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    The ultimate guide for retiring in Sudbury

    Retiring is a great adventure and a new time in your life. They say that when you retire you stop living at work and start working on living. To better aid you in this new time in your life, we have assembled the ultimate guide for retiring in Sudbury! Read on to find out awesome tricks and tips which will help you with the new chapter in your life.

    Don’t retire before you:

    There are a few things everyone should have done before they retire. Make sure you do most of these before retiring to Sudbury. This is one of the top tips on our guide. You need to take care of everything so you can enjoy your retirement in full!

    • get some accommodation – it’s always a good idea to enter retirement with some property to your name. This will endure that you have a place to start your relaxation. You can find cheap housing in Sudbury. As a recently booming city, this place has amazing potential for buying homes. The prices are low now but they’ll rise in the future.
    • make sure you’ve saved enough – retiring properly means having a good pension. Some studies have shown that a person needs 60% of their current salary to keep the same living standards. These numbers vary from research to research, but the general middle is around a third. So, make sure your pension is at least 30% of your current salary before retiring in Sudbury.
    • make sure you’re healthy – before you start your retirement in a new environment you should make sure you’re all good to go. Some diseases occur in a certain age, and you can never be too careful. Ensure you’re healthy you decide to relocate for your retirement.

    Retiring in Sudbury: Is it for you?

    Once you’ve checked all the mentioned off your list you can decide where you want to move to. Some places may be better for you than others. This is why you should look at more than one location for your retirement relocation. But before you call the affordable movers in Ontario, be sure to check out why you should move to Sudbury.


    The city of Sudbury has a humid continental climate. With hot, warm summers and cold and snowy winters, this location is perfect for anyone who wants an active retirement. In the summer, you can drive to the closest beach and enjoy the summer next to some cool water. Apart from this, those who like winter sports and activities will find themselves perfectly at home in the greater Sudbury area. From hiking, mountain climbing and even skiing in some parts to exploring caves and the natural beauties of Ontario, retiring in Sudbury will provide you with many interesting activities.

    Sudbury offers a lot of good weather
    There are a lot of beaches close to Sudbury you can enjoy


    Sudbury is predominantly a suburban community, even though it has its city area. Because of this, you can find a perfect place for you to retire. If you prefer a quieter solution contact your local movers in Ontario and schedule a move to suburban Sudbury. On the other hand, if you like to stay in the thick of things and live in the city you can opt to retire in the city of Sudbury. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, you’ll have to decide where you’d like to go before you relocate.

    four friendly seniors riding bikes
    The community is great in Sudbury. There are a lot of friendly people.

    Pros of retiring in Sudbury

    Apart from the great community, Sudbury is a friendly place where you can enjoy yourself in many ways. Even if we exclude all the awesome restaurants and local pubs, this city has much to offer. People are friendly and forthcoming, taxes are low and the cost of living is cheap. What more can you ask of a place you plan to retire to? Also, this city has a low crime rate which means retiring in Sudbury is a smart decision! Finally, because of its diverse nature, the town of Sudbury offers a wide variety of activities you can do after you retire. Another advantage of this city are the storage units Sudbury. We offer safe storage for all your needs. Which is especially good if you’re coming from far away!

    What can you do while you’re retired

    Having an active retirement is very important. It keeps your mind and body healthy and prevents depression and loneliness. Luckily, Sudbury is full of things that can keep you occupied.

    • Explore while retired – try new things. You can find many outdoor activities in and around the Sudbury area. Sign up for some hiking, walking or canoeing. If you’re not into sports activities, you should still have a hobby or something you regularly do. There are excellent book clubs in Sudbury, as well as many cultural events. Art shows, exhibits, and the theatre are amazing in this town!
    • Make new friends – you should try to meet some new people. Not only will your retirement be less lonely, but you’ll also have someone close by who can help.
    • Work while retired – some people find it easier to have a job in the early years of their retirement. For some it’s the routine, some people just like to keep busy, but it’s mostly because it’s hard to stop doing something you’ve been doing for so long. If you want to find a job, make sure they have good working hours and benefits. However, we do suggest a regular hobby.

    However, before you decide to get a new job, check out why retiring from work is good for your health. It might change your mind.

    retiring in Sudbury offers many activities
    You might decide to work while you’re retired

    Do you need help?

    Retiring in Sudbury can be a difficult task. This is why you might need some help when you’re moving there for your retirement. Don’t be afraid to ask your movers for help. Also, you can find cheap packaging supplies in Sudbury for all your relocation needs.  Use all the resources you have at your disposal to make your move easy and stress-free. Our movers offer packing services as well as relocation ones, so you can just sit back and plan your retirement while the moving pros take care of everything else.