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    Create additional storage space in your home

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just do not have enough room for everything you own. If you are tripping over stuff in your home, maybe it is time to get a storage unit. But wait! You actually do not have a budget big enough to sustain a storage unit. That is when you have to start thinking of alternative solutions. One of these solutions is creating additional storage space in your home. This can easily be done, you just have to pay attention to this article that will cover everything you need to know about the matter. So, if your basement is a living space, maybe it is time to revert it back to its default settings! Without any further ado. let’s dive in!

    Additional storage space in your home – how to make it?

    One thing you may find difficult after moving to Ontario, especially if you moved from a bigger home to a smaller one, is making space for all of your belongings. There are several ways to do so, and if you want to do it properly, do read this article carefully. Let’s see what you can do!

    Proper organization

    This is an important step in creating additional storage space in your home. In order to be efficient, you need to be properly organized. Proper organization is vital to everything in life and that applies to moving as well. The best way to be properly organized is to create a checklist. You need to list all the things you want to do and also the order you want to do them in. Firstly, you need to know what to unpack first.

    Afterward, you need to take measurements of your home and your stuff. If you want something moved, getting the measurements will help you decide where you want to put it. In addition, you can also get rid of some items. Another good idea when decluttering your home is to use vertical space as well. Furthermore, you can get certain items that help you store your items in a much more space-efficient way.

    Taking measurements of your items

    When thinking about decluttering your home, you need to know where to put all of your excess stuff. This is why you need to measure everything. Measuring will help you decide where you want to place your item. There is a big possibility that a box or a container may not fit the place you wanted to put it. This will make your job a lot harder and much more frustrating. So, measure everything beforehand and visualize where you want to put it.

    Getting rid of extra stuff

    This is another option when you want to create additional space in your home. There are three ways you can go about this and we will now go into detail about them.

    • Having a garage sale

    Since you do not have a budget big enough to rent one of the storage units Ontario, having a garage sale may be the best way to get rid of extra stuff. This is because you are decluttering your home, and earning money as well! It is a win-win situation! However, there are some things you need to consider before organizing a garage sale. The first thing is picking the items you want to sell. You have to be ruthless while doing so. You cannot let items that you are not using, but hold sentimental value to you, to be a hindrance.

    garage sale
    A garage sale is a great way to create additional storage space

    Advertising your sale

    Furthermore, you need to know how to advertise the sale. A great way to do so is by printing posters and flyers. You can give your kids the flyers and they can spread them around the neighborhood, while you are stapling the posters on notice boards around your neighborhood. Another great way to advertise your sale is by creating an event on social media such as Facebook. This option is great because you can reach so many people. Imagine friends of your friends all coming to visit your garage sale. You will be astonished by the number of people flocking to your sale! 


    However, there is one hard part. And that is pricing. You need to price your items accordingly. Do not go around putting high prices on everything. That is a sure way not to sell anything. So what you should do is put prices a tad bit higher than what you would normally get those items at a flea market. In addition, you need to be ready to haggle. Someone may want to buy something that holds sentimental value to you, and therefore you set a higher price for it. They certainly do not have the same feeling in regards to that item, so it is better to lower the price and sell it.

    You need to haggle, just like at the market

    Selling the items online and donating

    This is a great way to get rid of stuff you did not manage to sell during your garage sale. By putting your items online, you will have a much bigger audience and a much higher chance of selling them. If you do not want to bother with that, you can always donate the items to your friends or family. If nobody needs the stuff, donate it to charity.

    Wall hangers

    Wall hangers are a great way to store your jackets and free up space in your closet. This is what we meant when we mentioned going vertically. You need to use your walls. Creating additional space in your closets will allow you to put boxes and containers inside, and even stack them. So, a lot of storage space created just by getting a coat hanger.

    wall hanger is a great way to create additional storage space in your home
    Getting a wall hanger will create space in your cupboard

    In addition to this, you can get one of those door-hanging things with pockets. These can be used for putting your keys, your gloves, letters and any other thing that would end up on a cupboard next to the front door. A great solution to the cupboard problem.

    With all that said, good luck with creating additional space in your home!