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    Best places for couples in Sudbury

    Moving in together as a couple is always special. Many, however, have mixed feelings during this situation – excitement and happiness are mostly followed by a bit of anxiety and worry whether everything will turn out to be alright. Nevertheless, this is a huge step, even a milestone for every relationship. On the other hand, there is no reason to not look forward to this chapter in your lives. If your decision to move has come down to Sudbury, and you are looking for an affordable housing here, then local movers Ontario know best where to look for. They will surely be able to show you some of the best places for couples in Sudbury when it comes to property renting or buying. We have decided to present you some the places that might be interesting for you to go to after your move to Sudbury.

    A couple on a bike
    Sudbury is a great choice for young couples.

    What are some of the top places for couples in Sudbury?

    Many people worry that they make a wrong decision about moving to a smaller town. They think that their life here will lack in excitement and nonstop happenings. Let us prove you wrong. Sudbury may not be the size of Toronto or Ottawa, but that does not mean that it is a dead city. On contrary, Sudbury is lively and quite charming. Therefore, be at ease. You have not made a wrong decision. If you are looking for having some fun with your significant other after the move, let us take a look at some of the places you can go to.

    Have a great breakfast at Hard Rock 42

    There is nothing more romantic for a young couple than having breakfast together. If you still have not installed the kitchen, then take your partner to some of the numerous eateries or pubs which serve meals. One of them to check out is Hard Rock 42 on Elm Street. What makes this place a must-go is a great variety of delicious food and drinks. The menu is quite unique, so if you like tasting unusual combination of flavors, this is a place for you. This place is actually very popular, so you can expect a large number of people all the time. The service is also at the highest level. If you are new in town, especially if you had to move long distance, this can be a way to meet people. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself a group of friends.

    Having breakfast in an eatery
    Have breakfast in a comfy eatery for a beautiful start of a day.

    Take a romantic tour in nature

    Sudbury is well known for its breathtaking nature. The greater area if Sudbury is just a paradise for those who enjoy taking a break from busy streets and obligations from work outside of the town. So, one of the best places in Sudbury and, of course, everyone else is just about anywhere in nature. But if we would have to choose, then for starters we suggest you take a tour to Onaping Falls which is about 45 minutes by car from Sudbury. If you still do not own a car, you can easily rent a car, even online so that you won’t have to lose too much time.

    a beautiful path in the woods
    take a relaxing walk in nature.

    Once you arrive there, you will have around two more kilometers to walk the trail. We are sure the environment will take your breath away. Just make sure to put on appropriate clothes and shoes for walking the trails in the woods. When you find yourself next to the falls, use a chance to take a picture of you two. It is going to be a wonderful memory.

    How about a walk by the lake?

    If you go the other way, opposite from Onaping Falls, just ten minutes away from Sudbury downtown, you will discover one of the best places for couples in Sudbury, a true jewel of this area – Lake Laurentian Conservation. This magical place has so much to offer you. You can enjoy the peace and quiet while taking numerous trails, or just enjoy the water. You will see, during the summertime, this place is like a melting pot. Many find time to come here and relax. Also, you can check with the local authorities whether camping is allowed if you wish to have that kind of a fun.

    Ramsey Lake is also a wonderful choice. You will hear from a lot of people that they have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets while walking by the lake. If you a romantic type of a person, you can’t ask for more.

    Visiting museums as a way of having fun

    If you thought that nature is all that Sudbury has to offer, let us prove you wrong.  Soon you will realize that Sudbury is one of the best cities to invest in real estate. There are many museums with diverse content to fit everyone’s taste. Certainly one of the most popular ones is Science North. This museum will offer you a special approach to exploring and learning about science. There are many exhibits and live shows organized in this museum. Moreover, you will have a chance to take a close look at some very interesting animals such as flying squirrels, porcupine, skunk, etc.

    A woman in a museum
    One of the best places for couples in Sudbury is its numerous museums.

    You can also check their websites to see if they offer some special discounts and offers for group visits. There you can also check the schedule of the exhibits and shows. This is a great way to find out about the types of exhibits and to stop by on a day when a certain live show or exhibition is taking place.

    Places for couples in Sudbury are many. We wanted to present you just a glimpse of what you can expect once you relocate here. We also invite you to explore this town further and discover favorite places on your own!