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    Family fun in Sudbury

    Other than being Northern Ontario’s largest city, Greater Sudbury is a multicultural city. It has various communities and groups living within it. In its core, it is urbanized, but these communities are scattered around the numerous lakes surrounding the city. So think carefully before you go and hire a professional moving company to relocate you there. Do your research on the city and the many neighborhoods it has. And once you do, check out the family fun in Sudbury to be had, for after the relocation.

    Family fun in Sudbury is guaranteed with these suggestions of top activities.
    Learn all about the top places for family fun in Sudbury.

    Family fun in Sudbury – top things to do in Greater Sudbury area

    Sudbury is a former mining town which has evolved into a major retail and commercial center today. Arts, music and outdoor recreational activities are just some of the gems that make the city a tourist attraction. So once your long distance relocation has been complete, you will have choices. These many choices are the family fun in Sudbury that you will have the opportunity to explore. And even though there is plenty to see and explore, you will find that these are some of the top choices:

    Embrace Science as a form of family fun in Sudbury

    Dynamic Earth is famous for its snowflake-shaped building that are linked by a rock tunnel. This science museum is operated by Science North and is one of the top attractions in the city. So you can feel free to take your family to experience the many joys science brings. It is a family-friendly place with many fantastic exhibits that everyone can enjoy. There are plenty of programs for all ages, among which:

    • 3D IMAX theatre
    • Outdoor gardens
    • Eight-meter high dome planetarium
    • Variety of wildlife

    Spend time in a park with the family

    The promise of family fun in Sudbury is made possible with playground and other fund outdoor activites for the whole family.
    Plenty of playgrounds to be found in Sudbury, which promises fun for your children.

    The city of Greater Sudbury offers plenty of parks, Bell Park the most popular among them. You will find the park near Downtown Sudbury, at the edge of Ramsey Lake. The park itself has plenty of activities to help you relax after all that packing and unpacking:

    • Children’s playground
    • Flowerbeds
    • An amphitheater
    • Two gazebos
    • Long beach with lifeguards

    Surround yourself in nature and explore family fun in Sudbury

    The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is a fantastic monument of nature that is filled with lakes, trails and wildlife. This is the embodiment of dreams for all nature-lovers (myself included), and it is due to topography. You have the option to go hiking or cross-country skiing along the many trails there. And you will find that there is something for everyone who are willing to explore this gem. From open green areas to bird-watching zones, the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is breathtaking. And with the numerous trails for all levels of fitness, you will truly run out of breath here.

    Enjoy the scenic views of Greater Sudbury

    Everyone enjoys a beautiful view, right? Well, Sudbury has plenty of those to offer for its residents and tourists. So if you are looking for family fun in Sudbury, take the gang out for some sight-seeing. And if you’re at a loss for ideas where to head, here are some suggetions:

    1. The Big Nickel – the pride and joy of Greater Sudbury. It is a large replica of a 1952 Canadian nickel. And it serves to emphasize the mining history of the town, which you can explore in detail in the Dynamic Earth museum.
    2. A.Y. Jackson Lookout – enjoy the magnificence of the Hall Falls (55 meters high) that this spectacular lookout provides. The lookout is accessible by hiking along one of three trails. It is also accessible by driving, where there is a welcome center at the entrance. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day out of enjoying the views and the surrounding nature.
    3. Inco Superstack Chimney – when it comes to tall things, this chimney takes the cake. Standing at 380 meters, it’s not only the tallest chimney in the country but the 2nd tallest freestanding in the world. The chimney itself is the same height as the Empire State Building’s rooftop. And even though it is no longer in use, it is still a major attraction.

    Nothing says family fun in Sudbury like snowmobiling

    When it comes to snowmobiling, Sudbury is the epicenter for such endeavors, with the largest system of trails in the world. The truth is that there are over 1,200 kilometers of trails that connect the city with surrounding communities. And the best part about going snowmobiling is that you get to enjoy the lovely scenery in addition to the thrill. These are maintained trails, complete with parking, washrooms and designated rest areas.

    Rent a snowmobile for more family fun in Sudbury in the winter.
    Snowmobiling is an activity that is both exciting and family-friendly.

    And if you are looking for some extended family fun in Sudbury, you can spend a few days snowmobiling. There are lodges along the way where you can stay, relax and enjoy a home-cooked meal and hot chocolate.

    Hike, cycle or cross-country ski

    The Trans Canada Trail is the longest trail in the world! It runs through Canada and offers all of these options as fun activities that you can do with family. Hike, cycle or cross-country ski along the trail, which runs along the shores of Junction Creek and Ramsey Lake. Certain parts of the trail are on a roadway, so you should be careful when taking traveling along it.

    Relax on a lake with your family

    Have fun with your family in the winter with the help of a cozy cottage and a warm fireplace.
    What better way for the entire family to gather and enjoy themselves than by the fireplace.

    If you are looking for a weekend getaway with the family, try Kukagami Lake. There are two lodges on the shores of the lake where you can kick back and relax. You can spend a night in a log cabin and schedule many fun activities such as:

    • Canoeing
    • Sailing
    • Kayaking
    • Fishing
    • Water-skiing etc.

    The lake also offers activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the winter. Both of these lodges offer home cooked meals that are served in a main hall. This is a great way to meet other guests and the families that run the resorts.

    Eat & drink

    All this exploration and family fun in Sudbury can tire you out at one point or another. So why not turn to the plethora of bars and restaurants that Greater Sudbury can offer? You can enjoy a meal, cold pint or classy cocktail – you can find it all here. And the tastes coincide with the multitude of communities – there is Indian, Italian, Chinese, Greek cuisine…

    Go skiing

    You will find that Greater Sudbury is ideal for skiing in the winter months. In fact, there are four downhill ski centers right in the area. They all offer ski rentals and lodging options. And if you are worried about accessing them, no need to – all tracks are well-maintained and lit for night skiing. So, all in all, there is plenty of family fun in Sudbury to be had. So go out and enjoy yourself – you and your family have earned it!