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    Having fun in Toronto – where to go?

    So, you are thinking about moving to Toronto? If you are moving, you are probably wondering what you can do in Toronto. You have some ideas, but you are still not sure where to go and what to do. Having fun in Toronto can be easy if you do a little research. We prepared this article so you would know some basics, but you should explore it! You should keep an open mind, explore on your own. You can even take days where you will simply go somewhere spontaneously. But, you can be sure of one thing- living in Toronto will be great!

    How to start having fun in Toronto?

    Well, we had to ask this obvious question first. When you are moving, it is normal to feel stressed. And it is normal to just want to stay at home and sleep. But in order to avoid this, you can find top moving companies Sudbury that will help you. They can do all the heavy lifting for you. They offer different services, and they can even pack all of your belongings and unpack them for you. So, the first step to avoid stress and start having fun in Toronto is to find good and reliable movers that will help with the move

    Toronto street
    Moving to Toronto can be one of the best decisions you made

    Second thing is to keep an open mind about Toronto. Depending on where you are coming from, it can make you uncomfortable at first. So, you should keep an open mind and explore the city. The ideal thing would be to explore it by foot, but in the winter that is not quite possible. However, if you have a car or using public transport you can enjoy your time. And since you will be new here it is normal to feel like a tourist. So, start exploring like a tourist!

    Niagara Falls

    Yes, as you probably expected this is the first thing that you should visit. This is a really unique experience, and Niagara Falls are a great place to have fun in Toronto.  Close to 750,000 gallons of water a second hurtle over the largest falls in North America. That solemnly is an interesting and breathtaking fact and a view. The Table Rock site allows you to stand barely a meter from the edge of Horseshoe Falls and enjoy the view. Also, you should keep in mind that Niagara Falls is the Las Vegas of Canada. So this fact tells you that having fun in Toronto can be quite easy. And there is Niagara Falls Evening Lights Tour that you should make sure to see. It can be breathtaking especially during the New Year!

    Having fun in Toronto - Niagara Falls at night
    Niagara Falls are breathtaking!

    And in case you are a fan of the sports outside, don’t worry. There is approximately 300 km of bike trails and self-guided cycling tours. You can also head into the falls themselves with the Journey Behind the Falls, descending 38 meters through solid rock in a lift to stand next to the curtain of water. So, as you can see Niagara Falls really can give you a lot of different types of fun. And you can make it a day trip and enjoy with your friends and family.

    CN Tower

    It once was the tallest building in the world. But with 553.33-meter CN tower is still super impressive and breathtaking. You can see it in almost every picture of Toronto skyline! Take in the view from the LookOut Level at 346 meters. Or you can walk on air on the Glass Floor at 342 meters. Check out the views from the highest perch of all – the SkyPod at 447 meters above the city. It really can be astonishing. And in case you are an adrenalin addict you can have a really unique experience. There is something called ‘Edgewalks’, a full-circle, hands-free walk around the SkyPods outer ledge. If that’s not enough to show you how good the idea was to change your address, we don’t know what will. Because you will be really having fun in Toronto!

    CN tower
    You should really visit CN tower

    Pub Crawl

    We can and we will talk about all the things you should see in Toronto. From museums to different places to visit, but if you like nightlife – then you should do the Pub Crawl. It is a unique tour of the city. Visit pubs with over 50 beers on tap, then try out one of Toronto’s legendary rooftop bars. Maybe you will like this place so much, that you will come back. You can use this as a unique opportunity to visit different pubs with a guide. The guide will be a person who will be able to tell you all the secret places and help you to get to know Toronto even better. You are already moving to Ontario trouble-free, so why not get to know it trouble free?

    Haunted Toronto Walking Tour

    This is maybe a real tourist attraction, but it can be fun for you as well. You need to get to know the city that you are going to live in. Toronto is full of dark history. This walking tour is also a great way to acquaint yourself with the place’s nooks and crannies. A cloaked tour guide carrying a lantern will lead you to Toronto’s spookiest spots. Including haunted theatres and the Mackenzie House, supposedly one of the city’s most active paranormal sites. So, this will be a thing that you will be definitely remembering.

    St. Lawrence Market

    Go for a trip down to the St. Lawrence and you’ll be taken on a rather impressive journey of market-based delights.  There are over 120 vendors. Which means you can pick up anything from food to different items. A farmers’ market takes place on the North market on Saturdays. On Sundays, antique dealers are there. There is a range of trinkets that you never knew you needed. Here you will definitely find something new to decorate your home and to try some of the local food. So, this will definitely be one of the things where you should bring your wallet and enjoy having fun in Toronto.