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    How much do movers cost in Ontario?

    We relocate for different reasons. We go after that perfect job, looking for better opportunities or just to explore and try new things. However, for whatever reason we move, moving is still expensive. We are always looking to cut down on moving costs but is it really such a good idea? Sometimes paying for the service can be much better than actually trying to move by yourself and failing. Check out how much do movers cost in Ontario and see if it’s within your budget.

    How much do movers cost in Ontario?

    Most of the local moving companies in Sudbury will charge anywhere from 100 – 200 Canadian dollars per hours for two movers and a truck for a local move. The price and the quality of the service will vary from company to company. So, it may be better to hire a medium price range movers and guarantee a safe and speedy relocation than to try and save some money and end up with damaged possessions.

    If you decide to hire a moving company your moving cost will depend on a number of factors:

    • the distance of the move
    • the weight of the things you plan to move
    • some other services you may plan to acquire from the company

    Other services may include packing, loading/unloading the truck, storage and more. Obviously, the less of these additional services you have the lower the total price will be. However, sometimes, we won’t be able to move without some of these special services.

    Distance & Weight

    Distance and weight will influence how much do movers cost in Ontario the most. The price will mainly be determined by the Sudbury moving services you chose, where the long distance moves will be more expensive than the local ones. As far as the weight goes, it follows the same logic. The heavier the things you are moving the more the move will cost.


    Some moving companies provide packing and unpacking services. If you request them to pack and unpack your things, your moving costs will increase. Professional movers, however, will have special boxes for all your belongings. They will pack them quickly and professionally without wasting time. Of course, we still suggest packing the items most important to you yourself. No matter how careful people are, mistakes happen, and you should keep items that have a sentimental value close and pack them personally.

    an opened box, ready for packing things
    A lot of companies include packing and unpacking services, but you can still pack yourself if you choose


    This can be crucial for moving long distances since it can be so tricky.What if your things arrive at the new location before you? What if you need to vacate your old pace sooner than you can move into the new one? Are you really going to take all your stuff in your already tiny hotel room? God, no! If you hire a good moving company with storage units in Ontario they will provide a safe place for your things until you move into your new apartment.

    How much do movers cost in Ontario when moving special items?

    how much do movers cost in Ontario is determined by special items as well
    Better not risk moving a piano by yourself. Call goo movers to handle it

    Wanting to transport a special item can also increase your moving costs. There are two kinds of special items: they are either very heavy things(gun vaults, pool tables, etc.) which require disassembling or more than two people to move or they are very expensive items which require special care when transporting (paintings, sculptures, etc.)

    It is very dangerous to transport any special items by yourself since you risk damage to your things or your person. For these kinds of jobs call a professional mover.

    Would it be cheaper if I did it myself?

    Essentially, yes. However, if you think about all the things you will transport and how much time is needed it can end up a bad idea to DIY, after all. Not to mention that moving without professional help can get you hurt really bad. Lifting and transporting heavy furniture is more about skill than brute strength. If you don’t have the right technique you can end up pulling a muscle. Sometimes, these injuries can be even more severe. Most people who start a move themselves end up getting stuck halfway through. In order to avoid paying for the damage to your items and the movers, you might consider hiring movers straight away.

    How can I reduce the costs of hiring a moving company?

    For one, you can get rid of all your stuff. The cheapest move would be just relocating yourself to a new home. However, you can’t (and won’t) throw away all your things just to make a move cheaper. So, getting rid of old things or things you don’t use will help a lot. You can also figure out what parts of your move you can write off on your taxes.

    a lot of clothes will increase the cost of your move
    Getting rid of some of your things is a good way to decrease the cost of your move

    Next, you can choose to pack and unpack yourself. In some cases, this is a good choice. In others, however, you may end up living out of boxes for the first month because you didn’t feel like unpacking. This will differ from person to person, of course. However, few people like unpacking after a move. You’ll want to use the time you have to explore your new surroundings. You can also check out our guide on how to pick storage and moving companies in Ontario.


    In the end, it may seem like a good idea to try and DIY. However, you should ask yourself: “How much do movers cost in Ontario?“. Are they really that expensive that it’s cheaper to hospitalize someone? Are they really so unreasonably priced that I will risk destroying precious art? Or is it that we just think that we can do everything ourselves?

    All in all, choosing a right moving service can mean the difference between a successful and a failed move. Whatever you decide, consider that there are some things which can never be replaced. But you will always be able to earn more money.