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    Downsides of friends relocating you

    What are the downsides of friends relocating you? Moving is a trying time for most people in most situations and that comes as no surprise. At least when you think about it. Leaving your home behind, especially if it’s your first is definitely something that you will remember for a long time. Even if you are moving to a nicer place with some reliable movers and the motive behind relocation is a good one, it is hard not to get emotional. Thinking about all the things that happened to you in that house or an apartment is not an easy thing to go through. Your friends and family are supposed to be there for you in such times to actively help you deal with it. On top of those emotional obstacles, there are those more practical ones.

    Friends arguing - There are many downsides of friends relocating you
    Moving can be stressful and it is not uncommon for people to argue during them

    Organizing something as complex as a move is really a challenge on its own. There are a lot of things that you have to think about and get in check that it can get overwhelming at times. For instance, hiring a reliable moving company is one of the best things that you can do, but it can also be tricky, finding a good moving company. Then you have to settle on a moving date and then plan everything around it. If something happens and the schedule gets mixed up, the whole move can turn into a nightmare. That is why planning and organizing the move properly is so important. Having your friends help you may be beneficial in some cases, but there are definitely downsides of friends relocating you. Before you is our list of those disadvantages.

    The biggest of downsides of friends relocating you – They are not pros

    Well, unless they are pros. But if they are professional movers, what are you even doing here? Finding and hiring a reliable group of movers such as local movers Sudbury is almost always a smart move. Some people tend to disregard the importance and impact that movers can have on a move. Yes, sometimes people have bad experiences with them. But people have bad experiences in every single area of their lives. It is very rarely about a certain group as a whole, but rather about specific individuals. In this case, yes, there are some bad moving companies. But that is why you can check them on the internet to see their reviews. That is why you can talk to your acquaintances and ask them for recommendations. You need good movers by your side.

    black floor lamp on living room sofa
    Professional movers are called that way for a reason

    This is something that you do not want to learn the hard way, because it can be really hard. One of the main downsides of friends relocating you is that they most likely do not have moving experience. Movers, on the other hand, do that for a living. Moving companies offer a whole variety of options nowadays. For instance, you can buy packaging supplies Sudbury movers offer and pack with them. They are convenient because they make a move easier, which is, of course, their purpose. So, when you hire a moving company that is a reliable one, you can then rest assured that they will handle your things properly. This is so because they have the experience to support their capabilities. 

    People can get hurt

    The reason why the experience matters so much is that it helps those who have it to anticipate different problems and obstacles and act preemptively to stop them from even happening. Having friends is always a nice thing. They are there for you when things are nice, but also when things are hard. However, despite all their good intentions, not all of them are capable of moving your furniture down a flight of stairs. They can end up getting hurt actually. During a move, getting hurt is a lot more likely than during your average day. So, isn’t it easier to simply pay the movers to risk an injury as they know how to avoid those in the first place?

    Your things may end up breaking

    Another of the downsides of friends relocating you that comes from the lack of experience is the fact that they are more likely to damage or misplace your belongings. Sure, having them come over and assist you can be fun. You can spend more time with them this way as they assist you in packing and moving. However, packing properly your things is really important, especially if you are not making a local move. You can thus hire a moving company that offers packing services too. They can pack your belongings in such avoid that will practically nullify any potential damage. Furthermore, they will know how to handle carrying your items in a more safe manner (for your belongings, as well as for themselves).

    You kind of lose out on the time to say goodbye

    While, yes, you may be spending perhaps some more time with them if they are helping you move, is it going to be quality time? Of course, having your friends come over is always a chance for some nice friendly banter. It may also end up being more fun and more effective than if you did actually hire movers and then went on a dinner with your friends. However, chances are not favorable in that regard, and that is a fact. Furthermore, isn’t it an overall nicer and more preferable experience to have pros handling your belongings?

    silhouette of two men near seashore about to high five during sunset
    Instead of having them help you pack, wouldn’t it be nicer to go for dinner?

    And then, once you give them instructions, you can do other important things, like, for instance, going on a nice dinner with your friendsThere are many potential downsides of friends relocating you, and this may actually be the worst one. Especially if you are moving to another city or another country. In such a situation, it is by far a much easier and more relaxing choice to spend quality time with your friends, rather than have them come to work during your last days in your old home.