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    Best ways to say goodbye to your friends when moving

    There is no escaping it. It is hard to say goodbye to your friends when moving day comes. For many who experience long term relocation to a place far for home, it is actually the hardest part. Stress can get you those last day of the move, and a lot of people find that they left in the hurry, not giving a proper goodbye to people they are not going to see in a long time, if ever. Moving should be a positive experience, and we are sure that you will find new people to connect to in your new place of living. Still, we are here to help. As we said, it won’t be easy. But, we can at least make it feel dignified and a fine end to an era of friendship.

    How to say goodbye to your friends when moving with a gift

    Giving a great gift is a pretty straightforward method of showing someone that you care about them. This gesture of giving something useful, of sentimental value, or simply cool looking, is as old as people. That is to say, we have been giving gifts as long as we possessed something to be given.

    A gift
    A gift can capture just how close you are as friends.

    Giving a gift to your friends before leaving is a good way to show how well you know them. Of course, don’t overdo it. Not every acquaintance needs an elaborate present. Our advice is to focus on your closest friends, as they will also appreciate custom gifts the most.

    Nostalgia package

    If you had employed any kind of long distance movers Canada, then you are probably moving somewhere far away. This means that chances of seeing your friends regularly will plummet. With this in mind, you can give them something of a memory box. In it, you can write down your favorite moments spent in their good company (more on writing later) and/or pictures.

    Everybody has photos on their phones these days, but you can always print them out on photo paper for a small cost in money and a little bit of scissors work.

    Bracelets, lockets and such

    There is a lot of jewelry you can gift them such as:

    • Say goodbye to your friends when moving with a necklace with possibly some engravings on it
    • A friendship will never-ever go out of fashion
    • Nice piece of matching earrings

    So, if your friend/s are into jewelry, and you have the budget, you can give them these and then enlist their help to move your things to storage units Sudbury, for example. Friendships are precious, but so is a helping hand!

    Early birthday gift

    If you are moving, chances are you won’t be around when their special day comes up. Why not give them a birthday gift in advance. You can make a game out of it too. Give special instructions, such as time limits. They are not to open the gift before the birthday, for example. This will keep you in minds long after you say goodbye to your friends when moving. Also, it is a good conversation starter for their birthday later and will make sure they still feel your presence in their life.

    Words that will stick with them

    There are two ways to say goodbye. First one is always a letter. It is an option for those seeking the longevity of the message and a certain amount of emotion a written word captures.

    say goodbye to your friends when moving on paper
    Say goodbye to your friends when moving with care for words, be it on paper or in person.

    When writing, just remember to write from the heart. Be honest and thoughtful. Try to explain what they mean to you and what they meant through various moments of your life. Don’t be afraid to mention the trials you passed together, the tough times. Make sure that they can always read it and know exactly how you feel about them. But when saying goodbye in person, it can be more difficult. That is – you should plan it ahead. Don’t stress too hard, however, and let it come from the heart.

    Smile and laugh when you say goodbye to your friends when moving

    The fact that you are moving to Ontario, for example, shouldn’t make your farewells a sad affair, necessary. You are friends, after all, you want to make each other happy and to have a laugh.

    This is exactly why, in the face of a rather sad event, have a laugh and have fun. Be in a good mood as much as possible. This is not to deny what is happening, but simply a method to use your remaining time as best as possible and leave good memories, even if it is of you leaving.

    Goodbye is for now, not forever

    Even when you are waiting for services such as local movers Ontario to arrive and take you to your new place, be mindful that this is no goodbye for forever. There are two reasons for it.

    friends sitting together
    Remember the good times, and know more are coming.

    Firstly, when you say goodbye to your friends when moving, you can never be sure if you will ever return, or will they move, etc. Life is unpredictable. Secondly, with social media, you are never really gone, and neither are they. Be sure to stay in contact and you will be just fine.

    Be honest when you say goodbye to your friends when moving

    Last and best advice we can provide is, to be honest. While friendships begin as two people having common interests, they stay alive through honesty. Not all of us live up to that honesty all the time, almost nobody does at some point. But, when attempting to say goodbye to your friends when moving, use it, to be honest. To show them just how much you mean to them. Don’t hold back your emotions, and be forgiving to any misgivings in the past. One day, perhaps, you will see each other again, and then you will always have that goodbye to remember as the time of true, deep honesty about feelings of friendship and closeness you felt, and hopefully still feel.