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    Downsides of using second-hand boxes

    If you are moving and thinking that using second-hand boxes will save you some money, you’re not wrong. It will certainly save you a few bucks. Still, the real question here is – is it worth it? Will these type of boxes keep your things safe during the transport? Or you will have to spend money on replacing things that got broken because you have used the second-hand boxes? Before you ask your friend to give you the cardboard boxes that he doesn’t use, think about the downsides of using second-hand boxes for your relocation.

    Old boxes are usually dirty and dusty

    When the boxes were previously used for shipping items or for relocation, they will probably be dirty or dusty. Cardboard boxes that were on the transport will subtract the dust and the dirt of the moving truck, of the ground where they were put, or from the objects that weren’t properly packed. They can also have a bad odor or oil stains that can ruin your belongings.
    You can never clean the second-hand boxes and return them into the fresh, new state.

    Sure, you can put some packing paper or protective packing material in them, but those also cost money. If you need additional packing supplies to make second-hand boxes cleaner, that can be much more expensive than buying the brand new boxes. It may pay off, in the long run, to invest in some quality, yet cheap moving boxes Sudbury that you will be using for the first time.
    New boxes come with many advantages, and being clean is just one of their perks.

    Second-hand boxes are dirty.
    You never know what the old boxes were used for.

    Using second-hand boxes is unsanitary

    Even if the second-hand boxes look clean, it doesn’t mean that they are sanitary. Especially if they were used for transporting clothes, kitchen clothes, linings, carpets, towels or blankets. The pesky organisms that can’t be seen by the naked eye live in those items and can find the new home in the boxes that they were transported in. You’ll never know if some bedbugs, moths, carpet beetles or germs and bacteria are living in the second-hand boxes because they are microscopic size. Since you can’t see them, you can infect your items by putting them in the old boxes. Starting a new life in your new home with the bug or germs infestation is not a very good beginning.

    Second-hand boxes are very unsanitary.
    A lot of nasty things can creep in the old cardboard boxes.

    Old boxes aren’t sturdy as they should be

    During the time and repetitive usage, even the toughest cardboard boxes lose their sturdiness. The boxes that went through at least one moving process or shipping, are even more fragile. Especially if they were handled unproperly, tossed around or bounced during the transportation.
    Using the second-hand boxes for your relocation comes with the high risk to the safety of your things. Since they are old, they are more prone to ripping and breaking during the move. You will have to be very careful not to overpack them. One additional item can make the old box to rip and endanger the safety of your stuff.

    When the bottom of the box rip, your stuff can end up all over your house or driveway. Even if nothing brakes, it will still cost you some time to pack them all over again.
    If you don’t want to use new boxes, make sure at least to do your best to make the second-hand boxes sturdier. You will accomplish that by taping them with packing tape. In lot and lot of layers. The more layers you put, the less chance will be for a box to rip. Still, using the new boxes will eliminate that risk altogether. Using new boxes is especially important when you have highly fragile items. If you are preparing fine china for the relocation, never use the second-hand boxes!

    Second-hand boxes aren't sturdy enough.
    Second-hand boxes aren’t very safe since they lose their sturdiness in time.

    You can’t pick the size of the boxes

    When you are relocating, you will need plenty of boxes of various sizes. The small, the medium, the really big ones. All the sizes will come in handy for certain household objects. Still, when you are using second-hand boxes, you won’t have the luxury of picking the box sizes.

    That can lead to two possible scenarios:

    • You will end up with too many small boxes – Having many small boxes maybe seems convenient. They will be lighter and easier to carry. While that is true, just calculate how much time you will spend going back in forward from your home to the moving truck? If you are using the help of the movers that you’re paying per hour, they will need much more time to pack plenty of small boxes, that several big ones. Also, what about the objects that can’t fit into the small second-hand boxes? You will have to place them directly into the moving vehicle without the protection that the cardboard box of the right size will provide it.
    • The boxes may be too heavy On the contrary, if you only find big old boxes, that can cause to overpacking them. Not only there will be the risk of ripping the box’s bottom, but it will also present a huge risk to your health. Even if you use all the tips for loading moving truck properly, very heavy boxes can be too much for you. Lifting more than you can carry can cause serious problems to your back. The ones that can haunt you to the rest of your life. Are you really willing to take that risk just so you will save literality a few bucks on buying new moving boxes?

    Finding second-hand boxes

    When you’re buying new moving boxes, you just have to go to the store and pick them. If you contact some local movers in Ontario, they will be happy to advise you where you’ll find the most qualified and yet affordable moving boxes. By one phone call and a trip to the right store, you can purchase all the boxes that you need.

    Still, when you’re keen on using second-hand boxes, you will have to search for them. You will have to make many phone calls and bother your friends and family by asking them if they have some cardboard boxes that they don’t need. You will have to check the local grocery and liqueur stores and ask for the cardboard boxes.
    It will take some time and a lot of effort to find old boxes. In the end, they can be smelly, dirty, unsanitary and worn down. In order to save some time, it’s best to opt out for the fresh, new boxes that will surely keep your items safe from damages.