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    Eco-friendly moving guidelines

    The biggest challenge of every move is the number of things on your mind. It can get overwhelming at times. This is why any additional activities you try to sport might become dreadful. One such activity can be trying to organize eco-friendly moving. I was never big on the subject, but my wife sure as heck is. Big time. Since it was already stressful as it is, additional elements made it even more tiresome. However, I really wanted to meet her wish so I went ahead and did some research.

    This article is meant to save you a bunch of time and nerves in the process. The point in time when I was doing this – there was not much reading on the subject. Plus, the internet was not as available as it is today. Some of them were my inventions. Other, ideas I stole from other people. All for one goal – make eco-friendly moving possible. And it is. And once you dwell into the topic a bit you learn that it is not that hard. There is not much you need to change in your strategy. Just alter it ever so slightly. Here is how you can do it.

    Eco-friendly moving – tips and tricks

    The first thing you need to understand is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is why you have an endless opportunity to recycle instead of just throwing stuff away. Everything you don’t need will be much better off in someone’s home than on a dump. 

    Eco-friendly moving is just one step closer for humanity to having a clean and healthy planet.
    When thinking “Green” becomes a habit…

    Also, do consider using recyclable packaging supplies Sudbury, to make that move just a bit more green!

    There is one thing you need to understand. Dragging a lot of your belongings halfway across the state can be very hard on our planet. The heavier the load, the harder it gets. Should you really focus that much on being green? Well, the short answer is – yes. Yes, you should. The planet is in too much trouble as it is. The heavier the load you are transferring the higher the fuel consumption is. The more you carry the more trucks you’ll need. You get the idea… Basically, try to have as little things moving as possible.

    This can be good for you as well. Maybe there are some possessions you know you don’t ever use. They are just clogging up space. Get rid of them! Especially if you are tackling a long distance move to Sudbury. However, be smart about it!

    Don’t throw away – DONATE!

    You have no idea how much your donation can mean to someone. And there is no better time to get rid of stuff you don’t need than moving. It is the perfect time to sort out the belongings you really need and use, and those that you barely ever do. It is a brilliant time to get rid of that couch that nobody ever sits on. It just sits there, clogging up space. Find someone who desperately needs one, but is not able to afford it. Plus, keep in mind that your truck will be that much lighter! 

    There are organizations such as Goodwill that can take off your hands anything you don’t really need. Also, there is The Salvation Army, the National Furniture Bank Association and many more you might refer to. In the case where some of these cannot take your belongings off of your hands immediately, consider storage units Sudbury to store them temporarily.

    Eco-friendly moving – RECYCLE!

    Oh, recycling. The endless source of green actions. People often have the misconception that recycling revolves only around cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. But recycling is far more than that. And, in case of your move, you have so many things you can recycle! You just didn’t set your mind to it! This is where we are hoping to be of help.

    There is a number of household belongings that you can and hopefully will recycle. Old electronics and batteries are at the forefront of the operation. We hope you won’t grab a bunch of these and throw them in the bin. Thankfully, there are a bunch of special centers that take in these types of belongings that you are hoping to recycle.


    If you want to bolster eco-friendly moving you need to recycle all your batteries, always.
    These bad boys can be extremely dangerous.

    The first thing you will always want to recycle are the batteries. You will be doing your planet an enormous favor by doing so. Batteries contain toxic substances such as lead, sulfuric acid, and cadmium. The biggest problem with these substances is the fact that there is an off chance they can leak into nearby waterways. If they do, the planet and people on it might be in a lot of trouble. Try to find a local recycling center and bring all of those to this destination.


    What do we mean when we say electronics? For instance, you might be looking at the old computer that is sitting in your basement, for years now. Nobody is powering that baby up for sure. Local resource recovery centers will love to take it off your hands since numerous elements of that machine can be reused.

    If not, you can always drop them off at a local Goodwill. I’m sure they will easily put it to good use!

    Old PC's shouldn't be in your basement. When you start your relocation, find them a new home!
    Find this baby a new home.


    Aside from the above-mentioned electronics, take a look at any old TVs, microwaves and other house appliances. If they are old, and you don’t intend on using them anytime soon – don’t hoard them. Find a new home for them. You can always refer to the local Best Buy that will recycle it for you, regardless of where it was purchased.

    All of this makes eco-friendly moving quite possible! Best of luck!