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    Best neighborhoods for business property in Toronto

    When you are looking for the neighborhood to set your business property in Toronto you are set with a difficult task. What you are looking for is an ideal mix of elements that will add value to your business. And the mix of those elements varies from business to business. Looking for best neighborhoods for business property in Toronto is a blessing and a curse. If you didn’t know there are 140 neighborhoods officially recognized by the City of Toronto. So there are many neighborhoods where you can find a place for business property in Toronto, the trick is to find the best ones. It may take you some time until you find your ideal location, so if you need your things kept use the storage units Sudbury.

    Fining business property in Toronto is no easy feat
    You want your business property in Toronto to bring you added value

    Examining the top neighborhoods

    For anyone who has spent enough time to get to know Toronto, mention of neighborhoods will bring up an image of a mosaic. Toronto’s neighborhoods are numerous, unique and stuck together very much like to pieces making up a beautiful mosaic. You can easily notice it, from the shiny glass look of the downtown financial core opposite to the ornate brick look of Distillery district. And you can also see it in the urban spaces of Parkdale to the Junction, which all the commotion is.

    To look for a business property in Toronto is like fishing in a bucket full of fish. So we can’t say what is the best neighboorhood for you, that’s on you to decide. We can tell you what goes on in some of the top neighborhoods so you can see if anything fits your needs.

    You need a business property in Toronto but you don’t know how to start looking

    Are you looking to open up a barbershop, a bakery, or you need offices for your I.T. startup, or do you need just a small place to work? You see it all depends on needs of your business where do you set your value. Here are the things that business owners are looking for when searching for location:

    • property and maintenance costs
    • the size of available properties
    • type of area – urban or industrial
    • public-private business partnerships otherwise known as Business Improvement Areas
    • number and structure of population living in the area
    • commute availability, etc.

    The list can go on and on. So this is where you need to weigh your priorities and decide what are the things that are most important to you when making a selection. Depending on your ideal mix you will decide what is the best neighborhood for business property in Toronto for you. You can use the services of long distance movers Canada to help you relocate once you choose your location.

    Financial District

    This is the heart of commerce in Toronto. As you can imagine property prices here are quite high but the location is unparalleled. Even if this neighborhood isn’t aligned to your needs, it’s a place where anyone would want their business to be. It is the center of activity, with the PATH the largest underground shopping network in the world situated there. Also, all major banks and tech companies like Google choose to do business in that neighborhood.

    All of the biggest companies have their business property in Toronto in the Financial district
    Downtown is where you want your business to come

    Liberty Village

    Like any former factory district in a big city, Liberty Village revitalized itself as a center for many startups. In a campus-like neighborhood, there are media, entertainment, arts and tech business working alongside. Spaces that you can find here range from restaurants to storefronts, galleries, and large offices.

    Bloordale Village

    Another neighborhood that got a second wind for business is Bloordale Village. It was revived with the help of major community project, thus making it an up and coming pace for living, shopping and dining.

    Fashion District

    It’s not really hard to figure out where does Fashion district get its name from. Many designer businesses are situated here, and they are joined with many production companies. Marketing firms, production studios, and publishing companies love to do their businesses from this neighborhood. You can find plenty of available office spaces for your own business. Also, locals say that amenities are unparalleled to anywhere else.

    Trinity Bellwoods

    You can find this neighborhood in between other cities famous districts like Kensington Market, Queen West, and Chinatown. It serves a community of mostly design companies. Business owners seek properties in this area because of its location which drives up prices a bit.

    The Junction

    If you have been in Toronto it is unlikely you haven’t heard or been to this neighborhood. Name of the neighborhood comes from the four main rail lines that are intersecting there. You might also know it under a name of West Toronto while it was an independent city. Here you can find properties that are affordable. Compared to many neighborhoods the rent is relatively low, which in turn attracts a lot of clientele. Therefore if you are looking for a place with a lot of commercial activity, you should consider The Junction. You can find a lot of converted warehouses and industrial space to use as your business property.

    The Junction used to be a city of its own
    The Junction used to be a city on its own

    Design District

    If you are in the business of design and home decor this is the neighborhood where you should go looking. This is the center for likeminded business so you will fit in perfectly.


    When you talk about the Distillery you might be talking about the Toronto itself as they are of the same age. Go for a walk and you will see that recently this neighborhood was revitalized and not by a coincidence. You can see here the best preserved Victorian architecture in North America. Many small businesses owners choose this district due to closeness to the outer edge of the downtown core. Here you can join artisans, cafes, restaurants and boutique retailers. Again, this is quite the attractive location, so the property prices are on the high end.


    Riverside district puts you in the close proximity of downtown and its many shops and restaurants. It’s award-winning pedestrian lighting and facades attract many visitors and tourists. If you are in the tourism business this might be the place for you.

    Depending on the type of business you have, you need to choose what is the right neighborhood for you
    Find a neighborhood that suits your business


    These are some of the neighborhoods which we chose for you, but you can see what the city has prepared to offer you. Once you decide what is the ideal location for your business use these moving tips to help you get prepared for the move.