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    Best parks and playgrounds in Sudbury

    Once you have finally moved to Sudbury and finally settled in with your family time to unpack. Time to get acquainted with the surroundings, and to become friends with the community you are in. Aside from many family fun things to do in Sudbury, one of the best activities you can enjoy with your little ones is exploring parks and playgrounds in Sudbury.

    Sadly, in the century we live in it has become very rare to do outdoor activities. Kids and adults keep staring at smartphones and computers, playing video games or exploring social media. Rarely do you see kids playing outside from sunrise to sunset? It is your responsibility as parents to get your kids to enjoy the outdoors and live a healthy lifestyle. This is why exploring parks and playgrounds in Sudbury might be a source of fun things to do. For you and your kids. We have prepared for you a list of potential places you could take your kids to, and all together have tons of fun.

    Parks and playgrounds in Sudbury are in abundance, you just need to know where to look.
    Take your kids and enjoy the great outdoors!

    All of your local movers in Sudbury will very well know of these locations, and you should feel comfortable to ask for a few pointers.

    Parks and Playgrounds in Sudbury

    One of the best things for parents in such playgrounds and parks is the fact that other parents will be there too. So you will have company while your kids socialize and play with other children. There are also some coffee stands and places built especially for the parents who bring their kids to play.

    Within the article, we will list some of our top picks for parks and playgrounds in Sudbury. Of course, there are more and you are free to explore further. These are just our top picks and recommendations for you. Furthermore, feel free to propose some that we may have missed. There are plenty out there, and the more we know the more we can recommend.

    Aside from parks for families with kids, there are parks where you can just go on your own for a walk or a jog, or simply relax in the grass and enjoy the great outdoors. There will be something for everybody.

    Parks and Playgrounds in Sudbury – Bell Park

    Yep, you have guessed it. If you know anything about this place called Sudbury then you will have heard of Bell Park. The most infamous, gorgeous, heaven on Earth.

    If you wish to explore parks and playgrounds in Sudbury, you should always start with Bell Park
    Bell Park is heaven on earth!

    The park is astonishingly large, able to accommodate both single people needs as well as those wanting to bring kids. Basically, if you wish to spend a day outdoors and enjoy nice weather – Bell Park will be your number one choice.

    Bell Park can facilitate both your parks and playgrounds needs. Basically, it is a park, but it also hosts a children’s play area, a washroom, trails and meadows, several picnic areas, a large playground and countless appeal items such as gazebos, statues and so forth.

    Parks and Playgrounds in Sudbury – Memorial Park

    Memorial park may not be an all-star like Bell Park is, but can be considered to be a potent rival. The best feature of Memorial Park is the fact that it too can facilitate both the aspect of a playground and a park. This means that, if you have kids, you might enjoy an amazing day in the park. Both you and your little ones will have things to do. And most importantly – nobody will be bored. 

    On the other hand, if you are single and wish to spend a day outdoors, Memorial Park might just be the place for you. Memorial park hosts an incredible amount of flowers and trees that you can enjoy. Also, it is excellent for potential photography projects. Even when the weather is not ideal the place has some unquestionable charm. The walking trails are long and are very well suited for jogging as well.

    One of my family’s favorite things to do is organize weekend picnics, and Memorial Park can host such events. It has dedicated picnic areas that are incredible.

    The best part about Memorial Park is a number of festivals being organized that host English and French musicians and countless children’s activities. Also, there are plenty of food stands and vendors representing local environmental organizations and businesses.

    My favorite thing to do is to reach the memorial wall and just spend time reading it. This way, you may learn plenty of things you otherwise would never know.

    Parks and Playgrounds in Sudbury – Twin Forks Playground

    And to top our list we will exit with a large bang! Twin Forks Playground is yet another place that accommodates both the need for a park and a playground since it hosts both. Even though it is at the bottom of our list it is not a place to be reckoned with. It is, with the lack of better words, glorious!

    When exploring parks and playgrounds in Sudbury make sure not to miss out on Twin Forks Playground.
    Twin Forks Playground is massive and has so many things your little ones can enjoy!

    So, you desire to go out for a quick run? Or you simply fancy a walk around in nature? Don’t worry, Twin Forks Playground has got your covered. With its extensive green surfaces and picnic areas, it will fall nothing short of what you need.

    However, it is our duty to emphasize that Twin Forks Playground is more suited for families with children who wish to go out. Even though it can accommodate both, you will be better off going to Bell Park if you are going out without children.

    Twin Forks Playground hosts numerous activities for your little ones. It has several large playgrounds as well as quite a few smaller ones. It hosts numerous kids play areas as well as baby showers and swings. Overall, far more suited towards our little ones.

    We hope that our guidelines were helpful. Above all, we are here to help you with your moving ventures as well as those of you settling in. If you are outside of Ontario but this seems appealing to you, consult our specialists for long distance moves in Ontario!