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    Can you avoid unwanted moving expenses?

    People change their addresses for various reasons. The main reason is usually a better job opportunity or marriage, while sometimes it’s the simple urge for a change and a fresh start. The relocation process tends to be complicated and overwhelming, but that is mainly because moving is not something we are used to. This is why getting professional assistance is a reasonable thing to do. If you are searching for a reliable and experienced crew, check out local moving companies Ontario. But relocation is by no means cheap. The cost of an average relocation starts from 1,000$, while the cost for a long-distance or interstate move can go over 4,000$. Therefore, relocating your whole life from one place to another requires some serious flexing of your financial muscle. So, what can you do to avoid unwanted moving expenses? Luckily for you, we have a few proven tricks that will help you save some of your precious money.

    Avoid unwanted moving expenses by doing your research

    So, your goal is to save a few dollars. But this doesn’t mean that you have to choose the cheapest possible moving company. When you spot a company that offers prices that are considerably lower than others on the market, think twice before using their services. This is one of the signs that you might be dealing with scammers or amateur moving companies. Some of the possible scenarios of picking an amateur moving company include:

    • Deceiving contracts. If the initial price is unusually low, hidden costs probably await around the corner.
    • Damage to your property. If the crew is inexperienced there is a higher chance of accidents happening. You don’t want your chandelier broken just because someone lacks appropriate equipment.
    • Possibility of theft. If you decide to hire unnamed movers, who can guarantee you that they are not scanning your property in order to come back later?

    Therefore, you must invest some time and educate yourself about the attributes of a reputable moving company. One of the ways to do that is to read the online reviews or to ask your close friends for recommendations.

    Picture of clothes
    Avoid unwanted moving expenses by doing something on your own. For example pack your clothes

    Try to do something on your own

    While we doubt you can pack and move heavy items like a fridge or couch on your own, we are 100% certain that you can pack your clothes without any assistance. Actually, you can do most of the packing by yourself. Most of the long distance moving companies Canada has on offer have packing services included. Check out if you can exclude the packing services from the deal and do it on your own. Visit your local DIY store and get some packing tools. To pack simple items like clothes, books, or small kitchen appliances you need: Cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, and a marker pen. Make a plan for packing and act accordingly. This is the best way to avoid forgetting anything. Label your boxes, especially ones with fragile items. You can even ask your friends to help you out. They will be more than happy to assist you and spend some quality time with you before you leave.

    Being flexible helps you to avoid moving expenses

    To minimize the cost of your move you need to get an early start. There are numerous advantages of a timely start. First of all, you will have enough time to call several agencies to give you a moving estimate (the projected cost of your move). You can then pick the most affordable option, or try to negotiate a lower price. Secondly, if you book your move in advance you will probably get some sort of a discount. Being flexible also means to be willing to move outside of the moving season. Moving quotes are typically lower in that time frame. You will save even more money if you move on working days or if you let your movers pick the date for you.

    Starting early is a great way to avoid unwanted moving expenses
    Be flexible and start on time to save some dollars

    Organize a day of decluttering

    The cost of every move is determined by the distance of the move and the number of stuff you plan to transport. Those are the two main factors. Moving extremely valuable items such as artwork, paintings or vintage furniture will also raise the price of the move but the aforementioned factors are the most important. By using that logic you can lower the price of your move if you choose to transport fewer items. It is just common sense. This is why we advise you to use a few days to clean your home and pick what items you plan on bringing to your new address. In this process, you can even earn some money by organizing a garage sale or going online to sell everything you don’t need. Consider donating everything you believe is unnecessary, there is a lot of people in need that could find a purpose for something you consider trash. Finally, visit your local dumpster and throw out everything that is unusable.

    Picture of a messy kitchen
    Get rid of unnecessary items to save on moving quotes

    Evaluate your insurance

    We advise you to get some sort of moving insurance because no matter how professional the moving company might be, accidents can still happen. Instead of scratching your head later, be smart and insure your belongings because you never know. One of the unwanted moving expenses is your belongings getting damaged or lost. However, invest some time to learn about the types of insurance available to you. Don’t just get the most expensive option and don’t buy something you don’t really need.

    So, there you go these were some of the proven methods that can help you to avoid unwanted moving expenses. Remember that good organization and in-depth research are the key factors that will ensure that your relocation goes smoothly and stress-free.