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    Decluttering tips for hoarders

    Like it or not, most of us are actually hoarders! Let’s get something straight first. We are not talking about mental hoarding disorder here, that’s something else. We are talking about people who like to store most of their stuff with an excuse “just in case” or “maybe I’ll use it later”. In real life, we actually don’t use any of things like that, and they are just piling up in the storage room, garage, backyard or anywhere else in our home. Therefore, today we will talk about decluttering tips for hoarders!

    Decluttering tips for hoarders to try

    First of all, you probably already know that collecting unnecessary items can give us a lot of stress. Cleaning can be very difficult, unnecessary items gather a lot of dust which can cause allergies, etc. So, before we start, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to throw away all of your items. Moving and storage Ontario is one of the good solutions, you can store your belongings and keep them safe but still declutter your home at the same time! And now, let’s start with decluttering tips for hoarders and how to do it right!

    Best ways to get started! Piles are high and corners stuffed!

    The most difficult thing is to start! So, in order to do it properly, these are three decluttering tips for hoarders:

    • You should reduce clutter one day at a time!

    Things like this can’t be done and be over within just one day! You already know that you have piled up a lot of stuff you most likely won’t use ever again. So, the first thing you should do is to try and give away one item every day. Give yourself some time, you can do it.

    • One Section at the time

    Again, give yourself some time. Start with one particular area first, for example, closet in your storage room filled with things that you probably won’t use anymore. Do not go around and check every place immediately because that can be overwhelming.

    Decluttering tips for hoarders! Make some money, yard or garage sale is a good option!
    Decluttering can also bring you some money! Make a yard or garage sale and sell some of the items you are not using anymore!
    • Make some Money!

    You probably have some larger items that you can sell and make some money. So, you can make a yard or garage sale, offer some of the items to your neighbors, family, friends or coworkers. See, decluttering tips for hoarders can bring you some money too!

    Tips and Tricks for Decluttering for Hoarders

    As we see here, the trick and key are to do everything one day at the time, one section at the time and to make some money. We will give you some tips and tricks on how to do this properly. However, those tips might not work for all of you but some might find them very useful! So, let’s start!

    • “Memory” clutter items and why do you want to keep them
    • Give away
    • Re-gift
    • Surface Cleaning
    • Get rid of paper
    • Charity!

    “Memory” Clutter items and why do you want to keep them

    These kinds of items we keep because it keeps a memory. It is a memory of a moment or a person. However, in some cases, it is worth to keep items like this but in other cases, it is not. You should figure out whether you want to keep it or not. However, you can always get some moving boxes Sudbury and place items like this into the storage unit.

    Decluttering tips for hoarders – Give away

    Making money while you are decluttering your home is a good thing. But also, giving away some items can make you feel good, reconnect with some people and also help those people, because they might use the items you don’t need anymore and appreciate it! Decluttering is a good option if you are planning the new home layout!


    There are probably a lot of items you possess that you got for your birthday or any other occasion but you’ve never used any of that stuff. Instead of throwing away perfectly good items, you should re-gift it, of course, not to the same person! Still, you might make someone happy!

    Three gifts.
    Re-gift some of the nice and unused items! Just pay attention not to gift those to the same person!

    Surface Cleaning

    Go around the house and try to clean all of your surface places! This might be challenging for hoarders but it is something that has to be done. Try to clean and get rid of items but also, you are allowed to keep three or four items per surface. If you do this, you will figure out which items are more important and you want to keep and what kind of items you can easily get rid of. In addition, check on spring cleaning guidelines for homeowners!

    Get rid of Paper!

    Paper is very heavy and it can take a lot of space. If you are one of the people who is gathering newspapers and magazine for years, you have probably pilled up a decent amount of it so far. Therefore, as soon as you can, gather up all the paper that you have and throw it away! This is actually something you should do first because, most likely, you won’t read a magazine that is 5 or more years old!

    Decluttering tips for hoarders – Charity!

    If you have a lot of beauty samples, some new bras that you’ve never used or cute and fancy clothes, you should give them to charity! Items like this are not for the yard or garage sale. On the other hand, homeless shelters, women shelters or teen programs are the best choices to donate stuff like these! If you give a lot of items to the charity and get rid of some items too, you can prepare your home for remodeling easier!

    Mothers and children at some charity event.
    Give some of your items to the charity! Places like women or homeless shelters or teen programs always accept donations with opened arms.

    Things you can get rid of immediately

    If you have been piling up items for years you should know that there will be a lot of items you or anyone else won’t need at all. You should start with these kinds of items and get rid of those as soon as you can. Items you should get rid of immediately are:

    • Costumes
    • Formal Wear
    • Old Electronics
    • Appliance Manuals
    • Picture Frames
    • Craft Supplies
    • Expired Make-up
    • Old Holiday Cards etc.

    These were decluttering tips for hoarders! If you recognize yourself here, start decluttering immediately! You will feel better with a lot of space around you! Also, your cleaning days will become peace of cake! Good luck with your decluttering and have a happy life!