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    How To Choose The Right Business Storage Unit

    Getting the right moving company, with the right moving service can in some scenarios only prove to be half of the work. If you have a local move, a move of a few blocks down, maybe this is all you need. A few people to take stuff down, load into the truck and bring them up again. But it is rare that the move consists only of this. Usually, there are plenty of more factors involved into this, at first sight, simple relocation. The more factors that are put into the process, the more things you will need in order to make it successful. In case of a business relocation, that is longer than a few blocks down, you will most definitely need the right business storage unit. 

    In comparison to hiring residential movers in Sudbury, moving your business is a different ordeal. Companies and businesses are moving a different type of equipment (usually) than a residential home. Namely, there will be some similarities, but not a whole lot. For instance, companies will have tables, closets, shelves, chairs and items alike. On the other hand, this is where the similarities end. Companies will usually have a lot of electronic devices such as printers, computers, peripherals, and other work-related devices.

    Relocate your business carefree!

    In this scenario, the packing of goods, loading into the truck and everything else becomes different. Also, this is where you start needing some additional services aside from moving itself. And there is an abundance of scenarios where business relocations require storage facilities during the move. This is why you need to carefully consider hiring the right business storage unit. The success of the entire move depends on it.

    What does it mean to find the right business storage unit

    If you want to find the right business storage unit, you need to identify what you need to be stored. Various items that need storage will vary in the requirements they have. For instance, electronic devices will demand dry, secured areas where no moisture can get in. Also, it will require tighter security due to the value of the equipment, and their portability. It is much easier to grab a few laptops to steal, rather than one or two desks. This is why it is difficult to say what it means to find the right business storage unit universally.

    The needs will vary from business to business. For example, a business specializing in the food industry will have large and heavy machines, that in some cases need to remain plugged in while being stored. On the other hand, you will have corporation oriented businesses who will have tons of computers and equipment alike. All in all, there is no absolute universal guide, but there is some universal advice.

    Storage unit security

    So, first and foremost we must speak of security. Out of all storage units in Sudbury that you will be looking through, security is something you shouldn’t compromise. Regardless of the price differences, if the security level is low – it is not worth the risk. I mean, sure, you might save a few bucks from the get-go, but the risk that comes with it is simply not worth it. You would have to spend hours, or days even, in constant fear. And in case the fear gets justified, and you end up losing everything you had. So, from the initially saved money, you end up losing your entire equipment. That type of a loss can shut down a business, entirely. So don’t take that risk.

    Do not make compromises when it comes to security. It will never end up being worth it. Make sure that the storage unit you are getting has some sort of fence around it, and that the storage unit itself is under proper lock and key. Additionally, you should be looking for either cameras around the storage unit, or a security guard. Or, ideally, both. The safer the storage unit, the higher the price. But you can’t put a price on the safety of your entire business equipment.

    Finding the right business storage unit means finding the safest place you can.
    You can never have too much security!

    Security is not only against potential theft. There needs to be secured against other factors that might risk bringing harm to your equipment. For instance, heavy rain can cause a flood. If this water gets in a storage unit holding all your computers, you will suffer losses.


    However, sometimes even the most secure places fail. And sometimes you have thieves that are smarter than whatever security there is. Also, some natural disasters may prove just to be a bit too overwhelming for whatever security measures existed. This is where insurance plays an invaluable role in compensating for potential losses. In case, regardless of how strong security was, someone manages to break in and steal your equipment the insurance should be there to cover for whatever loss you may suffer.

    The right business storage unit will have the right security to offer in case of a flood.
    When security fails… You still have insurance!

    Insurance is there to compensate you for whatever equipment you might lose due to the storage unit providing inefficient security. It is just tools for the job. This is why a monetary compensation for the equipment lost will be more than sufficient. For it, the business will be able to re-purchase new equipment and continue conducting their business as usual. Safety first!

    Storage unit for businesses

    Lastly, the storage unit you rent must be professional and courteous. They need to hear out the needs of the business and based on it create an estimate of the costs and availability. Communication is key, especially for business clients. This is why each storage unit should communicate to their clients everything the clients need to know. From moving boxes Sudbury that will be stored in the unit, to their security policies as well as the insurance options.