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    Canada guide for newcomers

    Thinking about moving to Ontario, Canada? Great! This can easily be one of the best decisions you have made in your life! Ontario offers a lot of opportunities on both personal and professional levels!  But, there are some steps you need to take to have a successful relocation to Canada. Luckily for you, we thought about this and wrote a simple guide you can follow. Hopefully, you will have a good idea on what to do after reading our Canada guide for newcomers!

    Canada guide for newcomers – before the move

    Now, certainly, there are some things you need to do before you move to Canada. First things first, you need to find a job you will do if your move is business-related. Secondly, if you are a college grad or just continuing your education here, finding a good moving company is a must. There are a bunch of relocation companies that can provide you with the move. You need to find proper movers before moving to Ontario! Only then can you be absolutely sure that your move will go without any problems and issues at all.

    Job application form as part of Canada guide for newcomers
    As a part of Canada guide for newcomers, you should find a good job before moving

    Finding the packing materials

    Once you find your relocators, it is time to focus on those packing materials you will use for your relocation. Do not waste any time thinking you can do it without any issues! Take your time when gathering the packing materials! There is no such thing as too many supplies. You will need them especially if you are packing a lot of fragile items.

    Stockpiled cardboard boxes
    Don’t forget to gather the packing materials before moving

    During the relocation period, a lot of things can go wrong. And sometimes, you can’t move every item you have. Renting a storage unit is a good solution when it comes to it! Every reliable storage moving company can offer you storage unit services. And it is a good idea to ask for other moving services Sudbury also! You may find perfect solutions to some of your moving problems!

    Papers you will need

    Now, moving to Ontario is not something simple as getting your bags and just moving. You have an immigration process you need to go through. What you need to do is go through all the official government procedures in order to have a safe and legal relocation to Canada. In order to do so, try to visit the official Canada immigration website and learn everything you need to know before moving to Canada!

    Person on a lap top
    Check the Canadian government website what papers you need to move there


    Housing in Canada

    Among other things you need to do before moving to Canada, finding a new place to live should be your top priority. And most of the times, expats and other newcomers can find it hard to find a new place! Especially an affordable one. In the following part, you will learn more about housing in Canada and the prices of renting. Here you will have an idea on how much the prices can warry when it comes to the housing market. One of the cheapest cities to live in currently is the city of Windsor. The monthly cost of renting a one bedroom places is 570$, while two-bedroom place costs 750$. That being said, you should also know that one of the most expensive cities in Canada in Vancouver.

    city of Vancouver
    The most expensive housing is in Vancouver

    When it comes to a good Canada guide for newcomers it is necessary to mention both moving and renting budget. In order to have a successful and affordable relocation to Canada, you need to find reliable movers! You can use the period before moving to find those movers. And the best way to do it is to know how to compare moving estimates. This will give you a good idea of how much money you will need for your relocation and how much you are left with for rent.

    Canadian weather

    Unlike popular opinion that Canada is a frozen land where temperatures don’t go above the freezing level, it is not true. There are actually four seasons in Canada! Although, they don’t last long! And furthermore, even the inhabited places of Canada face four different seasons. And you can see a lot of difference here. Temperatures can warry from freezing cold to the summer heat! It depends on the part of the country you are living in.

    So, before moving to Canada, you need to figure out what kind of clothes you will need. Not everything you have can be useful here. For instance, some of the clothes you bought in the warmer regions of your state can be pretty useless in any seasons in Canada. It is very important to get to know what clothes you will need in order to live in many parts of Canada. Some jackets you own might not do the trick in the freezing temperatures!

    Couple hugging in winter
    You will need proper clothes for Canadian winters

    But don’t let that harsh weather deter you from moving here. Canada is a lovely place filled with the most romantic and magical spots you can visit and enjoy! And you can meet a lot of new people, and perhaps, a significant other here. As well as knowing what kind of clothes you need for the weather, you should also know what cities in Canada are the best for singles!


    Canada guide for newcomers can be very extensive and hard to write. But we think the information we gave you should suffice in the upcoming period of moving preparation. Canada is a wonderful place with lots of both social and professional opportunities. And it would be a shame not to take those offers! We hope our article gave you an insight on moving to Canada! And after reading it you will have an idea on what to do! If you want to give us your feedback, please do so in the comment section!