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    Clever ways to get your friends to help you move

    A friend in need is a friend indeed and a friend who helps you move is just that. However, even our closest friends can find excuses to avoid providing help during a relocation. They’re only human, and no one like to carry heavy boxes all day. So, well give you some creative ways you can use to get your friends to help you move.

    Ask them

    Sounds pretty obvious, and it is. The best way to get your friends to assist in your relocation is to be straightforward. Aks your friends, honestly, to help you relocate. Give them your moving date and tell them to notify you at least a week in advance if they’ll not show. Before asking your friends to help you relocate you should consult local movers Ontario if it’s safe. Some moving tasks are dangerous and only professionals should perform them. Make sure you talk to your doctor as well.

    Know when to ask

    If you want to get your friends to help you move you’ll need to know when to ask. Asking your mates for help after you’ve bought them a round of drinks will have better results than asking them on Monday morning. In addition to this, you should also consider asking your friends to help at least a week in advance. Give them enough time to get ready. Some of them might work hard jobs and they’ll need to rest before they can help you.

    As you can see, knowing when to ask your friends is very important. However, knowing when not to ask them is equally crucial. There are some moving jobs that you and your mates can’t handle. For example, if you’re moving out of the country, we suggest you hire international moving services in Canada. With such a serious relocation you can only count on the pros to successfully move your household. In addition to thins, you probably shouldn’t call your friends to move your home vault. Heavy items such as these can be very dangerous to move without the right skills and equipment.

    A huge home vault.
    If you need to move heavy and bulky items, you shouldn’t ask your friends but professional movers.

    Bribe them

    If you want to grease the wheels on your moving day a bit, you can offer your friends some comfort while they’re helping you move. We don’t suggest you pay them in order to get your friends to help you move, but some refreshments would be nice. Buy them a pizza and a few beers to make the whole tedious process moving a little better. Pizza always makes everything better. Also, you can offer them your work that you’ll help them when they need it next.

    Buying a pizza and a couple of beers can get your friends to help you move.
    No one can say no to pizza!

    Trick them

    Tricking your friends to get them to assist in your relocation is not nice. We don’t suggest it since we think that honesty is the best policy. However, if you decide on this course of action, know that it can backfire. Betraying your friends’ trusts by asking them to come to your house for some other reason in order to get your friends to help you move can cause a serious breach of trust in your friendship. Not only will it be harder for you to relocate but you could also lose friends. So, if you don’t want to risk this, the best moving companies Ontario can help you! You can count on the pros when your friends can’t or won’t help you. No need to trick anyone.

    Be safe when you get your friends to help you move

    Once you get your friends to help you move the job is not done! You’ll need t make sure your move is successful and that you and your friends make it in one piece. This means a lot of safety measures!

    • Lift properly – with your legs, not your back. Don’t play strong, too. If something is bulky or heavy you should ask for help. Remember, you’ll need to move stuff around all day – no use in getting tired right away.
    • First aid kit – always keep a kit handy on your moving day.
    • Prepare for rough conditions – when you get your friends to help you move, you’ll need to prepare well! If you’re moving in the winter, make sure that you shovel your driveway. Also, care for any slippery surfaces whatever season you’re relocating in.

    Packing for a move can be a dangerous job if you don’t use the proper protection. Making sure you’re protected from injury is the number one priority. This doesn’t only mean slipping or dropping something on your toes, either. When you’re moving you’ll be picking up a lot of dust and moving around a lot of old items. Make sure you don’t inhale any fumes you shouldn’t inhale. Getting chemical poisoning from an old can of paint is a risk when packing your garage.

    A person wearing protective gear.
    Wear protective gear when you’re packing your things.

    Ask them to do what they can

    You can get your friends to help you move by asking them to do some smaller tasks related to your relocation. They can help sort your things or clean up after the move. As long as they don’t have to do anything dangerous or hard, they should be happy to help. Another thing they can take of for you is babysitting. You can leave your children with your friends while you finish all your moving related tasks. So, don’t burden your friends too much with your relocation. Remember, you can ask them but don’t try to force anyone to do anything. Bringing a reluctant and deconcentrated friend on moving day can actually prolong the moving process.