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    Best small towns in Ontario to live in

    If you’re looking for a nice homely place where you can settle down, there are a lot of small towns in Ontario to choose from. From towns with plenty of outdoor activities to places which can inspire just by their looks, this Canadian province is the place for you. If you keep reading you’ll see which small towns have what to offer and how you can make your choice.

    Ontario is one of the largest and the most populous provinces in Canada. It’s also home to the nation’s capital – Ottawa, as well as the country’s largest city, Toronto. However, this doesn’t mean Ontario is just all metropolises and no smaller towns. Quite the contrary in fact! This province has some of the most beautiful towns in the country. Coupled with inspiring countryside and well-preserved nature, Ontario smaller town’s will surely dazzle you!

    Unfortunately, there are so many wonderful small towns in Ontario that we were unable to put them all on our list. However, we chose the ones that we think best represent the group. If you like any towns on this list, you can contact your reliable movers Ontario and ask for help with your relocation. On the other hand, if you don’t find any town to your liking on our list, you can check out our worthy mentions and perhaps find something you might prefer.


    With a population just shy of 22 thousand, this small Ontario town is well-known throughout the province. It has a relatively low property tax and good property value and income. Wasaga Beach, which is nearby, provides a nice place to enjoy the summer months. Also, the Blue Mountains offer something similar during the winter. This makes Collingwood one of the best small towns in Ontario you can live in.

    Small towns in Ontario offer outdoor activities
    Blue mountains provide a great escape for the winter

    Apart from this, this place is usually mentioned in the Top 100 places to live in Canada. It just seems that the combination of wonderful nature and a peaceful community makes a place perfect. In addition to all of this, the temperature is above 0 degrees Celcius for 216 days in a year. This makes Collingwood a rather warm place to live in.

    Wasaga Beach near Collingwood
    Wasaga Beach is a great place to enjoy the summer months


    This town is famous for its low crime rates and affordability. That’s why Dorchester is one of the premier investment opportunities. Soon, property costs will skyrocket in this small Ontario town. Thus, it may be a good idea to acquire some real estate there now. If all else fails and you find you don’t like a small-town life you can always sell your property. You’ll probably get a higher price than you had paid in the first place.

    London, Ontario
    Dorchester is near London which provides the best combination of big city and small town life

    Apart from this, Dorchester gives the best small-town experience while still providing some comforts of living in a big city. Because of its proximity to London (only a couple of kilometers) this town can give you peace and quiet away from the city life. But, you’ll also be able to quickly reach the big city if you need something. It has the best of both worlds.

    St. Jacobs

    What can we say about St. Jacobs and not oversell it? It’s hard because the town seems like it came out of a fairy tale. Primarily famous for its farmers’ market, St. Jacobs shows us much more than we expected. With architectural salvage shops, handmade broom stores and fantastic food, this is one of the best small towns in Ontario for artists and the like. It won’t matter where you’re coming from because everyone’s welcome in this wonderful little town. So, if you’re an artist and would like to experience a walk back in the past and hone your talents, call your long-distance movers in Canada and schedule your moving day today!


    This is one of the most badly named small towns in Ontario. The name is in hard contrast to it’s religious Quaker origin. The town’s past has left deep marks in the local community. This connection remains today in the form of the Quaker Meeting House which is still in use.

    Apart from this, if you decide to live here you’ll be in for a great historical treat. The old blacksmith features many artifacts from the town’s past. You can see the Ye Olde Forge and Anvil museum, along with Sparta House Tearoom which is said to have the largest collection of teapots in southwestern Ontario.

    Many different teapots
    In Sparta, you can see the biggest collection of teapots in southwestern Ontario


    Elora earns its name as one of the best small towns in Ontario because of it’s picturesque landscapes. Unbelievably, every street in this small town is an opportunity to make some excellent photographs. Apart from this, Elora is also home to some of the best universities in the world. Thus, even if you’re not into photography, this amazing town is an excellent place to raise children. This town will provide your children with a new adventure every day! If you have trouble explaining to your kids you’re moving, check out our helpful guide on how to help your child cope with moving anxiety.

    Small towns in Ontario: worthy mentions

    Unfortunately, not all places can be the best. However, there are some which came very close to making it to our list:

    • Goderich – one of the most amazing small towns in Ontario
    • Grand Bend
    • Niagara on the Lake

    Need help with moving?

    If you’d like to move to some of these awesome small towns in Ontario, just call your reliable local movers. There are many ways you can move to Ontario. If you’re coming from far away and shipping your things, make sure your movers provide you with safe storage units in Ontario. You don’t want to go through the trouble of moving to your dream town only to find out your possessions are missing.