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    Change of address checklist in Canada

    Moving is a demanding task for everybody. Not to mention that it is a very stressful period when you have a lot on your mind. Change of address checklist is one more thing that you will need during your relocation. It will help you stay organized and know all of the steps you need to take. Eager to find out more? We suggest you stick with us a little bit more. 

    What you have to do first

    When you are planning to move or at least you consider your relocation, there are a few things you need to do. The most important thing if you want to feel as stress-free as possible is to plan everything and make sure that you are not forgetting anything. Mostly, people make a checklist or a couple of them and this is a great way to be in control during a move.

    While you are planning your relocation, change of address checklist is one more thing you should not forget. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving by yourself or you will hire a moving company, you will need a change of address checklist.

    Mailbox an important for change of address checklist
    Change of address checklist can be long and it requires time, as well.

    Hiring movers is not an easy task if you are on a tight budget. Everybody wants the best service at the lowest price. This applies to other things besides a move. Make sure that you research every possible company in your town or neighborhood. While you are doing so, be sure that you have checked their references and customer reviews. If you are living in a larger city, you will surely have much more choice. In that case, you need experienced local movers Ontario, for example. When you hire experienced movers, you are making sure that moving will go smoothly and therefore stress-free for you.

    Make a change of address checklist

    There are a lot of things that you need to do before and after you move, and change of address is one of the important things. An easy way to make sure that you have notified everybody is to make a change of address checklist.

    When you move you have to notify many:

    • Friends and family
    • Canada Post
    • Phone, cable, and internet
    • CRA – Canada Revenue Agency
    • Your employer
    • Your bank
    • Canada Pension Plan
    • Driver’s license and other personal documents
    • Insurance company
    • Former renter

    Friends and family

    You will probably tell them your new address first. Of course, when you are moving your friends and family members are first to know and they will help you to move. Change of address checklist begins with them.

    Address book with a pencil
    You don’t have to notify everybody at once; do it gradually.

    Canada Post

    This is a good place to start with your change of address checklist. Besides your friends and family, of course. Make sure that you notify Post Office so your mail comes to the right address. Check if you can do this online, it depends on where you live. Canada Post has a few types of services regarding forwarding your mail. See which one suits you the best. It depends on your move and whether you have a temporary relocation or a permanent one. This only applies to mail, not the parcels and newspaper and flyers.

    If you have subscribed to some magazines or newspapers then you have to contact them directly and change address. So, make sure that they are also on your change of address checklist.

    CRA – Canada Revenue Agency

    CRA allows you to change online your address. This is for anyone who has an account there. In case you don’t have an account then you can register for free.

    Your employer or employment insurance

    Notify your employer just in case, even if you are getting your paycheck to the bank directly. It can be useful for both of you. They need to know so they can change tax forms or similar if needed.

    Your bank

    Change of address checklist also has to have a bank and credit company on the list. Maybe you will also have an option to do this online. Check with your bank what is exactly the procedure to do so.

    On your personal documents

    This includes your driver’s license, personal ID and passport as well.

    Canadian passport
    Change your travel and identity documents, before you need them.

    Insurance company

    If you have an insurance policy then make sure that you don’t forget to change address with your agent as well.

    Former renter

    If you are renting your home, you have to tell your landlord your new address. If you receive some mail or something else important, he or she will know where to send you or how to contact you, when you move out. Be sure to do this, even if you are moving locally.

    This is especially important if you are moving your business or your office. There is a lot of mail, information or documents that you could receive when you relocate. Maybe you could agree to leave new contact information for a while. This way your clients will know where to find you, once you change address.

    In case your move takes a while to finish and you cannot transport all of your furniture, think about storage units. Most towns have a variety of storages to offer. You can ask also your movers for a recommendation. Plan what type of storage unit you might need and consider storage units Sudbury.

    Leave enough time

    Because moving is stressful for everybody, leave yourself enough time to do everything without hurry. When you are in a rush to finish something, it is even more stressful and usually, you forget something.

    When you have to change an address in more places, check and see how long time you have to do this. Usually, you have enough time to finish everything gradually. You can even do research in advance before you move out. Then you will know exactly what do you need and who to inform about changing your address.

    Online addresses

    When you finish everything else from your change of address checklist, you can change your online addresses as well. This applies to online shops and stores that you like to buy from. If you have some places you usually shop and especially if they deliver to your address. If you change your address at once, you will save yourself the trouble of possibly forgetting to do so during your next shopping.