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    Guide to packing your master bedroom

    Everything that you do during the move can be either long and difficult or on the other hand, fast and efficient. That same thing goes for packing your master bedroom. Here you can find a guide on how to pack it faster but efficient.

    Start packing your master bedroom on time

    Usually, you can pack your master bedroom in a day or two, if you are just packing it in boxes. But once you start to pack everything, you will realize that it takes a lot more time and work as well.

    Clock showing the importance of packing your master bedroom on time
    If you start on time, packing your master bedroom will be less stressful.

    Normally this is because when the work starts, you see everything in a different light. It means that you then realize that you can throw a lot of old things, mostly clothes. When a declutter starts it feels like it never ends. So, start packing your master bedroom in time so you can finish in due time. If you have enough time to do this without the hurry, you won’t feel so much stress. Let’s be real, everybody feels a lot of stress as soon as moving starts, even before it starts.

    Provide packing supplies that you will need

    Always prepare in time. You should buy or get free, packing boxes and bubble wraps. Plan how you will pack everything, but always get some extra packing supplies. This way you will be able to start packing your master bedroom and maybe finish it at once – that is if you have a chance. You don’t want to go to a store in the middle of work. Make sure that you have all the packing essentials. Also, make sure that you have a different type of moving boxes. You will be needing both small and large ones. There are all sorts of boxes, but moving boxes are more durable and they will be some kind of insurance that your belongings won’t damage during the transport. Check where you can find quality moving boxes and what their price is.

    Pack everything in the right order

    It is never the same thing how and what to pack first and what will you leave for the end. You need to pack everything in some order. Start packing:

    •    Take out all the trash from your master bedroom. Maybe not garbage literary, but look in every corner and behind all the furniture, especially larger ones. You will be surprised by what you will find fallen or forgotten. You know how they say: out of the sight, out of mind.

    •    Pack small items first – clear all drawers, night table, and similar things. When you unload everything, decide what you take with you and what will you throw out. You should pack the smaller items, particularly the ones that you are not using on a daily bases.

    •    Donate or sell everything you don’t need anymore – this is an excellent chance for you to get rid of all of your belongings that are excessive. It is better to start clean and decluttered in your new place. So packing your master bedroom is a great way to start.

    Vintage clothes and brown bag on a table
    Use your relocation as an opportunity to organize and declutter.

    •    After you clear your closet from extra clothes, make sure that you wash clothes you will be packing. You can also get plastic bags and wardrobe bags for packing your clothes. Use this opportunity to sort your clothes by the season. You can separate bulky, winter clothes from the clothes that you wear in the summertime. This is very useful for when you unpack and load your wardrobe.

    •    Separately pack your sheets, linen, pillows, and blankets. While you are doing this, take one set and pack it aside so you can make your bed the first day when you have moved in. This is especially important if you are moving long distance because you don’t know how long transport or unloading will last. If you are moving with smaller children, you will be able to make their bed and put them to sleep while you are finishing up.

    Pack your furniture

    If you start packing your master bedroom in time, that is a few days before the moving day, you will be using your bed until the moving day. This also stands for some other pieces of furniture. If you are hiring moving company then see if you want to use their other service – of packing and unpacking. If you are moving long distance, you need more help in order to have more free time for yourself and your family, to organize everything. When hiring long distance movers Ontario, for example, you can also get a free moving estimate. This is a great way to set up and prepare your moving budget so you know what to expect. Movers can help you with packing more of your bulkier furniture.

    When you disassemble your large furniture, make sure that you properly label all the boxes or pieces or furniture. Save all screws and other small parts, bag it, and label it. If you can, tape it for one of that furniture pieces so you won’t lose them.

    Use a drill to disassemble furniture while packing your master bedroom
    Save all the small hardware when you disassemble your furniture.

    In case you aren’t sure that you will remember to assemble it the right way, take photos during the process. More pictures you take, more steps you’ll have” memorized”.

    Clean your room when you finish packing

    Don’t forget this step. It is nice to leave everything clean and cleared for somebody else. We all like to move in a clean space and that is the way you should leave your house as well. It doesn’t matter whether you will hire a cleaning service or do it yourself. When you are hiring top Sudbury movers check to see if they maybe have cleaning service or if they recommend some other. Of course, if your budget allows you to hire someone for this, you will be happy for sure.