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    Guide to cleaning out your residential junk

    In everyone’s life there comes a moment from time to time when you have to deal with cleaning out your residential junk. This is simply something that comes as one of those obligatory things in life. This can be especially important if you are also about to move and is right up there with hiring a good moving company. However, whether you are moving or staying at your home, this is something you have to do. It may not be such a complicated task on first glance, but it most usually actually is. The key to doing such a complex task is a good organization. That is why we have prepared a guide for doing just that. By following it, your home cleanup will go a lot smoother.

    Why cleaning out your residential junk is so important?

    The importance of cleaning out your residential junk is diverse. It is in human nature to gather things. We have done that throughout our history as a way of ensuring our survival and improving our quality of life. From the basic things like food and some essential items like tools to modern-day memorabilia such as tickets from the concerts we went to. As the world got more complex, so did the number of things around us. It is impossible to name every single item that there exists now. Can you name every single thing that you have in your home? The likely answer is that you cannot. This only makes the fact that we pile things up in our homes even worse. At least 20% of your entire belongings you really do not need. It just takes up space, and by getting rid of, you will feel lighter and cleaner.

    assorted televisions in shallow focus
    We tend to pile up unnecessary stuff overt time

    Good organization is the key

    When undertaking such a big task, organizing yourself properly is the first and most important step towards efficiently completing the task at hand. If cleaning out your residential junk is a part of your move, then you will have to dedicate even more time to organize it. Hiring professionals such as moving companies Sudbury offers can be a really beneficial move for the whole process. Having professionals assist you during a move is really valuable as they can completely take over that packing and moving part (if you so choose) which will leave you with more free time to spend on other things concerning moving organization. The good news is that organizing cleaning out your residential junk coincides really well with planning a move. Here is why.

    Inventory list

    Making an inventory list is one of the most important and efficient ways to handle a move. The same is true when it comes to cleaning out your residential junk. Even if you hire quality local movers Sudbury can offer to you when it comes to a move, the inventory list has several benefits. The first one is the obvious one, as you will be able to see exactly all of the things that you possess. This will enable you to see which things you do not need and thus which things you should get rid off. Decluttering your home before a move is a really smart ideaBy getting rid of your residential junk you will reduce the number of things that you have to pack. That means that you will need less packing supplies.

    gray steel rack
    Inventory lists are really useful for several reasons

    That also means that if you decide to rent storage you won’t need as much room. These are all great ways to reduce the cost of your move. Besides that, the inventory list can help you in other ways. When planning the packing process, you can use it to organize the boxes by marking in which box is which item. Also, once you get to unpacking, you can use that same list to prioritize the unpacking process. Finally, if it comes to that, you will need the list for filling an insurance claim. You just have to make sure that before the move, you put the worth of all the items on the list and to get it approved by the moving company’s representative.

    What to do with all those things that you do not need?

    Once you go through your inventory list and manage to decide what things you want to get rid off, what do you do with all of them? Well, there are several ways to go around with that. It is likely that there is going to be a whole lot of really various items in that “undesired” pile. Not all of them are actually useless junk. Some of it, sure, but not all of it. That part is, of course, easy – You throw it away. Just make sure that you get rid of it in a proper way i.e. that you won’t do anything ecologically damaging. So what do with those other things?

    Sell it

    Some things you always sell. If there are things that you can’t donate and nobody needs them, but they are not junk, you can organize a garage sale. Thanks to the Internet it is now quite easy to put your things on sale. If you use safe websites for this, things can go really fast and you can make some money without much effort.

    A garage sale is an easy way to make some money when cleaning out your residential junk
    Garage sales are a great way to earn some extra money

    Donate it or give it as a present

    Things like clothes or books, for instance, you can always choose to donate. There is always someone out there who may be in need of those things. By giving up on things that have been set aside and dormant for years, you can make someone’s life a bit nicer. And that is always a great thing. Some things you can perhaps give as presents to people around you. Maybe there is a nice desk sitting in your garage, that one of your nephews may use? Or you are going to buy a new TV and you now your sister might use your previous one. You can also let the movers take some things as sort of a tip.