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    The characteristics of reliable international movers

    As far as moving goes, you can imagine how complex and challenging a task it represents. Find a new home, research professional moving and storage companies that can help you relocate, schedule a moving date, and get your affairs in order… The list is endless even when we are talking about a local relocation. Now imagine all that on an international scale. The sheer amount of obligations instantly goes up. And you need to consider how best to rid yourself of certain burdens. One of the greatest ones is for you to find reliable international movers. But in order to do so, you first need to learn what the characteristics of such movers are.

    Reliable international movers are only as good as their traits, you need to research what those are and then decide.
    Find out what are the traits and qualities of reliable international movers in order to choose the best ones.

    What should you expect from reliable international movers?

    What exactly are the key traits one should come to expect from a professional international moving company? Unlike your regular local movers, these should possess a certain combination of skills necessary to secure expert quick-step relocation for you, all the while keeping your belongings safe and in one piece when they reach the final destination. So, what might those traits be?

    Reliable international movers should be affordable before all else

    The fact of the matter is that international relocations cost…a lot. So it is in your best interest to find the best deal possible when you look to hire reputable movers. It’s a matter of getting the best deal without overpaying for the services rendered. Don’t misinterpret what it is I am saying here – the goal is not to find the cheapest company you can but the most affordable one.

    Make sure that you are hiring the most affordable reliable international movers.
    Reliable international movers should convey affordability due to the complexity of the relocation.

    Rather, focus on digging up several international moving and storage companies and doing a quick cross-comparison. Once you have that, it’ll prove much easier to get a general idea of what the difference is between cheap, affordable and expensive. Your budget plays a big role here as well, of course. So make sure to calculate how much you are willing to pay for the move before looking into potential reliable international movers.

    Professionalism is obligatory with international moving companies

    Unlike your local small relocation businesses, reliable international movers operate on a whole different scale. The simple fact that they deal in transportation of property from one country to another simply requires a dose of serious high-level professionalism. More precisely, it is a matter of:

    1. Services they offer. When it comes to services, it’s important to ensure that they are up to the task of international relocation. You need to check if they provide full-service packing and offer packing supplies. In addition to that, it’s important to ensure that the option of reliable storage is included in the package. And finally, you should confirm that they offer proper insurance.
    2. Movers they employ. When it comes to international moving crews, you don’t want them to be amateurs. Instead, make sure that the reliable international movers you are dealing with are all experienced in what they do. Otherwise, you risk your valuables getting damaged or missing during transportation.

    Reliable should also convey Reputable – make sure that the company is legit

    You will hardly find reliable international movers that no one has heard of before today. The fact of the matter is that before they started dealing in international moves, most of these companies were a local residential moving business. So it’s only normal that they should have an established image and status within the moving industry.

    What you need to do on your end is make sure that they are legitimate movers. The best ways to do so would be:

    • Check their official website and what they offer.
    • Consult reviews and feedback provided from past clients.
    • Verify their certificates and credentials with proper moving industry organizations.

    How to secure the services of reliable international movers

    If you are looking to find and hire an international moving company, there are certain steps you should take. So here are some simple yet effective guidelines that can help you make the right choice:

    Get at least three separate estimates from movers in your area.

    The more information you have, the easier it is to locate the best deal among them. So if you have more estimates from different movers, you are able to compare:

    • Moving quotes
    • Services offered
    • Availability in regards to date

    Price is always important; however it is far from the only factor that matters. For instance, packing materials may vary. Some movers offer specialized fine arts and antiques moving services, piano moving services, insurance and so on. You need to also take into account the experience and reviews of former customers to get a clear image of what reliable international movers look like. The important thing at the end of the day is to choose the company that best fits your budget and service requirements.

    Make sure you apply a detailed comparison of reliable international movers

    When you compare estimates from different international movers, ensure that there are no hidden fees waiting to ambush you later on. It’s not that uncommon for lower quotes to turn out more expensive at the end of the relocation. So here are some questions you might want to ask:

    • Is the shipment method the same?
    • Are your personal items being moved in their own container, or are they consolidated with other peoples’?
    • Have terminal and port handling charges been included?
    • Is packing / unpacking included?
    • Have they accounted for accessibility?
    • Is customs clearance included?
    • What time frame is quoted?

    Are they a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FIDI FAIM)?

    FIDI is the main association for the verification of international movers worldwide.  To be a FIDI Accredited International Mover, the moving company has to go through certain trials. Anyone claiming the status of reliable international movers has very strict requirements that they need to comply with. Certain protection measures and insurance should be implemented in order to protect the customer.

    Who will be providing the service at the other end?

    Ensure that your reliable international movers are the ones handling the actual relocation from top to bottom.
    Large companies hire contractors to finish some of the work for them – make sure who will be handling your relocation from start to end.

    There is a difference between the moving crew that will handle the relocation on your end the one that will finish it at the final destination. So the representative that makes the house call to provide you with a live estimate might be quite pleasant and positive. However, make sure to ask him who will handle the other part of the relocation if their crews don’t operate outside of the country.

    Get useful and solid recommendations

    Family, friend and co-workers that recently used international moving services are a good source of information. Inquire whether they have any advice to provide you with, or any leads in terms of reliable international movers. It’ll widen your choice and provide you with more detailed testimonials that you can later confirm with other users as well.

    Additional services and offers

    Consider if there are any extra services you might expect from a moving company. These would be services such as:

    Ensure that your reliable international movers can take your pet with you.
    You never know when you might need pet international relocation services.


    • Unpacking
    • Pet transportation
    • House cleaning and handyman work
    • Currency transfer
    • Immigration assistance etc.

    Get everything in writing

    International moving is serious business, and you should not underestimate the potential risks it bears. So make sure that you have all the terms and conditions of the relocation worked out and signed for in the form of a binding contract.

    Pay close attention to the prices stated and any potential small prints about hidden expenses that might return to knock you on the head later. All services and costs should be clearly illustrated. Don’t risk unexpected charges or surprises on your moving day.