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    How to clean out your garage for relocation

    The moving day is near, and you need to clean out your garage for the relocation. It sounds like a demanding and very boring choir. Honestly, it is. Luckily, there are many tips that can help you to make this tedious task into the easy one. This guide will help you to clean out your garage and packed it into less nerve-wracking and time-consuming way.

    First step: Clean out your garage of all the unnecessary items

    Garages are usually full of things that we forgot that we have. You probably put some items in it, and you never use it again. When you start to clean out your garage, you will find many items that you didn’t even know that are there.
    You may be tempted to bring them with you to your new home. Try to avoid that urge. If you didn’t use them in your home, you most lickle won’t use it in your new home either.

    When you are moving, the total weight of your belongings will significantly impact the costs of moving.
    The more stuff you bring, the more pricey it will be.
    So try to clean out your garage in the same way that you will declutter your home.
    Make a three pile: belongings that you wish to relocate, items that you will sell or donate and the pile of the stuff that is broken and should be put into the trash.
    Once you clear your garage of the items that you don’t need, you will pack it more easily.

    Arrange the garage sale

    The best way to clear out your garage for your relocation and to make some money at the same time is to organize a garage sale. Set price and tag on the things on your  “to sell” pile. All the items that you don’t sell on the garage sale, you can donate, so it’s kinda a win-win situation. It’s easy to organize a garage sale. Just put all of the stuff you don’t longer need on your lawn. Put smaller items on the furniture that you are not moving. Prices should be symbolic. When it all adds up, at the end of the day you will have a nice amount of cash in your pocket.

    Clean out your garage by organizing the garage sale
    The garage sale is a great way to earn a few extra bucks that you can use for your relocation.

    What items you can’t relocate?

    There maybe are some things in your garage that you would like to bring, but that can’t be moved due to safety reasons. It’s not just the common sense, it is also the law that forbids moving companies from moving flammable items such as:

    • aerosol cans,
    • gasoline,
    • paint and paint thinners,
    • charcoal,
    • propane tanks,
    • fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals,
    • cleaning supplies, etc

    If you pack those items and try to pass it off like some other garage materials that can be transported, you are putting in risk safety of your belongings and even the lives of the movers. It’s a serious crime and it’s forbidden with reason.
    Before your move dispose properly these items.

    Step 2: Get the right packing supplies

    When you clean out your garage od the unwanted items, and before you start packing, make sure that you have all the necessary packing supplies. Suitable packing supplies in combination with the right packing methods are crucial for a successful move. Since garages are full with heavy and oddly shaped items, you will need:

    • Very sturdy cardboard boxes of various sizes
    • Protective wrappings
    • A lot of packing tape
    • Packing paper
    • Moving blankets

    Secure moving boxes with several layers of packing tape before you start placing your garage belongings into the moving boxes. Tape every box from top to the bottom several times in all directions. Aproximetlyy, you will need one roll of tape for every 15 to 20 boxes. Once you secure a box, be sure to label it correctly.

    Of course, if you don’t have time or energy, you can always purchase the additional packing service from your mover to clean out your garage and pack all the items. Reliable moving companies, like movers Sudbury, will know exactly how to pack your bulky garage items in the safest manner. Also, you won’t need to purchase any packing supplies – it’s all movers responsibility.

    Tools are tricky to pack.
    When you are packing sharp objects and tools be very careful.

    Step 3: Learn how to pack garage items

    Since the garage items are heavy, with odd shapes, big and bulky or sharp you need the correct way how to pack them. Take this tip into consideration:

    • Put smaller hand tools (such as hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches) into the toolbox and close it securely.
    • Any items with sharp blades need to be wrap in a few layers of packing wrapping.
    • Shovels and rakes tape together and wrap them with a large moving blanket.
    • If you have original packing, it’s the best to pack power tools in them. Any detachable parts and batteries should be removed.
    • Before you pack machinery that runs on gas, you need to empty their fuel tanks. Also, if you have a grill with propane tank, you will have to leave the tank behind.
    • Disassemble every outdoor furniture that comes in parts.
    • When you are packing a bike, remove its handlebars and wheels, and then pack it.

    Items that you need to consult with your movers

    When you are cleaning out your garage for relocation, you will see that some items are easy to pack, while others aren’t. If you have hired local movers Ontario to pack your garage for you, then you have nothing to worry about. These professionals know just exactly which items can and can’t be moved.

    On the other hand, if you are packing alone, you may have some doubts. There are some things that you need to consult your movers:

    • Trampoline
    • Above-ground swimming pool
    • Riding mower
    • Leaf and snow blowers
    • Motor scooter or moped
    • Hot tub
    • Doghouse or kennel
    • Jungle gym
    • Satellite dish
    • Swing set
    Ask your movers for advace on how to pack a mower
    Ask your movers for advice for packing these items.

    When you have a vehicle that you need to transport, you will have to consult some guide for auto-transport. Movers that are transporting your belongings usually don’t provide this type of services. Still, they can give you a good recommendation.