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    Best places to retire in Canada

    When retirees look for a new place to call home, they have to take many things into consideration. Like the quality of the healthcare or low taxes. Still, the point of moving for retirement is to find a community that offers the most opportunities to enjoy this stage of life to the fullest. Canada is a great place to live in, for all generation. This country takes care of its youngest members, but at the same time have great respect for the needs of the seniors. If you are looking for the perfect city where you’ll spend your golden years, check out some of the best places to retire in Canada.

    Things to consider when choosing the places to retire in Canada

    Moving is never easy and needs that our new home has to fulfill changes as we get older. For millennials and young professionals, the quality of the nightlife and entertainment will be very important. Families with kids will focus on the great school districts, while seniors may prefer quieter places.
    Of course, for retirees with fixed incomes, there will be a lot of things to consider when thinking which places to retire in Canada will suit them best.

    The budget

    The finances are maybe the most important part of choosing one of the best places to retire in Canada. You can’t enjoy a successful retirement without a reasonable budget. That is why you should inspect the living costs of the place that interests you before you make a decision of relocation.

    Take into consideration:

    • The affordability of the place
    • What are the average monthly costs for food and utilities
    • Affordability of the entertainment and leisure activities
    • Mortgage payments or monthly rent rates
    • Taxes

    When you add all of these expenses, you will get approximate monthly costs of living. If they are higher than your monthly incomes, moving at this point will be a drag and potential financial disaster. In the case that monthly living costs fit into your budget, you can start planning your relocation.  The sooner you start planning and searching for movers, the better. The reputable moving companies like long distance movers Canada are usually booked months in advance, because they are professional, reliable, and the best in the business. That is why you should contact them as soon as your decision about the move is complete.

    Distance to friends and family

    When you are searching for the best places to retire in Canada, it’s important to consider just how far you want to be from family and friends. If they are living very close to you now, think thoroughly how will you feel if you will be far away from them. If you can’t imagine living without them in proximity, then consider either retiring in your current city or moving somewhere within driving distance, or at least to a place that is near a major airport.


    Good healthcare is very important for everyone, but especially seniors. Although this country has the best public health system in the world, there are places to retire in Canada that have numerous healthcare facilitiesProximity to those facilities is also very important, so choose the location of your new home accordingly. Canadian healthcare is famous for its excellence, so there is no wonder why this country is a desired destination for many expats.

    Healthcare in Canada is great.
    Canada has a great healthcare system.

    Recreational activities and entertainment

    Some retirees are even more active than the majority of the younger generations. That is why recreational activities and entertainment options are very important to them.
    Retirement doesn’t mean sitting in a rocking chair all day. Canada is full of fun activities for all ages. When choosing the best places to retire in Canada, research is the key to success. Make sure that the town that interest you have the entertainment activities and hobbies that you enjoy.

    The best places to retire in Canada

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The nation’s capital is a perfect destination to settle down for retirement. A wonderful mix of local conveniences and attractions, parkland and vast green space are ideal for enjoying in your golden years. An easy access to health care, good real estate values and high quality of life are just some of the reasons why this city is at the very top of the list of the best places to retire in Canada. If you are considering moving to Ottawa,  you will surely love your retirement life there and made a lot of new friends.

    Ottawa is one of the best places to retire in Canada.
    Ottawa is a perfect place for spending the retirement.

    West Vancouver, British Columbia

    West Vancouver tops the list of the best places to retire in Canada for good reasons. British Columbia is famous as the international destination for retirement. And the West Vancouver has all the best features of this province. It is just across the Lion’s Gate Bridge, with incredible mountain scenery beckon from nearby. The air is clear and fresh since there is a law that fordid industry and factories in the town. The crime rate and taxes are much lower, and the real estate market is stable and affordable. Many of the retirees are thrilled with moving to British Columbia. Here they have a chance to be very active and enjoy life to the fullest.

    West Van is one of the best places to retire in Canada
    British Columbia is favorite among the retirees.

    How to choose a new home

    You’ve chosen the place to retire in Canada, what about your new home? When you decide on location and neighborhood that you desire, it’s time to select your new accommodation. If you are buying the new home, make sure that is a home of your dreams. Especially since it will probably be the last one that you’ll purchase. When you are renting your retirement home, choose it wisely – you don’t want to go through the dragging moving process every few months. Your budget should be your top criteria when buying a home. It will be nice to have a big house that can accommodate all your family members. They can feel comfortable when they come to visit.

    It is better to find a smaller home than to pay off the huge debt.

    Especially in the time when you should be enjoying yourself. Besides, there are very affordable storage facilities where you can keep your belongings in. Reliable companies like storage units Sudbury will keep them safe for as long as you need them to. It is a certainly cheaper option than buying a house that you can’t realistically afford.