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    Eastern or Western Canada – what to choose?

    Eastern or Western Canada – what to choose? Answering this question may not be as easy as it seems, however, we are here to provide you with a quality answer. When it comes to choosing the country that has a claim on the title of the most beautiful country in the world, Canada is easily one of the top contenders. When it comes to finding a place where you could move internationally in order to live surrounded by nice people, Canada is again at the very top. There are many things that make it so special. As it is a large country, there, of course, some differences between the different parts of the country, most importantly between Eastern and Western Canada. We are here to help you analyze those differences.

    Eastern or Western Canada – Where are the borders?

    When talking about Eastern Canada, people generally refer to provinces to the east of Manitoba. So, every part of the country that reaches the Atlantic Ocean is in the East. Quebec is one of the biggest of all eastern parts of Canada and is for some synonymous with it. Newfoundland, Labrador, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick are all in the east of Canada. As for Western Canada, the provinces that it includes are Alberta, British Comuliba, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The easiest way to memorize the borders is to think of Manitoba as the middle of Canada. Everything east of it is Eastern Canada, and everything to the west, including Manitoba, is Western Canada.

    Whether we are talking about Eastern of Western Canada, nature is amazing
    Every area of Canada is astonishingly beautiful

    Geographical characteristics

    Some countries are more compact and some less. This is really important as it influences the ability of the country to protect itself and to generally function properly. Italy, for instance, is not as compact as it stretches from north to the south is noticeably “longer” than “wider”. On the other hand, Canada is, in general, quite a homogenous country. Its form is, of course, not at all completely the same from all sides. However, it has a steady East to West alignment as well as from North to South. The Atlantic coast, the lakes of Ontario and many other features give Eastern Canada a lot of variety. As for Western Canada, there are  ‘The Prairies’ and the ‘West Coast’ towards the Pacific.

    The Canadian Rockies are also a really important toponym on the west. What each time of year does to do country is also an interesting factor to compare. The East is generally attractive all year long, even though it can get really cold during the winter. During the summer, visitors can be really numerous, and moving companies Ontario offers can be pretty busy. However, perhaps a bit surprisingly, during the fall is when Eastern Canada is really the most attractive due to all the colors that nature takes. As for West Canada, summer is perfect for hiking but go there from December to March if you want to ski. 

    What does history say?

    Long-distance movers Canada always have their hands full, as each art of Canada has a lot to offer. History of Canada, which is a long and interesting one, is one of the main reasons for this. Regarding Western civilization, Canada officially comes into play during the end of the 15th century when John Cabot discovered it in 1497. However, recent evidence definitely proves that it has been settled, though not that successfully by the Vikings in the early Medieval Age. France and Britan had played a major role in regards to shaping Canada into what it is today. The power of it has changed hands between the two powers several times in the past. It is no wonder then that the state has two official languages – English and French.

    aerial photo of city during golden hour
    Concerning the historical circumstances of settling Canada, architecture styles vary throughout the country

    When talking about the “Eastern or Western Canada” division, history plays a really important role. It is a logical thing to conclude that the East has had the greatest mixture of influences due to being the playground for various skirmishes and political games for the major European powers. This has led to the East easily being the more varied mixture of everything between the two. The French had settled there first, and then the English came and thus, that area is full of descendants from those first settlers. However, the western part of Canada was settled in later years. This is why though French and English are equally important, French is more dominant in the east, and English in the west.

    Culturally speaking, which is better – Eastern or Western Canada?

    This is something that sounds like a logical question, but it is important to be aware of the fact that, though there are some distinct differences between the two parts of the country, we are talking about one and the same people. Russia, for instance, as the largest country in the world and quite an old one also, has a really varied population as it spans for thousands of miles from east to west. On the other hand, Canada though a large country as stated earlier is a really compact country. That is why Canadians are generally quite similar, no matter the region.

    Toronto Stage with lights
    Whether you choose Eastern or Western Canada, the countryside or the city, you will find a place for yourself

    However, the division does exact, which is completely normal. The eastern part of Canada shares a lot in regards to vocabulary and some local customs to Britain and France, while the west is different in regards to that. The main difference is in the accent between the two areas as well as in the vocabulary and the dominant language. People in the west use English a lot more than French. They are also culturally a bit more conservative than the Canadians from the east of the country.

    Extra: Pro tip

    If you are thinking about moving to either Eastern or Western Canada, hiring a good moving company is something you should definitely do. Good movers are a guarantee of a successful move. If you just want to visit Canada, then you should visit as much of it as possible!