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    Handle disputes with movers like a pro

    There are situations in life you cannot avoid. Things that are out of your control and things that do not go as you have planned. You need to be ready for situations like these. We will now go through a specific one, how to handle disputes with movers like a pro? If you are not ready, moving to Sudbury can be swiftly turned into a nightmare. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

    How to handle disputes with movers

    There are many things that can go wrong during a local move. For example, the price of the move may be higher when moving day comes than it was when you agreed to the move. Unreliable movers are liable to do something like this, be it intentionally or by accident. Maybe they want to scam you? Whatever the reason, you need to be prepared for these situations. They are not fun or pleasant, but hey, life is not all fine and dandy, right?

    Check your contract

    Just like with everything in life, you need to know what you are agreeing to. So, before signing the contract, read it carefully. Do not just skim through it, but read everything word by word and make sure that everything is correct. If you are unsure about something, feel free to read the contract again to clarify things. This is the first thing you should do when you are handling disputes with your movers.

    handle disputes with movers by reading the contract before signing it
    Read the contract before signing it!

    The thing you should pay most attention to are the terms of the agreement. This may offer insight into what do you need to do to fix the problems that may have arisen. So, before you sign the contract make sure to think of possible problems and visualize the solutions. Every moving company will probably state the way they are going to deal with disputes. If there is nothing in the contract concerning this, then you should ask them before signing. You need to know every single detail about your move. Your belongings, money, and nerves are on the line.

    Handling damage

    Most disputes with movers are happening due to your items sustaining damage during the long-distance move. The contract should state the way your moving company is going to handle that damage. Most moving companies have a time limit during which you can report the damage. They do, however, differ from moving company to moving company but the common practice is to have at least 9 months during which you can file a claim. Furthermore, they will probably state that they will sometimes not compensate fully. This is why it is smart to have moving insurance. But that is not the main issue here. Let’s move on.

    The price

    Another common misunderstanding that may arise is the difference in the price stated in the contract, and the price when you made the deal over the phone. This is another important thing why you should check the contract. Some shady moving companies are likely to slip in some additional services that are heavily overpriced. Scammer companies also price some things that you deem irrelevant a lot higher. They may also charge for something that is not even written on the contract.

    Talking to them before filing a claim

    This is an important thing to consider. It is best to try to settle the dispute in a friendly manner. Your movers may have accidentally added an additional charge such as getting moving boxes Sudbury, but that is something you did not request. This may happen because it is a regular procedure that people order boxes from them. We are all human and everyone makes mistakes. That is why you do not need to take legal action before talking to them and trying to settle things.

    Getting physical with your movers is certainly not the right way to handle a dispute

    Writing a complaint letter

    If you have tried talking to your movers and it did not work, a complaint letter is a great way to get your them to compensate you for the damage done to your items. You should write everything down. Things like the way that they have broken the agreement and their failure to perform all the services that you have requested and they have agreed. Do not try to exaggerate anything because it will not help in any way. Also, by not exaggerating, the movers will take your complaint more seriously and are much more likely to try and settle the dispute with you. If the movers, however, do not take your complaint seriously, you will have to seek legal action against them. 

    file a claim
    File a claim

    Filing a claim

    When all else has failed, it is time to file a claim. There are several ways to go about this and we will talk about them now.

    File a claim to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) if you did an interstate move. This is a federal agency that deals with licensing moving companies for interstate moves. Call the agency and tell them all about your situation. They will probably them continue to look into the problem, and with luck, resolve it. The worst thing that can happen to the moving company after this incident is that they can lose their interstate moving license. A fitting punishment for their unwillingness to settle everything in a friendly manner and you having to resort to legal action.

    You can also report the moving company to AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association). They will then further deal with your complaint.

    Furthermore, if you had a local move, you should check with your local state regulatory agency. 


    It is hard when you have a dispute with your movers, but not everything is lost. Your items are certainly not valued more than your health. Do not get too worked up about this because stress is a big issue. In addition, these should probably be enough for you to handle disputes with movers whatever the reason. Good luck with your move, and let’s hope that there will not be any disputes at all!