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    Best festivals in Canada to visit

    When you are thinking about visiting a festival first place that should come to your mind is Canada. Canada is very well known for its lavish and cool festivals that you should check out. Festivals in Canada are even on a people’s bucket lists around the world. It is not easy to choose the best festivals in Canada since there are so many, and absolutely every single one of those festivals has something that distinguishes it from the other. If you want to go to the good festival, you cannot go wrong by choosing any of so many festivals in Canada.

    So much to visit in Canada
    Beautiful Canada


    Let’s start talking about the best festivals in Canada by mentioning the wintery one. Winterlude is one of the coolest festivals there is. When the winter comes and everything seems to be so boring, cold and you are unwilling to do anything there is Winterlude. This is such a great way to make your winter weekend fun. These festivals take place three weekends in a row so it also means that you will be visiting it in your spare time. No need for taking the time off from your work. Save those free days for the summer because winter is covered. If you live in Ontario, Ottawa or Gatineau you are so lucky because these are the places where the festival takes place. If not, it is worth to come from another city, or country for at least one weekend that will be filled with good mood, music, and dance.

    It is not easy to say which are the best festivals in Canada

    Winterlude in not the only festival there is in Canada during the winter. There is more. Toronto Cavalcade of Lights is a festival that will also show you such a good time on the snow. This festival takes place in Toronto as the name says. Canadian is really famous for the ice skating and that is exactly you can do in this festival while enjoying some cool concerts and flickering lights from the Christmas decoration. Next wintery festival is the Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights.

    The name itself is showing you that it is something magical. When you think about Niagara Falls you are probably imagining them in the warm weather. However, this festival is usually in the first week of November and that is on purpose. There is something absolutely magical in seeing the beautiful Niagara Falls in the winter time. However, heads up, dress well, because it can be really cold. Like the Niagara Falls are not magical enough there is a whole show with the fireworks and laser lights for your pleasure. Enjoy in one of the most astonishing winter festivals in Canada.

    Festivals that take place by Niagara Falls are definitely one of the best festivals in Canada
     Magical Niagara Falls

    Good music, delicious food, and wine

    When you think about good music, delicious food and wine first association to that should be Montreal Highlights Festival. This is a must when in Canada. Such a hedonist festival. Music for everyone’s taste. There are more than one hundred participants so you will for sure listen to some music you adore. Everything happens during the night because of the awesome light spectacle. It is really something to enjoy in. This festival, in fact,t is celebrating everything that makes life beautiful. Food, music, wine and all that accompanied by some fine art and lights. What more can you ask for? There are more festivals that we should mention like:

    • Future Forest (outdoor festival, for fans of electronic music)
    • Osheaga Festival (Montreal)
    • Motion Notion Festival (Rocky Mountains)
    • MEME Festival (Western Canada)
    • Escapade Music Festival (Ottawa)

    And so many more to count. Either way,y you will definitely find something for your taste. Visiting more than one festival when in Canada is a must. The experience that you will get and entertainment is incomparable to anything else you have experienced so far.

    Audience at a music festival
    Nothing but joy in Canadian festivals

    The biggest Jazz Festival in the world

    The biggest Jazz in the whole wide world takes place in Canada. To be more exact it takes place in Montreal. And it is, in fact, the biggest Jazz Festival not in Canada, but in the world. What comes as no surprise is that the biggest name of the Jazz scene is coming to this awesome festival every year. It is an outdoor festival that lasts around ten days. This is the time in which you can enjoy Jazz music in an open air while relaxing and holding a beer in your hand. Is there something better? If you think there is, then you didn’t visit this festival yet, and here is your chance, from 28th of June until the 7th of July. If you are not from Canada and you would like to come to this festival, you can always consult long distance movers Canada who can give you the proper information on how is the best to go to Canada for festivals or anything else.

    It is great to have a choice

    It is a really great fact that there are so many festivals in Canada. We can use the phrase “one of the best festivals in Canada” but this phrase is just that. A phrase. Because for one person MEME is the best festival while for other people one of the best festivals in Canada is Escapade Music Festival. There are no rules for this because everyone’s taste is different. Choose your festival and enjoy. It is worth it to travel in case you are not from Canada. There are people who in fact move to Canada and one of the main reasons is that there are so many festival days to enjoy it. Festivals are there to make us happy. When living in Canada you have so many choices and you can enjoy festivals every month. You have to organize your time of course, but it will be worth it. Visiting majority of these festivals has its earned place on bucket lists all around the world.

    If you do decide to move to Canada, you won’t be making a mistake since Canadian people are widely known for their kindness and when it comes to moving international movers in Canada, are the one that will make that piece of cake.