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    Best ways to commute in Toronto

    Relocating to a big city is never an easy task, especially if you are moving to a city as rich in contrasts and cultures like Toronto. The capital of Ontario is the most populous city in Canada and one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It boasts many great areas for you to settle in, many interesting job opportunities and lots of different content to explore. Would you like to move here on a permanent basis? Toronto has a rich real estate market with plenty of condos and apartments on offer. If you need help in organizing your move, contact long distance moving companies Canada and make a first step towards moving here. One of the things everyone living in a big city is familiar with, with Toronto being no exception, is the commute. In this article, we will try to give you some ideas of how to commute in Toronto in a more laid-back manner, and how to make it less stressful.

    Picture of commute in Toronto
    Being a large economic and cultural center, commute in Toronto can be overwhelming

    What to do in order to make the commute a less tedious activity

    We have all been there, stuck in traffic on the way to work or school. The feeling of losing our precious time is creeping in with every passing minute. Plus being stuck in a public transit system may make it even worse if you are a bit claustrophobic. Add to that a hot summer day and hundreds of people jammed in the bus or metro. It is plain horrible we know. So, what can you do to ease your pain a bit when stuck in commute in Toronto? If you are new to this city, we present you some options to achieve this.

    • Headphones are a lifesaving gadget. This is the easiest way to drift out of that crowded subway train. Just pack your phone with your favorite music and you are good to go. I always like to discover new albums and artists while on the go. This is a perfect opportunity to find something new.
    • Use this time to read a book. While it might get a little uncomfortable to hold a book in a packed public transport, if you manage to do it, you will be greatly rewarded. Do you always complain about how you don’t have enough time to read? This is the perfect moment. You can also download some Netflix shows to survive the long ride
    • Listen to audio book or podcast. This a great option when you are the one who is driving. Broaden your interest zone by tuning to your favorite podcasts or get audio books that interest you.

      Picture of phone and headphones
      Music is a powerful tool against boredom in public transport

    Use alternative means of transportation to commute in Toronto

    If you are living in downtown Toronto you probably know why this city has a reputation of a hell personified in traffic. The city is ever-expanding with satellite towns drawing more workforce to satisfy the appetites of Toronto’s booming economy. If you wish to move to Toronto, check out moving and storage Ontario to help you make your wish reality. Anyway, you should be aware that traveling by bike is a win-win situation. You are going green, doing some exercise and avoiding the painful traffic jams. Instead of just hopping into your car every morning, consider carpooling or ridesharing. The great thing about car sharing is that it is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Make a weekly plan with your co-workers and go to work using one car instead of four. Take turns when driving.

    Picture of a train
    Use trains to your advantage!

    Use the time to your advantage to commute in Toronto like a pro

    Recent studies have shown that the average commute time in Toronto is around 33 minutes. This means it is not that uncommon to be stuck in traffic for an hour. That also depends on which Toronto neighborhood you reside in. When choosing where to live always take the traffic into the account. Compared to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have average commute rates of 30 and 28 minutes respectively. Those numbers only increase when you add construction works and weather conditions to the equation. We don’t have to stress out how this affects our mood and overall health.

    Therefore, our advice to you would be to go to your work 15 minutes earlier as well as to leave the office 15 minutes earlier. If that is OK with your boss. That 15-minute cushion will ensure you won’t get stuck in an endless river of vehicles. Another good idea is to find alternative routes. You won’t be prone to rage-driving if you know a couple of alternative routes to escape clogged streets. Try to avoid streets with stop-and-go traffic lights.

    Consider changing your address

    Firstly, consider taking the train. Trains do not tend to get stuck in traffic like buses or cars. Get a Presto card, or get a tracking app for city transit if the bus is a more viable option for you. The last option is to relocate to another neighborhood. This is only in case you don’t have any other alternatives. You don’t have direct train lines to your work, you always get stuck in your car, you are getting robbed of your gas money as well as your nerves. Well, maybe you should try to find an apartment that is closer to your office. Or see if your company has separate office spaces that are closer to where you live. Or just change the company? In the end, you can even change the city where you live.

    Final thoughts

    To conclude our research: the city of Toronto is a melting pot with many different influences and cultures. It is constantly evolving and changing rapidly. Therefore, you could expect that the commute here can be downright frightening and horrible. Especially when the weather conditions are not favorable or when there are renovations on the streets. Above, we have presented some of the best ways to commute in Toronto. In the end, it’s up to you and your attitude towards the traffic. Small signs of patience will make this notoriously tedious activity a better experience for everyone involved.