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    Best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury

    Sudbury is well known across Canada as one of the most youth-friendly cities. With the number of art galleries, live shows, cafes and casual outings organized, it’s no surprise, either. We, Neeley’s Van and Storage, have been working as movers in the area for a long time. And, during this time we’ve had a chance to talk to plenty of people moving to and from the city. So, here is one of the questions our representatives frequently get from our clients during their on-site quote. What are the best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury? So, before you hire our moving services Sudbury, here’s some help with finding your new home…

    Before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about Sudbury in general

    Most of our customers who move to the city end up a tad confused as to how the place works. So, we wanted to give you a short introduction. For anyone moving to Sudbury and not really sure what they want, here is the general breakdown. Sudbury used to be a rather small place. And, around it, there were a few more cities. However, as Sudbury became a desired destination for expats more and more, it ended up expanding. This is how we get the city you’ll be moving to. As local movers in Sudbury, we like to call it a heliocentric system. The Downtown Sudbury, the old city, is the sun in the middle. And, all around it, you have different areas. They have retained their former, independent culture, communities, etc. So, when choosing the best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury, we’re going to have to look at different criteria, really. Let’s get started by telling you where single people usually move to…

    The first area on any single person’s list is usually Downtown Sudbury

    People talking and drinking coffee.
    This is an area which has something for everyone…

    Here, we’re talking about the center of the solar system. If you’re going to live in the Sun, expect it to be grand. And, this is exactly what the Downtown offers. As a moving company which also offers storage units in Sudbury, we can tell you that single people are quite content here. And, the best part is, that a lot of them don’t remain single for too long. So, as one of the top neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury, we need to list Downtown, of course.

    It doesn’t really matter what you’re into, Downtown Sudbury offers it. You will have easy access to a number of cafes, boutiques and various hang out spots. There is always a live band playing somewhere in Sudbury, after all. If you’re into art, you won’t be able to get enough of the local artists. As one of the best neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury, the Downtown definitely offers you the best date of your life. With easy access to hockey, special events and various festivals, you won’t ever have the time to do the usual ‘Netflix and chill’.

    Another neighborhood singles should consider is definitely the Flour Mill

    A couple on a date after they moved to one of the top neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury.
    If you’re looking for a perfect date, as well as some peace and quiet…

    Now, this is more of a matter of convenience. We understand that the clubbing scene and festivals are important in Sudbury. However, we also realized that a lot of singles moving house were young adults fresh out of college. This is why we think that the Flour Mill might be one of the really good neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury. While the population may be a tad older, making it a calmer neighborhood, it’s also much more affordable. Compared to Downtown, you will easily find a good and cheap apartment in the Flour Mill neighborhood. And, if you’d prefer renting a place, there are plenty of options available. If you ask any local, they will direct you towards the Flour Mill as the affordable neighborhood you’re looking for.

    However, while it may not be the busy Downtown, it doesn’t lack charm. Flour Mill is one of those neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury which gives you hometown nostalgia. It’s a fairly pedestrian-friendly area with plenty of family people living there. If you’re looking to start a life with a potential partner soon, it’s the perfect place. And, when you need a night out, the city center is merely thirty minutes away. While it may not be the busiest part of the city, this is definitely one of the good neighborhoods for single people in Sudbury. A little bit of family charm, a few easy-going cafes and the perfect partner waiting around the corner…

    One of the great neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury is also the South-End

    A couple sitting on a bench after moving to Sudbury.
    Single or not, this neighborhood is everyone’s dream.

    While Sudbury may be a town with a relaxing feeling to it, there is always a more prestigious part of the city. If you ask us, as long-distance movers in Ontario, we would say that South-End is quite glamorous. It may not be the Downtown with all the events. But, it surely makes up in a lot of different ways. With the Laurentian University nearby, it gets a few college students here and there. But, most of the time people with active lifestyles move into the homes here. With the Ramsey and Long Lake nearby, there is nothing better to do that to enjoy them in the summer. And, in case you were wondering, a lakeside picnic is a perfect date idea. So, we would definitely consider South-End, despite the expenses, as one of the top neighborhoods for singles in Sudbury.

    But, there is more to this neighborhood than the lakes and the parks. But, there’s more when you’re done exploring the numerous trails and taking bike rides everywhere. You can immerse yourself in the amazing community. South-End counts among the best neighborhoods for single people in Sudbury because of its diversity and multicultural nature. You will be able to meet so many new people, experience their culture and enjoy the stories which they can offer you. The only drawback here may be the lack of a party scene. However, if you prefer private events, it will definitely be right up your alley! There is always someone organizing a completely VIP gathering in South-End.