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    Common moving quote influencers – what are they?

    We’d all like to lower the cost of our move. Unfortunately, it’s hard to decide how to reduce it. Well, if you check out our guide on moving quote influencers, you’ll know what to do to reduce the cost of your relocation. So, before you consult top movers Ontario, you should learn about moving quotes and how to reduce them!

    What is a moving quote?

    A moving quote is an estimate of all the expenses the moving company will charge you for a relocation. You can receive it on paper or via e-mail, but it’s important you have it in written form. On this quote, you’ll be able to see where every cent of your moving budget will go. It should provide you with a number of estimated hours and people required, travel costs and any additional services. What’s important to know is that a moving quote is not the final moving cost, but the closest estimate. However, by lowering the moving quote we can lower our moving costs.

    Considering all your moving quote influencers when making an estimate.
    Calculating a moving quote will give an idea about moving costs.

    Big influencers

    To understand how to make your relocation cost less, you’ll first need to know how the movers charge it. There are a lot of things which can change your moving cost estimate, but only some of them can swing it in a big way. If we save on those, you can make your relocation cheaper by a lot.

    The distance and weight

    How far are you moving your home and how much things are you carrying? The farther the move and the heavier your things, the higher the price. These are the most important moving quote influencers. Unfortunately, these are the things you can’t have a big impact on. Oh, you can decide how much of our things we’re taking with us. However, if you’re moving for work, you won’t have much say on the distance of your relocation. Besides, sooner or later, you’ll need to relocate the rest of your things. Another way to solve this issue is to always travel light.

    A lot of things which will increase the moving quote.
    Moving all of this would prove expensive and unnecessary.

    Time and date

    Since you can’t always affect the distance and the weight of your move, you might want to focus your attention on other factors. The time and date of the move are also powerful moving quote influencers. Timing your relocation well can save you a lot of money! Since the most popular season for relocation is the summer, the moving prices will be higher at this time. Choosing to move outside of the season will mean the movers will have more time and you could get the best residential movers in Ontario. Also, the moving costs will drop. Apart from this, it’s a higher chance that your perfect moving date will be available.

    Number of people

    We’re talking about the number of workers the company needs to safely relocate your home. The more workers there are, the higher the estimate will be. Also, the hours they’ll need to relocate your home will be in the quote as well. Requesting fewer workers to reduce your moving costs is not recommended. However, if you want to do this, you’ll need to provide help. Whether it’s yourself and your friends or your gym buddies, you’ll still need to help the movers if you want to finish on time and avoid spending more money on overtime. You’ll need to watch yourself if you’re helping. Don’t get injured by learning the proper lifting technique.

    Small moving quote influencers

    Not all things can greatly reduce your moving costs. However, even though these factors don’t affect the price as much the big estimate influencers they shouldn’t be disregarded. Even the small extra cost can become huge if it happens often enough. So, pay attention to how you go around these factors, and you may save up a pretty penny.

    Special considerations

    Specific jobs aren’t part of a regular move. If the movers require special equipment, effort or a lot of time to do them, they’ll probably charge you extra.

    • long carry – meaning that the movers will need to carry an item for long periods of time. If you have a piece of lawn where a dolly can’t go, this may cost you a lot. So, to avoid this influencing your moving estimate, make sure you provide an alternative route to the moving truck.
    • stairs – one of the worst moving quote influencers! Stairs can greatly increase your moving costs. However, fixing this problem is easy. Just move all your furniture to the bottom floor of your home before you call the movers. It will remove the additional stair charges from the game! If you have some item particularly difficult to move, you can leave it to the pros.
    • large items – moving companies charge relocating items which are heavy and bulky extra. It only makes sense – they require more work! So, it’s best to leave your piano to be moved by the movers, instead of trying to budge it yourself.

    Additional protection

    Providing extra protection for your items will also influence your moving quote. If you decide to get extra protection from the moving company, they’ll include it in the estimate. Don’t be shy to protect your items with extra blankets or cardboard. Apart from this, you might consider putting your things in storage to protect them.

    Storing your things is one of the moving quote influencers
    Put your items in storage if you need to protect them for a longer period of time.

    If you don’t have enough space in your new home, but can’t part with your items yet, you can put them in the top storage units Sudbury. Only the best will be able to provide protection for your things until you can come back for them. Finally, the last of the moving quote influencers you need to watch out for is insurance. It can increase your moving cost a lot if you decide to get your insurance. But if you don’t, the cost may be even more.