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    Guide for unpacking your moving boxes

    Just when you would think that all your moving troubles have passed there is one little hiccup waiting around the corner. This hiccup at first can turn into quite a nightmare if you don’t prepare properly. What we are talking about is unpacking your moving boxes. I know it may seem somewhat trivial when you read it now. Also, it may seem somewhat benign when you take the entire moving process into consideration. But you have no idea how big of a nightmare this can turn into if you disregard it the way I did.

    Unpacking your moving boxes is one of the most difficult parts of the move, leading to frequent stress if overlooked.
    Forgetting the importance of unpacking can lead to a lot of stress later on.

    You focus on packing, and you focus on finding storage units in Sudbury, on the movers and the trucks. You try to find the best moving company your money can buy. Somehow, you are losing your attention on so many ‘important’ things that you underestimate the little ones. And just when you think all your hardship is over, and you can finally rest – comes in the boom. Unpacking your moving boxes. The biggest problem is that your energy is depleted, and you didn’t really prepare for this.

    Do not worry. You are in the right place. You will be able to prevent all this with just a few simple steps. Regardless of the cost of moving services in Ontario, this procedure is the same.

    Unpacking your moving boxes

    What is so difficult you say? Well, if you fail to properly prepare this might turn into an absolute nightmare. One thing that happens often is that you have people who finish their move and plant the boxes around the house. The problem is that they have no idea what is packed in the boxes. So you might end up with a 100 boxes, not knowing what each of them holds. This means that you could spend hours opening each and every one of them just to learn what they hold inside.

    Add to this scenario the fact that you have spent the last 10 hours moving and you can realize how people just leave the boxes as they are and sleep on the floor. This is just one of many awful scenarios that people who move get to face at least once. Whether you are looking at long distance moving companies in Canada or short distance, the routine is the same.  And it is a pure product of no experience. Which is why we are here, to attempt to make it easier on you and provide you with our extensive experience on the matter. We shall discuss a few tricks you can do, that are quite easy and hassle-free, that could make this unboxing moment a breeze. So it is cheap, easy and fast. Absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t want to do it or at least try it.

    Marking your boxes

    Labeling the boxes is key, or you might end up losing your pet even.
    Who knows what might jump out of the box if you don’t label them.

    This is the most fundamental technique that a surprising number of people forget. It costs only 1 or 2 markers and is just one little extra step you have to take when packing each and every one of your cardboard boxes. You cannot begin to imagine just how much this helps with unpacking your moving boxes. I mean it turns it into a whole different story. You go from nightmare to some dust off your shoulder.

    Regardless of what methodology you use when packing your moving boxes, this can make it easier. We shall discuss further the packing techniques, but let us take the example of random dropping items into the boxes. So you grab a lamp, a hat, 3 CDs and a poster, dump it into a box. Fine, not the cleanest way to do it but it can work. The only extra step you need to take is to write the list of things that are in the box – on the box. Voila! Simple as that. Now when you reach your next destination and get all the boxes out – you will know what each box holds without having to open it. Three hours of work saved, at least.

    The way you pack influences the way you unpack your moving boxes

    Unpacking your moving boxes is made easy from the getgo by sorting everything out.
    Sorting out the boxes ahead of time leads to a swift unpacking.

    So basically, the cleaner your packing is the smoother your unpacking will be. It is almost like parking a car – the more time you take parking in at the right angle the easier it will be for you to park out. Clean packing may take a little bit more time, but the time you save afterward is absolutely worth it.

    What you want to do is to sort things into similar categories. you will want to take several boxes and pack the plates and all the other breakable dishes. Pile these up. Then, take another few boxes and pack only the silverware and elements alike. Pile them as well. Take a marker and write silverware on the ones containing it and breakable stuff (kitchen) on the ones containing the plate. When you load the truck, make sure these go last, in order to avoid breaking them. Once you arrive at your new destination, the items that were packed last will now be at the top of the truck. This means you will be able to unload them first.

    The end scenario is that you will have a few boxes of plates and forks, and you’ll be able to place the boxes in the kitchen immediately. Furthermore, if you want to have a snack all your silverware and plates will be handy and you’ll know their location.

    Loading the truck

    Lastly, in order to make unpacking your moving boxes easy, you need a solid plan when loading the truck. Basically, you want the things you will need the least loaded first. Having this in mind, you want the things you want to unpack first loaded last since these things will be at the top of the truck when you get to the unloading stage.

    This will leave you with all the boxes you actually needed first, and the ones containing items you won’t need for a couple of days last.

    Fundamentally, the end result is more or less the same with one slight difference. You will know exactly which box contains what, which box goes where and when you will address them. Some can be left to stay packed for a few days, whilst some will contain items you need immediately. Either way, problem solved! Good luck!