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    How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

    We use tips to express our satisfaction with the service we were provided. If a server in a restaurant is polite they will definitely receive a tip. So, why is it so hard to tip your movers? Well, for one, visiting restaurants is a bit more common than relocation. The other thing is that we’re already paying a small fortune for our relocation and we’d rather not spend more money than absolutely necessary.

    However, if we really think about it, our movers definitely deserve some tips. Imagine, if a waiter gets our order wrong or drops a drink in our lap, the consequences are momentary and you can just wait for your right order or change your pants. On the other hand, if our movers drop a family heirloom it is forever destroyed. Thus, the consequences (and the stress) are much bigger for our movers than any other branch of the service industry. So, if you can afford it, you should definitely tip your movers!

    some bartender receiving tips
    We tip our bartenders but forget to tip our movers who do a much bigger service for us

    When should you do it?

    Tipping is usually done when the job is complete. Whether it’s a lunch or a relocation, you only want to tip your service once the work is done. It is best to tip your relocation specialist once they are leaving your new home.

    You can do it before the relocation begins, however risking a lot by doing this. If you are not satisfied with the service you can’t really ask for your tips back, can you? For some of the best moving services Sudbury, you can easily tip beforehand because you can be sure they’ll do an excellent job.

    a clock showing when you should tip you movers
    Choosing the right time to tip your movers is very important

    How should you tip your movers?

    There are many ways to tp your relocation specialists. Apart from this, you should also try to treat them as well as possible. Remember, even though you’re paying for their services you’re not their boss or lord. You still need to treat them nicely. This will also improve their speed and you’ll find yourself relocated in no time.

    How much should you tip your movers?
    Offering your movers some drinks is a great way to show you appreciate what they’re doing

    Check company policies

    If you want to tip your movers first check the tipping policies for their companies. Sometimes the company requires you to give all the tips to the crew manager so he/she can divide them between the crew. Others, however, ask that you tip each mover individually so as to be more transparent. Whatever the method you choose, you should prepare accordingly. If you decide to tip the crew individually make sure you have small bills.

    Offer refreshments

    There are other ways to motivate your movers and make them feel welcome. Hauling heavy items up and down the stairs all day is tiring work, so your movers will need some refreshments. Whether this is a jug of lemonade, coffee or sodas, your movers will be very grateful. Just make sure you don’t offer anything alcoholic. This is especially important if you need the services of long distance movers in Ontario.


    You can also get lunch for your relocation pros. The pro attitude here is that you ask them what they’d like to eat before you order food for them. Most people would just get a pizza, but please consider how many pizzas these guys eat in their line of work. Ask them what kind of food they’d prefer when you’re buying lunch. Also, if you can cook and have the time to make quick and easy meals in the middle of your relocation, your movers will appreciate a home-made meal probably more than anything else.

    Other ways to show appreciation

    Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have enough resources to tip all movers. If this is the case, you probably shouldn’t tip anyone. Luckily, there are other ways you can show your appreciation to your reliable and affordable movers Sudbury.

    • communicate – communicate well with your movers. Let them know what you need (or want) from them during the relocation. Being straightforward isn’t exactly a way to tip your movers, but it will make things easier during the moving day. This means that you’ll reduce the time they spend on your relocation and they’ll appreciate it a lot.
    • compliment – let your movers know they did a good job. Compliment them on their service and tell them how you appreciate all that they’re doing. Make sure you use some specific examples of the things they did right.
    • referrals – suggest the moving company (or specific movers) to your friends and family. This is an excellent way to express your satisfaction with the relocation service.

    How much should you tip your movers?

    You should tip your movers according to the difficulty and the distance of your move. So, for a half-day move (4h) you should tip around ten dollars per mover. If it’s a full day move (8 hours), then double (20 bucks) is considered appropriate.

    person deciding how much should he tip the movers
    Never under tip your mover, but don’t over tip them as well.

    Also, you should take some special considerations when tipping your movers. If your house has a lot of winding or narrow stairs or steep parts, you should tip your movers a bit extra. Likewise, a lot of heavy furniture or special items (a pool table, big gun safe or art) you should consider increasing the tips you give. Finally, if your relocation is more than 8 hours a flat rate of 40 dollars tip is considered appropriate.

    apart from this, the distance of your relocation should affect the tips you give your movers. If you’re hiring international movers Canada, you should probably tip them a bit more than your average local relocation specialists.

    In the end, it’s the same as going to a restaurant – you decide if and how much to tip your movers. However, take into account that they’ve been hauling your entire life in boxes the whole day. So, a bit of appreciation would go a long way. Because these unsung heroes of relocation do their jobs very well and it would be a shame not to let them know.