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    How to adjust as an expat in Canada

    Greetings fellow expats! This will most likely be the best part of your life, even though it may not seem as such. Being an expat is drastically influenced by where you are an expat in. In my personal example, I was an expat in a very poor part of Nairobi, in Kenya, and this was not at all a pleasant experience. Nairobi is unsafe and is slammed with poverty and bad politics. Being an expat means that you will leave your friends and family behind, moving to a different location in order to do your work. You can be an expat for a year, or for five years, depending on the type of work and your willingness to leave your home. Either way, adjusting to a new environment, a new culture and climate can be a challenge. We will discuss today how you can adjust as an expat in Canada.

    In comparison to Kenya, Canada is far more expat friendly. Still, adjusting to a different environment is not an easy task. There is no right answer as to how you can do it. Based on your personality and views in life, the actions you take will be different. I will share some of my experiences that made the adjustment period drastically easier for me. Still, please note that these may not work for you. However, I am hoping that you will be able to take something out of it and try to make your adjustment period far easier.

    Being an expat in Canada may seem lonely, but it is far from it.
    Even though you think you are alone, as an expat in Canada you are never alone!

    Adjusting as an expat in Canada

    Canada is a gorgeous country, to kick off with this. The country is very stable and its residents are infamous for being very polite and courteous. People who become expats in Canada are usually those who had to endure a long distance move. For such purposes, you will want to have the best long distance movers in Canada. Back to Canada. My experiences with Canada were nothing short of excellent. I had absolutely zero negative experiences. The people were absolutely amazing. This is why it will be far easier for you to adjust to such an environment. People say it is very easy to adjust something good. And Canada will be just that.

    The people

    After the best movers in Sudbury relocate you to Canada, you’ll start adjusting as an expat in Canada, so people will play a huge role. As a social being, you will have to have people as a small or a large portion of your life. From going to work to going to buy a beer, people will be everywhere. Depending on where you are coming from, you will face something totally different. I come from a country filled with grumpy people, so seeing an endless amount of smiling faces and polite words was a cultural shock to me. However, it took me a very short time to adapt to something so nice. 

    People in Canada are amazing. You won't have much trouble as an expat in Canada.
    Your future teammates and friends are going to be amazing!

    As an expat in Canada, people will treat you with a lot of respect. People will want to try to help you in order to ease your transition into their society. Plus, people will be very outgoing and active and will invite you to many events. If this is your cup of tea and you accept to participate, you might end up having a lot of fun.

    The climate

    Now, again depending on where you are coming from, Canada may have a different climate for you to face. Canada is cold. There is no going around it. The winters can be harsh and snowy. Regardless of which part of the world you are coming from, you will have to spend some time getting used to the climate. It is not impossible and the infrastructure of the cities you are most likely to live in is so good that you might not even feel it.

    Furthermore, the entire composition of each of the cities is made to endure such weather conditions. This is why your adjusting to being an expat in Canada will not be impaired by the weather. Still, it is something worth pointing out because it is a large change of pace, for most. So, make sure you get some warm clothes and set your mentality to white shiny snow, and you will have no issues.

    Cost of life

    Canda is a bit pricey. Fortunately, whoever is contacting you to work there is most likely aware of that. Hence they will set your pay towards the cost of living. Still, this is something you will have to adjust to as an expat in Canada. Toronto, for instance, is quite expensive. But, in concordance, the amount of money people make is also higher hence it balances out. Still, some things are considered as luxurious and will have a hefty price tag. So, some basic food products that are normal in the country you are coming from might cost a mini fortune in Canada, and you will most likely have to adjust to that.

    Cost of life in Canada is great, so make sure you prepare your piggy bank.
    Save up some cash. It can get pricey up there.

    One thing that is not so expensive, and that might come quite handy are the storage units in Sudbury.

    To all future expats

    This adjusting period is not so bad. You might be a little homesick, but with the technologies, we have today it is incredibly easy to stay in touch with your loved ones. This was a huge problem for me since Africa has very poor internet, and 10 years ago it had almost none. So speaking with my loved ones was a huge challenge. For you, you should not be facing any kind of troubles.

    Also, try to enjoy this experience. You will immerse yourself in a new environment and a new culture, meeting new friends for life. You should cherish it and enjoy it as much as you can.

    Best of luck!