experience.
    Every campus includes:

    • Academic and career counseling
    • Mental health and wellness services
    • Disability services, day care programs
    • International student advising
    • Aboriginal resources
    • LGBTQ communities, etc.

    When you have such a support system your transition will be much easier. It will make moving to Ontario with zero stress a real possibility.

    The best colleges in Ontario have a very diverse student body.
    In such a diverse environment, everybody feels welcome.

    Graduate with less debt

    A good education can be very expensive. There are many people that will pay off their student loan for decades to come. Although higher learning comes with a price tag, the best colleges in Ontario have significantly lower tuition costs than other postsecondary options. Of course, with the same quality of education. Also, the best colleges in Ontario help its students to get into the workforce faster. There are also scholarships, bursaries, and grants, which can help lessen the financial burden even further.

    The best colleges in Ontario by graduate satisfaction

    When you are attending college, you need to be satisfied with the quality of the education as well as the over whole college experience. While there are many colleges in Ontario, it is surprising that they are all ranked very highly by their former students. The numbers for all Ontario colleges is above 75%, which is very impressive.
    Here are the best colleges in Ontario ranked by graduate satisfaction:

    • Lawrence – 85%
    • Sault – 85%
    • Northern – 84%
    • Clair – 84%
    • Georgian – 83%
    • Confederation – 82 %
    • Collège Boréal – 82%
    • Cambrian – 82%
    • La Cité collégiale – 82%
    • Conestoga – 81%

    These numbers alone are enough to find top moving companies Ontario and enroll in one of these colleges. Besides the excellent college experience, these are the best colleges in Ontario by the quality of education and the variety of different programs also.

    Employer satisfaction for the best colleges in Ontario

    College is the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and a stepping stone to the lucrative carrier in your area of expertise and interest. While there are no guarantees that a college degree is something that will make you successful, graduates from the best colleges in Ontario may disagree with this statement. And their employers also.

    In the period between 2012. and 2013, four of the five Ontario’s 13 college graduates find employment in the period of the six months after graduation. Not only that, the great majority of them have stated that they are very satisfied with the overall quality of their learning experiences.  Meanwhile, more than 92% of their employers were very satisfied with their new employees that came straight from the college.

    Many surveys have proven that that trend has continued until today. That’s why the colleges in Ontario are amongst the best colleges in Canada in 2018. Those are very impressive results that are good indicators of why colleges in Ontario are the great choice for education.

    Graduates from the best colleges in Ontario find a job easily.
    Employers are very eager to hire graduates from those colleges because they know that they will get hires with great skills.

    Besides the excellent school and colleges, Ontario is also the home of the world-renowned universities. Studying at one of the top universities in Ontario will open a door for endless carrier opportunities and great advantage on the job market.