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    Challenges for the first-time renters in Canada

    So, you are leaving your parent’s house and are on your way to a better place! Or maybe you just needed a lifestyle change and move from your hometown to Canada? Doesn’t matter the reason, you will be facing some challenges as the first-time renters in Canada. You will need to keep in mind a ton of stuff and be very careful when renting in Canda or anywhere else. To learn more, please continue reading our guide!

    Moving expenses and free time

    Maybe you are moving from one street to another, but if you are moving long-distance you should consider looking up some long distance movers CanadaThere are of course some moving expenses you should have in mind before moving. You will need a lot more free time than you think. This may even be a problem with people who are experienced in moving, let alone first-time movers. This is not an expense directly but, you may have to take some time off of your work to focus, prepare and actually move. That will cost you a bit.

    Your budget, security deposits, and utilities can be some of the challenges for first-time renters in Canada

    You probably had in mind for quite some time now that you are going to move, and it is very likely that you have already set your budget. If not, I suggest that you wait some time and gather more money because you will surely need it. Not counting the cost of actual moving, there is something you should have in mind. One of the challenges for first-time renters in Canada is paying 2 rents before your move and security deposits. A security deposit is usually as high as your rent and that money is something landlords use to cover some damage you may have caused while you lived there. It may be higher, depends on the landlord. If you do not make any damage to the place you are renting, you should be fine and the landlord is probably going to give you your money back. They can ask for two rents at the same time, your fist and last, but that may not be the case.

    High-line representing utilities as one of the challenges for the first-time renters in Canada
    Utilities can be one of the challenges for first-time renters in Canada

    If you are moving from someplace else to Canada, there are some international movers Canada you should consider to hire and let them take some burden off of your shoulders. As far as utilities go, some landlords do not have internet in their rentals, as they let the people renting it decide for themselves if they want it or not, and if they do, with which company they are going to go with. Places can go unrented for months, and landlords do not like paying utilities they are not required to.

    Rental agreements

    Rental agreement or a lease is a document made by your landlord and it defines some stuff you both should do and respect. It keeps both you and your landlord safe from possible fraud or mistreat. It is a legal document and you will suffer the consequence of you or your landlord break the rules of the agreement. Do not be afraid of it, because it is there to protect you and your interests. But read carefully. Prices can be very different whether you are living in the countryside or the city. There are some key aspects a rental lease usually always has, and to ease the challenges for first-time renters in Canada, we will list you some of the things you should pay attention if your lease has them:

    1. Yours and your landlord’s names
    2. The cost of renting per month
    3. The deposit for potential damage
    4. Due to pay rent
    5. Some conditions probably
    6. Any additional fees and charges
    A hand handing out the keys to a renter
    Always take care of rent first

    Keep in mind you are moving to a colder climate

    This will require making some changes in your routine. Find online some key stuff you need to know before your move to a colder climate. You should prepare some warm fuzzy clothing. Buy on sales so it is not pricey. Prepare your car, because not every car is built for every weather. Ask your mechanic or go to your official repair shop and ask around for possible changes you have to make to your car. If you can, move while it’s still warm, and if not, find some of your friends to help you so you all don’t freeze to death. Your old wardrobe and belongings you don’t need, you can donate to your local charity organization in Canada

    A man with the jacket on the road
    Have a jacket at your side since you are moving to a colder place

    Do not forget to study how the application process works

    One of the challenges for first-time renters in Canada is the application process itself. I admit it can be a bit confusing. You will need your social security number, a driver’s license if you’re a driver. A landlord will ask you for your bank statements and information about your status and income. Just to make sure you will pay rent on time. They will probably need proof of employment and/or a letter from your employer. A contact person for emergencies also is required! That should be someone who you will trust to take care of things while you are not around. Ask your parents or someone older than you and more experiences about how the application process works and let them help you along the way.

    Whether or not you are moving for the first-time you will always face some difficulties. You can make it easier for yourself by reading all the stuff you can find online! In order to face your challenges as first-time renters in Canada. Rely on your friends and family to be there to help and clarify some stuff.  Make sure you keep notes about all the important things you hear or pick up online. In case you do not forget anything important on your way to a new home.