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    How to avoid fraudulent moving companies

    Moving is a very lucrative business, that is growing rapidly. People are moving daily all around the world, and many are hiring the moving companies to make this process easier. Still, with a great number of honest movers, there are also ones that will try to scam you. That’s why you need to know how to detect and avoid fraudulent moving companies. This guide will show you what features the moving company has to have to gain your trust.

    Features of the reliable movers

    In order to separate good mover from the ones that wish to scam you, you should know what makes moving company reliable. That will help you to avoid fraudulent moving companies.
    The reliable moving company has to have:

    • Proper licenses and insurance – Every trustworthy moving company has to have a license and insurance policy. That means that it is registered mover and that it can conduct moving operations legally.
    • Spotless reputation – The companies that are having a good name won’t risk their reputation by engaging in the moving scams.
    • Good reviews – Go online, and visit some moving review sites. Reliable companies usually have a lot of honest reviews from the people that used their services. Also, good movers will also gladly provide you with a contact list of their customers so you can ask them about their experience. Check the local Better Business Bureau and find out are there any complaints against the moving company that interest you.
    • Business transparency – The moving company that has nothing to hide will have all their contact information on their website, as well as its the license numbers.
    • Experience – When you are moving to Canada, it’s always the best to hire experienced movers Ontario. While new companies can be legit and reliable, your belongings will be more secure if you are using movers with years of experience.

    Sings that you are dealing with a fraudulent moving company

    Asking for a large cash deposit

    It’s not unusual that movers ask you for some deposit to ensure that you won’t waste their time and back out from the relocation in the last minute. That deposit is usually refundable and it’s about 20% of the total moving costs.
    If the moving company is asking for a large cash deposit, that is a red flag.
    If you agree to that kind of deposit, you are leaving yourself very exposed, and you have no guarantee that they won’t just take your money and disappear.

    Don't pay the large cash deposit and avoid fraudulent moving companies
    Large cash security deposit is the most common moving scam. Avoid fraudulent moving companies that are asking for you to pay them upfront.

    Using their packing services to get more money out of you

    Many moving companies offer additional services, like packing your belongings. While purchasing this service will make your relocation so much easier, you should be very careful when purchasing it. If the price is to low or this service is offered without additional charges, that may be the sign that something isn’t right. When a fraudulent company gives you a free packing service, it usually cost you more than you can imagine. The trick is that while the packing service is free, the packing supplies aren’t, and they will charge you for that at the end of the move. By prices much higher than the real market ones.

    If you are tempted to get this service, read the contract carefully. When there is no mention that the company will provide packing supplies, be sure to add it to an agreement. If the company is reluctant to do so, it’s the clear sign of the foul play.
    Reliable movers will always want to meet you have way, and you can even negotiate that you provide packing supplies. There are many affordable packing materials like sturdy packaging supplies Sudbury, so you can make a great deal.

    The moving company  won’t do an in-home estimate

    You should never move with the company that won’t do an in-house estimation. It is the only way to get an accurate quote for your relocation. The reliable companies will offer you free in-house estimation without you even asking for it.

    To ensure that you are hiring the best moving company, ask the in-house estimation of at least three movers. Observe their representatives closely. The representative of the reliable company will act professionally, ask you many questions, take a lot of notes, take measures, identify critical issues, and answer all of your questions.

    Avoid fraudulent moving companies by getting estimation from several companies.
    Any company that claims that they can make you estimation over the phone or online is the one that you shouldn’t trust.

    Also, beware of the very low estimation. Estimation should be at a similar rate, and if one is standing out by being much cheaper, that may be the sign that you shouldn’t take it. Deals that sounds like a bargain are always the most expensive ones.
    Making sure that the estimation is realistic in order to avoid fraudulent moving companies.

    Avoid fraudulent moving companies that don’t have their own vehicle

    Any reputable moving company will have at least one moving truck in their possession, with a clear logo on it. On the other hand, many fraudulent companies don’t own moving vehicles and use unmarked trucks. Such a vehicle is a huge warning sign.

    Avoid fraudulent moving companies that have its own moving trucks.
    Your belongings will be almost impossible to track once they are in an unmarked truck.

    How to spot and avoid fraudulent companies?

    Above features are the characteristics that are separating the good moving company from the bad one. If the mover that you are negotiating with show one or more of these signs it’s clear that there’s something fishy. Don’t risk your relocation and find a company that checks all the boxes.
    Hiring the reliable movers that you can put your trust in will ensure that your relocation goes stress-free and much easier.